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In January, many people begin to find that winter drags on. We are kind of lucky living in a warm climate, but we still look to get out and explore places we have not been to.  The cold, the rain, the snow for many people inevitably makes you want to get away from it all! But where to go in January in the sun?  What are the best Travel Destinations? You will see the answer is quite simple. Because in the end, the month of January beyond your borders often means summer is in full swing! Indeed, in the southern hemisphere, you will have plenty of time to sunbathe on the edge of a beach and know the happiness of putting on your sandals before time. There is no doubt that January is an ideal time to go on a trip. Here are some additional reasons to convince you:

– Rainy season is over almost everywhere. We, therefore, enjoy very good temperatures and water suitable for swimming. Do you wonder if the tourists do not invade the place? Not really. Quite often, the holidays are over for them. Most people prefer to vacation during the holidays rather than in January. You will therefore be alone in the world travelling at this time!

– The Christmas holiday season is when the whole world goes on vacation! The tourism industry takes advantage of this and then willingly increases its prices. But in January, once the holidays are over, the prices return to normal. So, if you go in January, you will enjoy the ideal climate for your destination without paying more.

– January is also the month when most people book their summer holidays. They are, therefore, not going on vacation, and hoteliers or airlines will only be waiting for you! Take the opportunity to grab some benefits! A free breakfast? An upgrade? You will surely have some good surprises.

– It’s decided, you’re going on a trip in January? Here is the list of the perfect destinations for this period!




I have traveled to Cuba years ago when it was not so easy to get in.  Just the lore of this country made me want to visit.  Sunny and warm, the island of Cuba is one of the ideal destinations in January. Recently opened to tourism and therefore extremely protected from mass tourism, it is home to exceptional Hispano-colonial architecture. Its seabed is among the best preserved, and its landscapes are as wild as they are sumptuous. Friendly and authentic, visiting Cuba includes discovering an idyllic climate and a generous culture, from Havana to Trinidad, listed as a World Heritage Site. You can also rest and soak up the sun on one of the most beautiful beaches in Cuba, such as Playa Pilar or Varadero.



For an exotic trip to the tropics, why not go to Miami in January? A cosmopolitan and dynamic city located on the southeast coast of Florida, in the United States, Miami is an essential seaside resort for sun-worshipers. There are many Art Deco buildings, the contemporary art fair Art Basel Miami and long sunny beaches. From hot waves to hip nights, Miami’s attractions are as varied as its people!


South Africa

Nicknamed the “Rainbow Nation”, Nelson Mandela’s land has come a long way since the apartheid years. Attractions in South Africa primarily celebrate the country’s natural splendours, framed by the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Mountains, deserts, beaches and savannah alternate with trendy cities or authentic villages. Between Zulu culture and animal parks, its extraordinary richness makes South Africa an ideal destination in January.

Where to Go in January? The Best Travel Destinations

Cape Town South Africa is a wonderful destination year-round. January travel to this country will allow you to tour vineyards, hit the beach, go on Safari and just relax.

The French West Indies

Guadeloupe, Martinique.. Their names evoke long sandy beaches bordered by turquoise waters. If the postcard is reality, the visit to the French West Indies offers much more, alternating volcanic landscapes and exceptional seabed, hiking and diving, deserted beaches and nights of celebration, plantations and colonial vestiges. A dream destination to go to in January, the start of the dry season, with an average of 25°C under the sun.




With an average January temperature of 28°C, the Maldives remains true to its postcard image for post-holiday travellers. Perceived as a real paradise, this South Asian archipelago is home to nearly 2,000 islands in the Indian Ocean. Lagoons and beaches dominate here, famous for the richness of their seabed and their transparent waters. Synonymous with relaxation and nature, visiting the Maldives is a dream for many travellers, and therefore very popular.



Between dream landscapes, hyperactive cities and historic sites- the kingdom of smiles seduces all travellers. Among the many attractions and islands to discover in Thailand, Bangkok, the capital, offers temples, palaces and a hectic pace. The south is dotted with islands of white sand with crystal clear waters, including the famous Phuket or Koh Phi Phi. The northern mountains hide many historic sites and Buddhist temples. An idyllic destination to explore in January!



Having lived in Mexico for a number of years and traveled throughout the country, Mexico is famous for its joy of living and the incredible wealth of its archaeological sites, Mexico is an ideal destination for you to visit in January. From Mexico City to Acapulco, dream beaches rub shoulders with the remains of the Mayan, Olmec, Aztec or Toltec civilizations. Between popular festivals and lively markets, Mexican conviviality can be discovered under the sun for lovers of culture and nature, sport or idleness.


New Zealand

From ‘Smoky Island’ in the north to ‘Jade Island’ in the south, a visit to New Zealand is a journey into another world. Volcanoes, snow-capped peaks and lush forests display an extraordinary diversity of landscapes, between the Pacific Ocean and the Southern Ocean. The aurora australis illuminates Stewart Island, in the extreme south of the archipelago. Half-English, half-Maori, the culture is as rich as nature, making the destination one of the most pleasant to discover in January.



What to see in Chile? Nature in all its glory, especially in January! Between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes, this little-known country displays sumptuous wild landscapes and unique fauna. Desert, volcanoes, forests, steppes or glaciers jostle between Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, over 4,300 km of coastline. Off the coast, the famous Easter Island is home to its unmissable statues. An exceptional destination, acclaimed by trekkers and hikers.


 Cape Verde 

Lost off the coast of Senegal, Cape Verde promises a trip off the beaten track. This mixed archipelago is home to many preserved colonial sites in the heart of lush valleys. Volcanoes dominate long deserted beaches, attracting hikers, divers, trekkers and navigators. Wild and authentic, the attractions of Cape Verde seduce all nature lovers during a dry and sunny month of January, far from the classic tourist destinations.

Our Final Word

January is a perfect time for travel.  After the holiday season and before summer, there are many great destinations.  From Cape Verde (where I “accidentally” ended up on a trip back from South Africa, to Mexico, Chile, Cuba or Miami, January travelers will love the sun, and lower crowds than in the summer.  What better way to start off the year.


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