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Though my kids are grown, and Kati and I have none together, we have seen some of the best places where kids can enjoy themselves while traveling.  Though we live in Florida, we do not recommend and have not included places like Disney World.  We feel that they have become so expensive that a family of four could easily afford to go somewhere with more culture and heritage as well as fun.

Travelling is one of the most fascinating and intense experiences one can have alone or in a company. However, if doing it on your own is easy, the same cannot be said when it comes to travelling with children. There are many needs of the little ones, and to satisfy them it is important to take all the necessary precautions, essential products (protective creams, mosquito sprays, etc.), and travel insurance that covers any medical expenses and other mishaps.

And now, here is the list of the best destinations to travel safely with children!



Imagine travelling with the children aboard a sledge pulled by huskies or reindeer through the spectacular forests of Lapland. Here fantasy becomes reality.

Despite the prohibitive temperatures, the capital of Finnish Lapland is a destination that is sure to please the whole family.


There is no shortage of welcoming restaurants that serve delicious and wild dishes at least as wild as the landscape that surrounds them.

Of course, the number 1 attraction is Santa Claus, whose home is located in Santa Claus Village. Here, there is no shortage of workshops for the little ones and other themed attractions.

What’s the perfect time to reach this destination? Undoubtedly December, when preparations for Christmas are in full swing, the entire population opens the doors of their businesses to tourists.



Cancun is a town located on the Yucatan peninsula, on the famous Riviera Maya.

Over time it has become one of the most important tourist destinations in Mexico, thanks to an extremely varied offer, which makes it the ideal place for family trips.

Do not miss the Mayan archaeological sites, which will certainly appeal to children, as well as Tortugranja, the home of the turtles of Isla Mujeres. Finally, there is no shortage of playgrounds and zoological gardens where you can observe live animals and swim with dolphins.

What’s the best time to visit this destination? To travel safely with children, it is advisable to choose November and the first days of December, when the weather is fine, there are few tourists, and the prices are affordable.



Remote and charming, Tokyo is a perfect city for family travel. In the urban web of the Japanese capital, between Buddhist temples and ancient imperial palaces, dozens of modern and brightly lit skyscrapers peep out, which will leave you speechless, just like the attractions dedicated to children.

These include the Tokyo Toy Museum, a toy museum located in an old elementary school from 1935, and KidZania, a real child-friendly city in which everyone will play a specific role (fireman, policeman, gas station attendant, etc.). Also not to be missed is Namja Town, a theme park with all kinds of games, rides, shops and even a ghost town, and Kodomo no Yu, with its huge tub full of balls (there are around 88,000!)


Best months to travel to Tokyo with children? Spring and early autumn.



Tenerife offers a lot of tranquility and several kilometers of white or black sand beaches (being a volcanic island). In addition to this, there is no shortage of organized activities for the kids.

The more adventurous can take part in scuba diving, kayak trips, boat trips to watch whales and surfing courses. Don’t miss the Lagartario of the Ecomuseo de Guinea, dedicated to the giant lizards of El Hierro and Siam Park, the largest water park in Europe.

The best times to travel to the Canary Islands with children are late spring and early summer.



Ghent is a Flemish city characterized by a historic center that will leave you speechless. Entirely pedestrianized and perfect for walking or cycling, it offers infinite must-see attractions, including Gravensteen Castle. And when the children are tired of walking, book a tour in a “bootje”, the typical boat from which to admire the local architecture.

If the question that afflicts you is when to travel to Ghent with children, know that the best months are spring and summer. December, January and February, on the other hand, are the coldest.



Cyprus is not only the birthplace of Aphrodite but also some culinary delights, including Halloumi cheese and Commandaria dessert wine. But if taverns and typical foods aren’t your children’s passion, don’t despair because they will certainly have something to distract themselves at the Paphos Archaeological Park, with its ancient Roman villas and the Tombs of the Kings.

To escape the sultry heat, an idea could be to spend a few hours at the Adonis Baths and dive into the pond at the foot of the waterfalls. A last suggestion is to reach Lemesos and visit the historic centre and the castle, splendid and well-kept.

Autumn and spring are undoubtedly the best times to travel to Cyprus, but if you are a sun-tan lover you could also choose summer.



Toronto is a city that caters for both young and old. Among the attractions not to be missed is the CN Tower, from whose “Lookout level”, located at a height of 346 meters, you can enjoy an incredible panorama. From here, you can also see the Royal Ontario Museum, splendid both internally and externally, thanks to the architectural structure that contains it, called the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal.

Toronto is a multicultural city, a characteristic that is reflected in an incredibly diverse gastronomy. And after dinner, catch the Bad Dog Theater Company’s impromptu show for plenty of laughs!

Beautiful but cold during the winter months, Toronto offers near-perfect weather in the fall and spring.



Travelling with children to Paris? Why not! The French capital, in the collective imagination, is the perfect destination for a romantic trip.

In fact, it abounds in theme parks for the whole family, starting with Disneyland, an enchanted place with an atmosphere designed down to the last detail. The many attractions are echoed by a rich calendar of shows dedicated to children of all ages! They can enter the Eiffel Tower for free for up to 4 years, while the reduced ticket is valid for up to 11 years. Do not miss the tour together with the mascot Gus, dedicated to Gustave Eiffel, who guides young visitors along a path full of curiosities relating to the history of the Tower. Paris boasts some of the largest and most well-kept parks in Europe.

Do not miss the Tuileries Garden, the oldest in the city, perfect for relaxing and for children to play in the open air. And why not take a ride on the beautiful Ferris wheel, which offers an impressive panorama, to say the least?

Mid-season is preferable to fully enjoy the city, but any time of year is perfect for visiting Paris!


Our Final Word

So just because you have kids, should not be an excuse to not travel.  Leave the Disney’s behind and take a real adventure.  Besides these, there are great adventures that you can take with adult children.  My adult son and I went fishing off the coast of Alaska, and my adult children accompanied us to Italy and Sicily.  All were great adventures.  So try something new.  Take an adventure with your kids.



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