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The Orient Express.  The Glacier Express.  The Golden Pass.  Even the names conjure up incredible images of mystery and romanticism.  Traveling on the train, sipping a glass of wine, overlooking stunning landscapes through the ride, and enjoying every single moment the romantic train journey in Europe has to offer is what a true train journey is all about.

Have you ever thought of making a train journey together with your loved one? No matter how long you have been married or what phase of the relationship you are in. A romantic getaway would definitely be one of the greatest options for both of you to spend precious time together. For those who are single or traveling with friends and family, the beauty of nature will add more love and care to your trip.

European trains are one of the most effective, efficient,  comfortable, and punctual  journeys you can take. Furthermore, these train journeys will blow you away from its delicious cuisine to breathtaking views from the window. Let’s get on board with our top ten best romantic trains that will give you ideas for your next romantic getaway in Europe.


Mainz to Koblenz – Germany — Rhine Valley Line

The Central Rhine Railway is named the most German remarkable train of all train rides in Germany. This train ride will take approximately one hour for 60 kilometers, which is pretty much suitable for anyone who would like to do a short day train ride. Along the ride, you will be amazed by breathtaking landscapes filled with terraced hillsides, plus over 14th-century castles and also some of the most quaint wine countries in all of the European continent.

The train is getting to stop at each village along the way, giving you chances to experience the charming lifestyle, including the exquisite architecture throughout the village. You would not miss the marvelous castles of Marksburg, which was one of only two castles that had never been destroyed and fallen into disrepair. This also includes the fortress of Ehrenbreitstein, which has the most jaw-dropping views over Koblenz and the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle rivers, as well as Burg Pfalzgrafenstein, which is a toll castle on the Falkenau island.


All these places are located in the middle of the Rhine. The beautiful scenery along the trip are available all year round, and most importantly is easy to do a walking tour at each stop during summer.

Love on the Rails: Discovering Europe's 10 Most Romantic Train Journeys

Koblenz is a marvelous city along the Rhine.



Levanto to La Spezia Italy Cinque Terre Train

Italy is the country where you would imagine charming seaside landscapes along with colorful houses and vineyards as well as some romantic atmosphere that many people have been dreaming of experiencing. All of these are what you will get to appreciate throughout the ride on the Cinque Terre train. This journey will give you an unforgettable adventure within 40 minutes to an hour through the over five century-old seaside villages of the Cinque Terre.

These spectacular coastal towns are decorated with amazing steep terraces, tons of fishing boats as well as classic vineyards. As it is a short time ride, it allows you to get off the train and explore every stop along this remarkable journey. The perfect time to visit here is from May to September. Still, of course, if you would like to spend your precious moment with fewer crowds, you should consider the off season for your next ride.

Love on the Rails: Discovering Europe's 10 Most Romantic Train Journeys

Cinque Terre are exactly how you picture an Italian seaside village.


Porto to Douro Portugal Linha do Douro

This train has been regarded as one of the most picturesque railways in Europe. The Linha do Douro offers three and half hours ride for 160 kilometers through some of the most stunning scenery in the Northern part of Portugal. The ride will bring you through timeless vineyards, amazing steep valleys, and colorful villages, which could keep admiring you every second.The tour is perfect for those couples who prefer to experience a great value within a short period.

You will enjoy many romantic scenes throughout the rides yet chances in seeing a lot of Portugal. With its regularly scheduled stops, allowing you to get on and off the train to visit places including beautiful villages along the journey. The best time to get on this ride is clearly between Many to August, which is the perfect scenics of the year.


Kristinehamn to Gällivare Sweden The Inlandsbanan

The landscapes throughout two days or more train rides will make your jaw drop. This train takes you from the beautiful Swedish countryside to the white snow-covered valley of the Arctic Circle, which will amaze you with everything it has to offer. You will able to spot lovely reindeer from the window at your cabin when your train passes through whimsical forests and bogs. You might also get a surprise with the mysterious abdominal snowman.

This long train ride allows you to stop at every town and village to explore the beauty and charm of these places, but that means you might have to extend your train ride to a little longer than two days. You could rent a bike or enjoy canoeing, including tons of activities for a special treat of your vacation. Between June to August is a brilliant time to enjoy this route, so make sure you note it on your list.


Love on the Rails: Discovering Europe's 10 Most Romantic Train Journeys

Take more than the two days to get to the Arctic and explore beautiful Sweden.



St-Moritz to Zermatt Switzerland — The Glacier Express

Whenever you make a trip to Switzerland, a glacier is something that you should not miss. The Glacier Express offers an extraordinary train ride for 8 hours along with fabulous landscapes. This panoramic train will bring you riding pass through the Alpine heartland with 91 tunnels and crossing over 291 bridges overlooking stunning views from your window.

This ride is one of the best scenic trains in Europe. Although the trip takes a bit long for a day, it well-worth your time. It also helps many to complete their dream lists with a great way to travel from Eastern to Western Swiss Alps. It is pretty much ideal for making a trip in September, and surely, this is going to be one of the fascinating train rides that you would ever make in your life.

Love on the Rails: Discovering Europe's 10 Most Romantic Train Journeys

There are not enough words to describe the beauty along the Glacier Express. Imagine after all that, you end up in Zermatt to see the Matterhorn. Just Wonderful.



Fort William to Mallaig Round Trip – Scotland—The Jacobite Steam Train

Are you a big fan of Harry potter? If the answer is yes! The Jacobite stream Train will make your dreams come true. The train will take you along with its memorable and adventurous train ride. You will put in the role of Hogwarts student throughout the ride on this Hogwarts Express.

The stream train will tour you around with its two hours ride each way from William to Mallaig. You could expect splendid views along the lush meadows and stunning mountainous landscapes. The ride will bring you right over the top of the iconic landmark from Harry Potter Movies “Glenfinnan Viaduct”,  which is a plus for this journey. However, you probably have to book a little early as the tickets are normally sold out very quickly. The best time to hop on this train is between June to September, and you will enjoy the most of it.

Love on the Rails: Discovering Europe's 10 Most Romantic Train Journeys

Fiction becomes reality on the Jacobite Steam Train. Remember to take your wand.



Myrdal to Flam – Norway— The Flam Railway

With around one-hour train ride, you will travel to one of Norway’s most iconic tourist attractions that would undoubtedly be something very much valuable. The Flam Railway will offer you a memorable lifetime experience. You will be stunned by magnificent views of rivers and waterfalls along with stunning mountain views and white snow-covered peaks.

Enjoy the charming landscapes through the farms and mountainous areas as well as the fantastic scenery of Flam Valley and the gorgeous Aurlands fjord, which is named the world’s longest fjord. This amazing and romantic train ride is suitable all year round, but the most impressive time to visit would be between May to August.


Lucerne to Montreux SwitzerlandThe Golden Pass

If you would like to impress your loved one and put every single moment of your train ride into the spell, The Golden Pass is surely one of the answers. The train ride will take you to experience everything that Switzerland has to offer.

This incredible adventure will take you to see through its panoramic cars, offering 360-degree dramatic views of the whole train ride. You might want to consider the VIP seat for the most romantic experience. Your train ride will get you through lovely flower-covered chalets and the amazing Brünig Pass, as well as classic vineyards, dazzling lakes, and breathtaking historical sites in Switzerland. Within 5 hours train ride, you would get to see so much of Switzerland’s countryside and the best time to make the trip is between June to September.

Love on the Rails: Discovering Europe's 10 Most Romantic Train Journeys

Take the Golden Pass to enjoy everything that Switzerland has to offer.



Chur- Switzerland to Tirano-Italy— Bernina Express

Enjoy this romantic train ride every day all year long with Bernina Express. This train connects Italy and Switzerland, and at the same time allowing you to appreciate the beauty of glaciers through the ride. This trip will bring you up to an altitude of 2250 meters as the highest point, and the track will bring you through tunnels and marvelous glacier landscapes.

The train will go through more than 50 tunnels and crossing around 200 bridges with stunning views pass by. This train will also pass through St Moritz Ski Resort as well as the Ospizio Bernina with its beautiful views, including The Landwasser and Brusio Viaduct, which are the most remarkable landmarks of the trip. The train and its specially designed carriages with the massive windows allowing travelers to experience the jaw-dropping scenics all the way to the destination. This exciting and romantic train ride is also known for its high altitude difference, which is about 1800 meters from start to endpoint. This trip gives you not only the best views but also lovely moments throughout a four to five hours train ride.


Dombås to Åndalsnes – Norway —Rauma Railway

Enjoy your romantic getaway through the wildest and most beautiful scenic train ride in southern Norway. The Rauma Railway offers a great experience through breathtaking fjords, dazzling waterfall, and magnificent bridges along the ride. This includes the beautiful Rauma River and Romsdalen Valley that offers stunning views on a Trollveggen cliff face, the highest vertical cliff face in Europe, and the sweet flowery meadows.

Kylling Bridge will also be covered on your ride, including the Stavem Horseshoe tunnel that almost makes a full circle while traveling through the mountainside. This train ride is great for completing the whole journey at once and hopping on and off a few stations for great majestic hikes and its wonderful surroundings. This sightseeing train will slow down at the beautiful sights allowing you to admire the beauty from each of them. This one and half hour ride is great between the end of May and August.


Our Final Word

Europe has so much to offer, so you will be amazed by every moment you spend on each of your journeys here. The romantic train rides will never disappoint you with comfy seats, fantastic scenery and incredible destinations. Ensure you take these ideal trips and add any of them to the list for your next holiday. Impress yourself with this special treat and keep the magical moments for a lifetime.


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