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It does not matter whether it is the Eiffel Tower with a view, a fiery tango course or a carriage ride: there are romantic places that convert every romantic neurotic.  Some are iconic when it comes to romance and others are places to discover together with your loved one. We suggest you do not go during the prime tourist season, but rather what is called the should seasons.  You will have less tourists and be able to explore and discover why these cities made our list.

If you want to do something good and surprise your loved – how about a trip to one of the following places?

Paris, France

Paris is known worldwide as the “City of Love” and truly offers unrivalled romance around every corner. Go on a voyage of discovery, do not follow a ready-made itinerary, just let yourself be carried away.

Take your partner along the way to a bakery where you can buy fresh croissants, sit down in a cafe for an afternoon and treat yourself to a glass or two of wine, and admire the architecture as you stroll along the cobbled streets at sunset in the Marais strolls. French is considered by many to be the most romantic language of all, so hearing French around you or speaking it yourself can only add to the romance.

And if you feel like extending your stay in Paris, you can think about doing a language course together.


Rome, Italy

The Italian capital is one of the most diverse cities to visit with your loved one. Few places carry as much historical weight while being as charming as Rome, and the slight nostalgia that hangs over everything here makes this place even more compelling, especially when you are looking to fall in love.

Did we mention that the culture and food are also top-notch and unparalleled? Still not convinced? Then watch a few classic Rome films to get you in the mood, for example, A Heart and a Crown (1953) or La Dolce Vita (1960) at the latest after that you will know that we are right.

Venice, Italy

Another classic that nobody can really refuse. The magical charm of Venice is incomparable and undeniable. Venice always manages to soften the hearts of even the harshest critics, turning them into lovers of this city.

The picturesque canals and cosy gondolas also play their part in this. The only downer about a trip to this romantic capital is that you are not the only one who has this idea. The city hosts over 20 million visitors annually. We, therefore, recommend travelling outside of the high season to make things a little more relaxed and intimate – early spring and late autumn are good times to travel.

Also, stay over night.  Venice during the day is overly crowded and filled with tourist stalls selling everything from sunglasses to t-shirts.  The night though comes alive with music in the air and only the locals.  It is magical.

Berlin, Germany

The (allegedly) prettiest and most interesting city in Germany has the reputation of being bulky, unpolished and a little rough. But Berlin has other aces up its sleeve: The German capital is one of the most tolerant and open cities in the world. Everyone can live and love here without stigma or restrictions.

Berlin lets you be who you are or want to be and love who you want. So grab your significant other and immerse yourself in the whirlpool of parks, museums and history – and hit the odd club or two at night (if you like partying, you will get your money’s worth here too).

We know that it probably did not make it on many people’s most romantic list, but believe us.  Berlin is a great city to discover with your loved one.

Budapest, Hungary

The Hungarian capital is on the rise – and now is the best time to visit the city of leisurely, quiet love before mass tourism takes hold of it.


A holiday far away from the deafening noise of the big traffic arteries might be exactly what you and your partner need right now. A kiss in the middle of the Széchenyi Chain Bridge or a stroll along the Danube – both romance in abundance. The secluded corners and underrated sights of Budapest offer endless inspiration.

BTW, we love the old cities of east Europe, and find them so beautiful and historic.  It is hard not to be swept up in the romance of Budapest.


The Most Romantic Places in the World in 2023

Jetting off to Hawaii is always a good move. Explore the islands together.

Honolulu, USA

Pristine beaches, glorious sunsets, lush gardens and great food… Honolulu offers everything you could want for a romantic getaway for couples of all ages.

Here you can swim with dolphins, ride big waves or learn to surf, or just lounge around on a different beautiful beach. In Honolulu, Hawaii, one can pursue every imaginable romantic or exciting pursuit. And the very best? The city is perfect as a travel destination all year round because the thermometer hardly ever falls below 20 degrees Celsius.

Also, use it as a jumping off point to other islands and have a real adventure.

Vancouver, Canada

How can it be that this graceful city is always forgotten when one thinks of romantic travel destinations? Only a handful of other cities could give you a comprehensive package like this bustling Pacific city.

No matter what you are looking for, you are sure to find what you are looking for in Vancouver: exciting hikes in the countryside, world-class skiing, and walks on the deserted beach. How about a pleasantly terrifying, tingling walk across a narrow bridge where the adrenaline is sure to soar to unimagined heights?

Barcelona, Spain

Take your significant other to a cosmopolitan capital where the beach is just 10 minutes from downtown. Barcelona is one of the few cities where urban life blends seamlessly with beach vibes.

Santorini, Greece

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a clichéd sun holiday on the Mediterranean. And your partner’s bright eyes will confirm that when he or she is surprised by this trip.  

Santorini in Greece, for example, is simply the perfect place for lovers: an archipelago in the Aegean Sea, spoiled by the most hours of sunshine in Greece. The small white houses in the main town of Fira crowd like sparrows on the steep coast. Here you can enjoy a truly breathtaking view of the sunset from the promenade. 

Take a ferry and stay the night to get the real feal of Santorini.

Seville, Spain

Even a big city can be romantic. Especially when it literally warms hearts as much as Seville, the capital of Andalusia in southern Spain.

What characterizes romantic places like Seville? The Moorish architecture. A visit to the Alcázar Royal Palace will make you feel like you are in “One Thousand and One Nights”. Ornaments everywhere, arabesques and cosy little courtyards. The Cathedral of Seville, on the other hand, is Gothic, with countless details and a former minaret, the famous “Giralda”. 

Incidentally, love goes through the stomach here – Seville is considered the place of origin of tapas!


Our Final Word

There are many places to have romance.  And everyone seems to have a different idea of what romance is.  A week at the beach.  Exploring museums together. Taking a road-trip through an unknown country.  Whatever your idea is, our advice is to plan it and do it.  Have fun, be romantic and live your best life.


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