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Unforgettable Encounters: The Best Places to See Polar Bears in the Wild

We have traveled to Alaska and boarded a small plane.  Flying through the Brooks Range, a mountain range in far northern North America stretching some 700 miles from west to east across northern Alaska into Canada’s Yukon Territory it felt like as if we were so close to the mountain tops that we could reach out and touch the peaks.  Our destination was the arctic.  The small village of Kaktovik.  And our goal? To encounter Polar Bears in the wild.
The New Big 5

The New Big 5: Unveiling the Majestic Animals Reshaping Wildlife Conservation

What is the New Big 5? Most people know the traditional Big 5 animals:  Lion, Leopard, Cape Buffalo, Rhino and Elephant.  They were named as the top animals to kill on Safari in Africa.  In time, they became the top animals to photograph. The New Big 5 was an international initiative to create a New Big 5 of Photography and not hunting.  Animals that we want to shoot with a camera and not a gun.  The New Big 5 are Polar Bears, Gorillas, Lions, Tigers and Elephants. The traditional Big 5 was relatively easy to see.  Travel to Africa and more than likely you will encounter most if not all of the Big 5.  The New Big 5 is harder.  It means traveling to the Arctic, Asia and Africa.  Even then you might not encounter all of these animals. Kati and I did just that.
For a true "Out of Africa" experience, head to Tsavo

Tsavo: A true “Out of Africa” Adventure

We stayed in a farm in Africa, at the foot of the Ngong Hills.  But that isn’t really the start of our adventure.  It really started in Mombasa and getting picked up by our guide/driver Sammy.  He will be with us for the next 6 days from Mombasa to Tsavo to Amboseli National Park and then onto Nairobi.  Sammy is friendly, easy to talk to and knowledgeable about not just mammals but about all the birds that we are seeing.  This was especially important to Kati who loves to photograph all the birds in Africa.  It took us a couple of hours to get to our lodge in Tsavo East and the time went by quickly. We stayed at Satao Camp and were lucky enough to get the tent closest and facing a very popular water hole.  Like watching “Animal TV”, over the next couple of days and...
Tiger Safari in India

Unveiling India’s Untamed Beauty: Unforgettable Tiger Safaris You Must Experience!

In the jungles of India, we sit quietly waiting and hoping a tiger will appear.  We have tracked it to this location finding footprints on the road and hearing warning calls from other wildlife in the forest.  This is both the fun and frustration of tracking tigers in India.  You can do this all day and never see one of these elusive creatures. Kati and I have been lucky.  We have seen 19 tigers in four and half days.  We have also tracked and seen nothing for hours.  How indescribable seeing a tiger for the first time.
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The Best Tiger Safari's in India
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Embark on an Unforgettable Journey: Welcome to Our Travel Blog

Traveling is a thrilling and exhilarating way to explore our world and our travel blog is here to be your trusted guide on this incredible journey. Whether you consider yourself an experienced adventurer or someone who’s just beginning to dip their toes into the world of exploration our travel blog is the resource for all things related to travel. We are dedicated to uncovering those hidden gems that often go unnoticed and showcasing destinations that may not be on everyone’s radar. Prepare yourself for an adventure as we take you through the captivating realm of travel and all its wonders.

One of the elements of traveling lies in the opportunity it provides to discover those hidden gems and explore extraordinary destinations that are off the usual tourist circuits. Our travel blog is entirely devoted to unveiling these treasures aiming to inspire you beyond tourist hotspots. Be it hiking through Ugandas rainforests, delving into Perus ruins at Machu Picchu, or immersing yourself in the crystal-clear waters of the Galapagos Islands, we will accompany you on a journey to some of Earths most awe-inspiring locations.

However, travel isn’t about visiting places; it’s about fully immersing oneself in local cultures and forging genuine connections with both people and places visited. Our travel blog will provide you with guidance on how to dive into cultural encounters enabling you to create authentic experiences that will leave a lasting impact.

While travel can be exhilarating it’s crucial to prioritize safety and show respect for both the environment and local communities. Our travel blog is here to offer insights on travel, empowering you to minimize your impact on the places you visit. By doing we can preserve these destinations for generations to come.

Travel has a way of transforming us. It allows us to push boundaries explore frontiers and forge unforgettable memories. With our travel blog as your trusted companion, we’ll provide you with inspiration, practical tips and expert advice that will make your adventures truly extraordinary. Whether you crave fueled activities, immersion experiences or simply an escape from everyday life our comprehensive guides will accompany you every step of the way. So, pack your bags, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a journey with our adventure packed travel blog. The world awaits exploration—. We’re here to ensure you make the most out of it!

Happy Travels,

Michael and Kati

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