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Europe in the summer is one of the most fascinating places to visit and we definitively recommend it to everyone that can do it.  Yes, let’s call it a European Vacation.

The large diversity is one of the main attraction points from different tourists from all over the world. From the long golden sand beaches to breathtaking views over the alps you can find almost anything that you desire here. Relaxation takes another meaning when you are doing the thing that you enjoy most in fascinating places and Europe offers a lot of those.‏‏‎ ‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎

In August most people leave their jobs in the cities for holidays usually in the beaches nearby. Some places might even get overcrowded since it’s the most popular month to take vacations and enjoy a relaxing time. If you know where to go you can see some wonderful places that are not that crowded if you are not all about that life. However, there are people who do enjoy the company of crowds and large festivities and in this post, we will take care of both of these.

The structure is going to be like this, one country and up to three suggestions of islands, mountains or other places that you should visit this month.

We’ll try to be as inclusive as possible and have a lot of options to give for you to choose from:



Top European Destinations to visit in Summer

Brac, Croatia

The first country that we choose is Croatia, its perfect-looking medieval cities alongside with a fascinating coastline are the main reasons why. In the last year alone they hosted more than 20 million visitors so it’s safe to say it’s a tourist hotspot.

The straight-out-of-a-fantasy-novel fortified small towns are bursting at the seams and invite everyone to walk around them every day. The sights are amazing and the beaches even more fascinating which we don’t know if that even is possible. You can visit a historical city with a speedboat and get lost in a labyrinth built with remarkably white stones. Or just go around the many islands there are and look at how nature has done its work.


Brač is blessed the magnificent Zlatni Rat beach within the harbor town of Bol, Croatia’s top windsurfing destination. This island charms adventurous types with its fascinating water-sport facilities and hiking and cycling paths.

Behind Bol rises Vidova Gora (780m), the very best point on the Croatian islands, climb to the highest for astounding views. Brač’s hilly interior supports sheep farming, dine on lamb, roasted whole on a spit, at the stunning Kaštil Gospodnetić in Dol, while the island’s quarries have generated a population of skilled sculptors and you’ll visit the Stonemasonry School in Pušišća to ascertain a number of their work.



The greenest island within the Kvarner Gulf may be a place of pinch-me beauty. Viewed from the ocean, Rab Town has the design of a grand medieval galleon built of pale stone, with narrow, steep staircases in situ of rigging and four elegant bell-towers for masts. A warren of terracotta-roofed mansions and Romanesque churches, its cobbled alleys are lit by flickering candles come nightfall. And ‎therefore the island’s northern coast, near Lopar, is laced with sandy coves, a rarity in Croatia.



Korčula is a small medieval town that is still walled off and stuck in its own peninsula. It reveals stone stairways a Gothic-Renaissance cathedral that is seen from far away. It’s hardly changed since it’s believed that Marko Polo has lived there.

At dusk, watch a performance of the moreška sword dancing, then head into the hills clad with pine woods, vineyards, and olive groves, to Konoba Maha or Konoba Mate, two rustic agrotourism eateries serving island specialties made up of home produce. You can go wine checking in the welcoming family-run Toreta Winery nearby Smokvica. A fun activity to do here is to explore the archipelago by sea kayak.



Top European Destinations to visit in Summer

Rome, Italy

I know that for a lot of people visiting Italy is something of a bucket list and I’m going to convince you all to do it soon as possible. This is a European must. 

Italy certainly has a lot to offer from spectacular ancient cities and ruins, fascinating museums, towering mountains, amazing beaches, and generally breathtaking natural scenery.  It’s definitively a crowded place in August since most Italians take the month off but it’s worth it for what it has to offer.‏‏‎

FLORENCE ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎

If this is one of your first trips to Europe and you’re considering Italy, then the August heat shouldn’t be enough to discourage you to go there.

This city, alongside Rome and Venice, is one of Europe’s most marvelous places, and therefore the crowds are well worth the trouble unless you’ll move your whole trip. You can obviously expect it to be quite warm in Florence in August. Most hotels will have air-con, but a large number of cheap places might not.

Florence features a dense city center, which suggests that a minimum of you will be ready to enter some shade most of the day. you would possibly also consider each day trip to Pisa, Siena, or the Cinque Terre from here.


There is really no other city quite like Rome anywhere that you may go in the world. While Rome wants to be a contemporary 21st-century city, it’s desperately trying to keep its historical ruins and monuments from crumbling and coming down.

The town is basically one large archaeological dig that continues to get its 2,800 years of history. And preserving its past continues to be a monumental task for this city. To be ready to rehearse the Colosseum and therefore the Roman Forum, where the likes of Romulus, Julius Caesar, and Nero once ruled, maybe a walk back in time.


Venice doesn’t get quite as hot in contrast to other Italian cities, partly because it’s on a lagoon, but it does get humid as a result.

Venice is a mesmerizing city that everybody should see a minimum of once in their life, but it is also incredibly popular so it’s extremely crowded the majority of the year. The best plan to visit Venice is to book a hotel on the central island for less than one or two nights, as you will get tired of all the crowds soon. The central island is pleasantly empty within the early mornings and in the evenings when the day-trip crowds aren’t here, so those are the simplest times for sightseeing.


Top European Destinations to visit in Summer

Meteora, Greece

Another European must is visiting Greece in the summer is probably the best choice out of every country if you want to see attractive beaches with breathtaking landscapes and a lot of tourists of course. The locals consider the three summer months as the peak of tourism and they put their best effort to produce the best food and as much as possible. This means more customers for them and that’s why they go the extra mile to please you.



One of Greece’s oldest and second-largest city is Thessaloniki. It’s the capital of the Macedonian province of Northern Greece. This place is filled with festivals and social events also a buzzing nightlife. These qualities make this city the cultural center of Greece. The city has a lot to offer from old to new attractions, to byzantine walls, Turkish inspiring colorful food markets, art galleries, and museums that store a history of thousands of years.

The nightlife there is unmatched and one of the most popular in the whole country. Thessaloniki offers everything that you desire.


Shaped very similar to an outsized leaf, Peloponnese was traditionally called Morea, which implies mulberry leaf.

Located within the southernmost region of both Europe and Greece, Peloponnese may be a wide peninsula connected to the mainland by the Rio-Antirrio bridge. Scattered along by the city with Attic temples, Venetian fortresses, Byzantine churches, and Mycenaean palaces, Peloponnese echoes the traditional cultures and events from its extensive history. Among these ancient ruins is Olympia, where the primary Olympic Games were hosted in honor of Zeus.


Don’t get fooled by the name Meteora since that is the Greek word for Suspended in the air. This expression aptly illustrates the spectacular cliffs that rise quite 1,200 feet or 366 meters into the air facing the villages of Kalambaka and Kastraki.

This place is located in the north-central mainland of Greece. The historic monasteries rest along the summits make the dangerous cliffs even more exciting. The monasteries of Meteora were built by monks trying to find spiritual solitude and freedom from religious persecution.


Top European Destinations to visit in Summer

Lisbon, Portugal

In summer, the ocean waters that touch Portugal are nicely warm, and the hot days are at their peak so going for a swim in the amazing ocean is the best thing to do.

You’ll face large crowds of people since summer is one of the busiest and the beach cities get almost full. You’ll have to endure the high temperatures and prices, but there’s a delightfully upbeat mood in the air, as everyone seems to be on vacation and a stream of high-spirited festivals and late-night gatherings keep things kind and lively. At any time if the heats get too unbearable we highly recommend going for a dip in the Atlantic water.


Even though Barcelona and Madrid are really too hot and crowded to enjoy in August, Lisbon remains pleasant and really worthwhile. Its isolated location, unfortunately, that keeps many of us from discovering this gorgeous city. And with the winds from the Atlantic, the summer temperatures are fairly mild. If you would like to combine some beach in together with your city visit, you will find half Britain packed into the hotels and flats within the Algarve, which is at the southern coast of Portugal.


Surfing is probably among the most attractive things to do in Portugal, and Ericeira may be a small fishing village but with an enormous reputation for catching waves. It’s also easy to travel from Lisbon, and while it’s not the closest beach town to the capital, it’s among the busiest.

However, sitting along the cliffs that fringe the coast and watching surfers or surfing for yourself isn’t the sole thing to try there. Ericeira’s restaurants are some of the highest-rated spots for indulging in fresh, delicious Portuguese seafood.


Other than Lisbon and Ericeira you should definitively visit Porto. It’s the second-largest city in Portugal and it’s similar looking to the capital since both are characterized by old, colorful buildings scattered across hilly streets and also they sit beside major rivers.

You can say that Porto is the other half of Lisbon and that they both complete one whole amazing scenery. Porto is filled with culture while Lisbon shines bright and is sunny. Portugal’s azulejos tiles shouldn’t be missed by anyone especially tourists. The São Bento railroad station, offers an enormous mosaic of tiles, transforming the walls into memorable works of contemporary art.

Our Final Word

There are many historic sites and fabulous beaches and towns throughout Europe.  The summer is ideal for many.  We also recommend the shoulder months of May and September as the crowds are less but the weather is still good.  Whatever time of year you go to Europe, we hope that you will enjoy the sounds, sights, tastes and feel of ancient cities and incredible seas.


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