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Now with the Covid vaccine being distributed and there seems to be some hope in the future, it is not too early to think again about travel.  To get out of our homes.  To stop being cooped up.  But with the pandemic, came financial woes and now more than ever, whether you’re a recent college graduate or you’ve been in the workforce for a while, we all look for the best cheap, and affordable travel destinations.

There are a lot of things you can do to try and get that elusive cheap plane ticket to your dream destination like keep on eye out on and monitor ticket prices throughout the year but sometimes, it doesn’t matter where you want to go, you just want to set out on an adventure. Depending on where you are and where you plan on going sometimes you need a little luck. For example, traveling from the east coast of the U.S to Australia or New Zealand can be a pricey endeavor. Or traveling to South East Asian from New York to Thailand however, once you’re there the most expensive thing will be the plane ticket as the cost of living is low. 

Luckily for a lot of western travelers, the dollar or pound value can help you out with those exchange rates making a lot of places easily affordable, and if you’re willing to spend some time in a long layover, that can even further reduce the cost of a plane ticket. If you’re looking to scratch that travel itch and seek your next adventure on the cheap, here are some of the most affordable travel destinations.



Nepal is one of those countries that many western tourists might think is a little far off and maybe even a little misunderstood. The country is known perhaps primarily for its mountains and even the arguably most famous one; Mount Everest. Nepal is old with a rich and vibrant history and beautiful mountain views almost everywhere you look so you better not forget to bring a camera.

Nepal is a great spot for travelers who are looking to explore the great outdoors and get a glimpse of some scenery they will seldom find elsewhere. Dramatic mountain vistas with little local villages that are unique if what you’ll find in Nepal. 


But even if you’re not into hiking the Himalayas, Nepal is home to hundreds of Buddhist and Hindu temples as well as ancient shrines and bustling street markets. Because the country is being looked at more and more by tourists, accommodations are cheap but not raggedy coasting an average of 10-20 USD for the lowest end. Meanwhile eating is super affordable (and delicious) with an average meal going for 5-10 USD. 

Exploring the World on a Budget: Affordable Travel Destinations Worth Exploring

Nepal has hundreds of Buddhist temples and great mountain scenery. Accommodations are very reasonable.



In general, Europe is not always the most affordable place to visit. Places like Paris and London can cost a bundle just to eat and sleep. But in many eastern parts of the continent, staying and visiting can be some of the cheapest places to travel in the world. Like many places in Europe, you can’t throw a rock without hitting something historic and Romania is full of history and beauty. The country is split between the Carpathian mountains in the middle with gorgeous medieval castles and idyllic small towns scattered around the countryside giving Romania a very “fairytale-like” atmosphere. 

Romania is one of the most affordable holiday destinations because the economy is lagging behind a little in comparison to some parts of Western Europe. But for travelers on a budget, the country has all the beauty and history of the rest of Europe, without breaking the bank. Also if you’re inclined to visit other European cities, planes and train tickets are not expensive and are a great way to see the entire continent.

Exploring the World on a Budget: Affordable Travel Destinations Worth Exploring

Romania is filled with charming cities, medieval castles and affordable food and hotels.



Thailand is a vast and fun place and there’s a reason why so many people go there to travel. Thailand offers everything from jungles and forest, to beaches and tropical settings, to bustling cities and crazy nightlife. Although in earlier years, Thailand was a place where “people in the know” travel for affordable vacations, it has become one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. 

Prices vary depending on where you’re going as accommodations in cities can cost more than accommodations in the countryside or on the beach. But no matter where you go, Thailand is fun and affordable with average meals going for 5$ USD and accommodations going for as low as 30$USD. Even if you wanted to splurge it wouldn’t cost you very much so if you’re looking to grab a five-star hotel it’ll still only run you 50-70$ per night. 

Exploring the World on a Budget: Affordable Travel Destinations Worth Exploring

Check sites like Booking.com, Airbnb and Skyscanner for the best value for hotels and flights to Thailand.




Southeast Asia is full of amazing cheap places to travel internationally. While many tourists are heading to places like Thailand and Vietnam for low budget travel, the Philippines is a little more off the beaten path and certainly worth your time to see. 


The country is made up of over 7000 different little islands each offering a little something different. So island hopping to check out other places in the country to get a taste of city life, beach life or jungle life is easily doable. Of course, best of all the country is very affordable especially if you’re coming from the west coast of North America. The average meal costs sometimes as low as 5$USD with accommodations going as low as 30$USD.

Exploring the World on a Budget: Affordable Travel Destinations Worth Exploring

With over 7000 islands, cheap accommodations and food, the Philippines is a great destination to get away from it all.



For a country that is roughly the size of France, Colombia’s biodiversity is some of the most varied in South America. The country has an amazingly vibrant culture with Colombians being very proud of their history and their past. Because the country is so diverse, it is a great place for any kind of traveler whether you’re the type to explore the mountains or the type to hang out in museums during the day and party at night. Of course, there’s no reason you can’t do all three!

Although Colombia has had some problems in the past, the country is no more dangerous than anywhere else in the world and the same safety precautions should be taken here as with anywhere else. Colombia is one of the best affordable holiday destinations and is one of the most affordable places in South America for a low budget traveler. Food is delicious and some of the most unique on the continent and best of all the average meal will run you only about 10$USD.


Exploring the World on a Budget: Affordable Travel Destinations Worth Exploring

The rich biodiversity in Colombia makes it a must-see destination.




For Canadians and Europeans who are looking to find cheap places to travel internationally, that are full of sun and sand look no further than the Caribbean. Located only 90 miles off the coast of the United States, Cuba is a great option for low budget travel. While Americans may have a harder time getting into the country, there are still ways to enter. One of the more popular ways is traveling to Mexico or Canada first, and getting a flight from there. 

Due to a U.S embargo on Cuba for over 60 years, the country has almost been sealed off and is like a snapshot through time. Roam the streets of Havana and check out the classic 1950s cars that cruise the streets or have a couple of Mojitos on the sandy white beaches. Because of the embargo, prices around the country for travel are pretty affordable.

Exploring the World on a Budget: Affordable Travel Destinations Worth Exploring

Cuba is a like a snap shot in time, but a great place to go for a budget vacation.




For Americans living in border towns, you might be a little familiar with the affordable fun Mexico has to offer. While people tend to think of Mexico as either a party in Tijuana or a classy resort in Cabo, the country has a lot more to offer than just that.

Mexico is a very large country with a wide array of different environments from the jungles of the Yucatan to the desert and yes, the beautiful sandy white beaches. Prices aren’t universal throughout the country and will differ depending on where you are. For example, prices in Mexico City will generally be higher than in Chihuahua. And although it won’t be as cheap as say South East Asia, Mexico is still pretty affordable especially for North American travelers.

Exploring the World on a Budget: Affordable Travel Destinations Worth Exploring

Having lived in Mexico, I can tell you it is a very large country but has everything to offer. Beautiful beaches, vibrant cities, canyons, mountains, volcanoes and incredibly warm people.




We’ve all seen the pictures of the great pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx towering over the desert landscape with the hot Egyptian sun shining down below. The very notion of Egypt conjures up different images and thoughts for different people whether that’s the mystery of ancient Egypt or the more modern idea of the country. Despite the country going through some tumultuous times recently, Egypt remains a pretty safe place to visit, and tourism is back on the up. 

Unfortunately, many westerners might still have an unfavorable image of Egypt in their minds but Egyptians will let you know there’s nothing to worry about and don’t worry about what others think because it can play to your advantage. Many of Egypt’s most iconic sights are now less full of other tourists so you can enjoy the sites without having to fight your way through them. Again because tourism is coming back, 10$USD can get you a decent meal and 30$USD can get you a pretty decent hotel stay. 

Exploring the World on a Budget: Affordable Travel Destinations Worth Exploring

Egypt is incredible and surly to attract more visitors with the new Egyptian Museum opening.




See the cradle of civilization and experience a world like no other. Kenya is a beautiful country with wide-open spaces, the friendliest of locals, and tons of wildlife. The country is incredibly safe especially by some standards of neighboring countries and local Kenyans will want you to know it. The people here are very helpful and welcoming, and if you’re coming from an English-speaking country, you’re in luck because the vast majority of Kenyans speak it as the lingua franca. Spend an afternoon on a safari or head to the city at night and indulge in the nightlife (and a few rounds of Kenyan beer while you’re at it) Food in the city can cost about 20$USD for a meal and while it’s not the cheapest on the list, it’s still pretty affordable. 

Because Kenya is a country that is still currently developing and coming off a couple of hard years socially and politically, the country is a great option for affordable holiday destinations. The food is often cheap and very plentiful and accommodation ranges from great hotels to camping under the stars. Spending some time here is a destination that is unlike any other and will surely impress friends and family. So if you’re looking for a more adventurous vacation, Kenya is affordable and off the beaten path.  Kati and I have already booked for fall of 2021 a trip to Kenya and basically glamping in the Maasai Mara.  It will be amazing. 

Exploring the World on a Budget: Affordable Travel Destinations Worth Exploring

Kenya has a wide range of accommodations from camping to 5 star.



You might be like many people in the world who might have trouble pointing out this small Caucasian country on a map. Located next to Russia and Turkey as well as bordering the Black Sea, Georgia is a great place for some of the cheapest places to travel in the world. For one thing, the food here is delicious and fresh and will only run you about 5$USD for a simple meal.

The country was a former USSR satellite state and along with a long and interesting history, Georgia is a very unique place. Georgia is very friendly for low budget travel and has some amazing things to do and breathtaking views. Not to mention if you’re either looking to head to Central Asia or Europe afterward, you’re only a train ride away.

Exploring the World on a Budget: Affordable Travel Destinations Worth Exploring

Georgia is a small country with so much to offer. Cheap accommodations and food will allow you to do so many activities. Just enjoy and have fun.


Our Final Word

Affordable and cheap travel is a great way to make seeing the world a good option no matter what your income is. Going to certain places a little more off the beaten path means that things like accommodations and food can be a lot cheaper than more popular destinations but even then, that being that said there are still places that are major tourist hubs but still offer cheap fun and affordable vacation. Kati and I are always looking for deals and some of our best travels have been when we had the least amount of money.  Go out, explore and enjoy.



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