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Please note: We do not accept contributions from Link Farms, SEO companies, etc. Also, please see all Submission Guidelines below.


Submission Guidelines

LiveFunTravel only accepts original articles. Please do not submit articles that you have published on another website or any other place.

Length: The Article should be at least 1700 words as we prefer articles between 1,200 – 1,750 words.

Content:  We are looking for detailed travel guides from your personal travels with tips and facts about a destination.  We do not want what you did each day, but rather A Local’s Guide to __________ or A Road Trip Itinerary for traveling to __________.

Images: We only accept original photos.  If you do not have photos please let us know in advance.

Other:  If you do not fill out the above form, we will not respond to you.


How we chooses contributors

If we would like to feature your article or have you as an ongoing contributor, we will notify you by email.  We only want fun, informative travel-related articles that will help and inspire our readers to travel and explore.  We typically review requests within 72 hours.

We only respond to those contributors that we have chose to contribute.

Thank you.

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