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Welcome to Live Fun Travel


An Award-Winning Adventure Travel Blog for Couples

Hi, we are Michael and Kati and welcome to our adventure travel blog. We are a couple that have been traveling together for over a decade and have been to over 67 countries and 6 continents. We have flown, driven, motorcycled, camped and taken trains to some of the most incredible destinations in the world.

We want to inspire others and show people that you do not have to be super-rich or an incredible athlete to enjoy travel and adventure.

Whether it is going down the Amazon in a dug-out canoe, experiencing polar bears in the Arctic, discovering the secrets of Egypt, or trekking Gorillas in Africa, everyone can experience the wonder-lust of discovery.

Between us, we have lived in the United States, Germany, Zimbabwe, South Africa, England and France, and love the tapestry of our life.

Come take an adventure and start living a life less ordinary.

Happy Travels,

Michael and Kati

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We are members of the International Travel Writers Alliance and welcome any opportunities to explore and collaborate.  We are also the founders of the Uganda Education Fund that helps children be able to go to school.  Please give what you can.

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LFT-Adventures offer carefully designed bespoke travel tours for the adventurous traveler.
All are carefully curated by Michael and Kati from Live Fun Travel from some of their most incredible adventures.

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Cuba Travel Guide

When I first traveled to Cuba, it was from Mexico where I was living at the time.  This mysterious island that I had heard so much about growing up.  Communism.  Fidel.  The Bay of Pigs.  Hemingway and Kennedy.  The anticipation was palpable as I rode in a classic...

Live Fun Travel Adventure Travel Blog

Kenya Travel Guide

Kenya is a magical country.  Most only think of safari when Kenya is mentioned, but it is so much more.  Kenya is one of the top destinations in Africa and is home to many wonderful things like the Great Migration, Lions, Leopards, Elephants, world-class beaches...

Live Fun Travel Adventure Travel Blog

Italy Travel Guide

Home to the most UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world, how can one not love Italy. Art, ruins, monuments, delicious food, lakes, mountain ranges, incredible cars, and beautiful coast make up Italy.  One trip is just not enough time to take in all the beauty and...