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Top Cities to Explore while visiting Denmark – For us, traveling to Scandinavia is a dream.  The history.  The people.  And the land itself.  These all make up a magical place in the world.  A country we love to explore is Denmark which is paradise on earth. With one of the most striking landscapes in Europe, stretching across the Scandinavian countries. It’s a small country, no doubt, but don’t be fooled by the miniature size.

In Denmark, you’ll always find an undiscovered landscape or a less travelled road that leads to a world of breathtaking views and museums to explore. AND the country is one of the happiest places in the world!  Imagine that happiness lives in Denmark.

So, let’s find out what the fuss is all about.  All this beauty and happiness in one place.

Must see Islands include Bornholm Island, Copenhagen and Aarhus. Home to the fierce Viking warriors, Denmark  offers a mix of rich cultural history and striking landscapes commonly known to the locals as “Hygge.”

With its stunning coastal peninsula and picturesque fishing villages, Denmark is arguably one of the most colorful countries to visit in Europe. In addition to its cozy and welcoming atmosphere, this Nordic country has uncountable historical attractions scattered around its cities that showcase Denmark’s rich history. 


From medieval churches and blissful architecture to incredible museums and Viking-like boats that dock in some of its ports, there’s a wealth of history that you wouldn’t want to miss.

If you are still not convinced, check out the below list for inspiration and ideas on which cities to check out while touring Denmark.


The Best Cities to Visit While in Denmark


Copenhagen- The Capital


Touching the Baltic SeaCopenhagenDenmark’s capital city, is known for its Danish, delicious cuisine, architectural scene, lazy-like atmosphere, and vibrant nightlife. You are pinioned to fall in love with this Scandinavian capital. 

History buffs can stroll through the Frederiksstaden district streets, admiring the colorful architectural designs. Then pass by Amalienborg Palace, the official royal residence of Denmark. From there, you can head down to the Rosenborg castle, where they store the Danish royal gems. If you are still not tired of Royals and Castles, check out the stunning  Christianborg Palace.

Don’t miss out on an educational tour of the  Denmark National Gallery  for insights into Danish culture and history. If you are traveling with children, be sure to visit the Tivoli Gardens, one of the world’s oldest theme parks. Even if they are not in the mood, they will have a blast riding the colossal roller coasters. Make sure you take the kids to see The Little Mermaid statue, a fantastic place for some memorable picture moments.

You can spend the evening people-watching at Nyhavn harbor while biting the Smorrebrod, a classical Danish sandwich. While accommodation in this city is not budget-friendly, you can check out these resorts. Hotel Sanders, and 71 Nyhavn hotel


A rainy day exploring Copenhagen



Aarhus – The Largest Yet Smallest City

A trip to Aarhus, the second-largest city in Denmark, will reveal a town that’s coupled with a small village’s simplicity and modern multicultural elements. Most of the essential highlights are within walking distance from each other. Meaning you will be able to check them all out in a few days!

Spend your first day exploring Den Gamle By, an open-air museum (The Old Town Museum), get a preview of danish history from 1700. 


If you still got some vigor left, you can check out the King Christian X statue that’s opposite the ARoS Aarhus Art Museum on Bispetorv street. Be sure to carry your camera. From there, you can climb up the Aarhus Domkirke cathedral for some breathtaking views of Aarhus city.

South of the town center, you can explore Marselisborg Castle, and if lucky, you can watch the changing of guards daily at noon. Just a stone throw away is the striking Infinite Bridge and the Tivoli Friheden Fairground.

Other must-see attractions include MollestienAarhus City Hall and Moesgaard Museum. For dinner, you can enjoy some bites at the street food markets while mingling with the Danes.


Aalborg –the fourth largest city

Aalborg is the true jewel of northern Denmark! The city lies on top of a fjord (yes! there are fjords in Denmark !). Sitting at the far end of North JutlandAalborg is a little far from the capital city but still surprises travelers as it provides pretty much everything the capital has in store.

This beautiful University city is renowned for its Viking heritage, modern architecture, and a scenic medieval city center. The city is also famous for its colorful Aalborg Waterfront area, where Viking ships once use to trade on the Limfjord.

You can start by touring the KUNSTEN Modern Museum of Art for some history lessons. The later, you can visit the Aalborg Defense and Garrison Museum. The museum is packed with Danish machines used during WWII.

Another must-see site is the Lindholm Hoje, an archaeological burial site for both the Viking Age and the Germanic Iron Age. If traveling with kids, let them enjoy a visit at the famous Aalborg Zoo for a day full of fun and activities. As evening approaches, you can walk down the Waterfront for a relaxing evening while sampling out different Danish cuisines.


Though a bit far from the capital, the drive is worth it. Explore the waterfront o Aalborg for some great Danish fare.



Ribe- Oldest Town

Founded around 700 years ago, Ribe is undoubtedly the oldest town in all of Scandinavia. Dating back to the Viking era, between 790 –1070 AD, the city was considered a crucial trading town for its strategic location linking the entire Scandinavia with the rest of the Nordic trade routes. 

Not only is Ribe Denmark’s oldest town, but it also has a ton of present-day experiences to offer. Though not so popular as other cities in DenmarkRibe is packed with museums and architectural gems such as the Ribe Cathedral and the picturesque Neolithic town center.

You can spend your morning walking through the city’s cobblestone streets; make sure you take photos of the picturesque architecture. While in the town center you can visit  Ribe Cathedral or climb up the Commoner’s tower for some breathtaking view of the city.

Other notable attractions where you can learn more about the Viking world include the Viking MuseumViking center, unique displays of medieval clothing, weaponry, art, and so much more. You can find more artefacts at the Ribe Art Museum.  You can also head out to  Wadden Sea National Park for some evening sea-gazing activities or a tour of Mando Island.



Ebeltoft is often mistaken as an old sleepy coastal town, but this ancient port town roars to life during the summer holidays. The streets flock with tourist from all over Europe, visiting to experience Ebeltoft wild and vibrant nightlife. Though relatively new, this port town is one of Denmark’s most scenic destinations.

This charming old town boasts beautiful cobblestone streets, crooked archaic buildings, and blooming hollyhocks in the summer. One of the major must-see attractions not to miss is the Fregatten Jylland, the largest wooden battleship on the planet. Get to learn how Royal Danish Navy used this warship to fight off pirates along its coast.

Don’t forget to pass by the town’s little  1789 city hall, converted into a heritage site complete with a dungeon accessible through a secret door in the reception hall.

If you have time, visit the Ree park for an afternoon game drive, or head down to the Ebeltoft Glass Museum for a trip back in time. Other attractions include the Ruins of Kalo Castle, and Kattegacentret, a shark sanctuary.


Odense – the Garden Island

Even though tourists often skip it in favor of Copenhagen and AarhusOdenseDenmark’s third-largest city, has many things to see and do. Its also the birth-place of Hans Christian Andersen and Carl NielsenDenmark’s most renowned authors. 

This “Garden Island, “as it is known, is made up of oak plantations, soft rolling hills, half-timbered buildings and provides an opportunity to visit most of the medieval castles and manors.

Start your day around the picture-perfect Hans Christian Andersen neighborhood, experience the fairy tale feel without spending a dime. From there, you can visit the Sankt Knud Kirke Cathedral or grab a bike and explore the Den Fynske Landby and get a feel of the countryside. 

Another must-see attraction includes the Danmarks Jernbane Museum (Danish railway museum), Egeskov Castle, and the Filosoffen. As evening approaches, you can grab a coffee cup while meeting the locals on Odense’s major street food markets.


Though this statue of Hans Christian Andersen is in Copenhagen, head to Odense his birthplace. His neighborhood is magical and the landscape incredible.



Mon Island

Lying a few hours south of Copenhagen, Mon Island pays homage to Denmark’s highest white chalk-white cliffs. Mon Island is a top destination for nature lovers interested in exploring the Baltic Sea.

Start your day exploring the Liselund Castle with its picture-perfect romantic garden; later on, you can hike or cycle up the Klinteskoven Forest, that if you don’t mind getting lost.


Møns Klint

The stunning Island of Møns Klint is just two hours from Copenhagen by road. It’s a coveted landscape for its breathtaking and magnificent landscapes. Here, you can go to stare at the inspiring sceneries, swim in the Baltic sea or hike in the ancient forests for adventure. 

The fossils surrounding the rocks go way back, millions of years ago, long stretches of chalk cliffs falling on the clear blue sea. Experience the unique beach forest – Klinteskoven, where you’ll find rare flora and fauna as you stroll on the marked.


Outdoor activities

The local authorities have curved out strategic cycling routes along 120-meter-high chalk cliffs in the vast Klinteskoven forest – if you’re tenacious enough, then trek to the peregrine falcon, a large raptor in the Møns heights.

 If you are traveling with kids, you can check out the Geocenter Mons Klint, an exciting museum for kids.

Thrill-seekers can explore the beach at the foot of the white chalk cliffs covered with fossils that are about 70 million years old. You can join a fossil hunting group for some exciting adventure. Make sure you carry with you a chisel and hammer. You can try the tree-climbing experience if it’s your first time. Sweat it out, walking on ropes mounted hundreds of meters above the ground. While up there, you will enjoy a rewarding view of the Baltic Sea. Don’t also forget to check out the historic Elmelunde Church


Our Final Word

Looking for recommendations for cities to explore while in Denmark? Try these fun places we’ve listed and share with us your Danish holiday experience. Most travlers to this Nordic country end up visiting Copenhagen and Aarhus. But truth be told, the country has hidden gems, unvisited striking cities full of exciting and thrilling places that need to be explored.  Go off the beaten track and definitely Live a Life Less Ordinary.


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