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Having lived in Mexico City for over 5 years, and falling in love with the people, land and history, I never grow tired of traveling to Mexico.  Whether it is the beaches in Cancun, the archeological sites in central and southern Mexico, or the vibrant city life, Mexico never disappoints. With its perfect mix of a vibrant history, fascinating landscapes, gorgeous beaches, and never-ending sunshine, it comes with no surprise that Mexico is one of the top travel destinations in North America.

Mexico’s colorful scenery makes it one of the most breathtaking destinations to visit on the planet, and is known for its enticing mix of cultural heritage, delicious cuisines, and natural beauty.  

While many people tend to lay around the pools sipping margaritas leisurely, you can spend your days exploring the historical heritage sites, strolling along the palm-lined beaches, or interacting with locals for a chance to learn about their culture and tasty inimitable cuisines.

If you think of Mexico as your next travel destination, and you’re unsure of where to visit, don’t worry. You have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of exciting top  attractions, sceneries, and areas of interest that you shouldn’t miss out in Mexico.

So here we go.


Mexico City


Fascinating city? Yes. Large cosmopolitan city? Big yes. Traditional city? Again, definitely yes!

While Mexico has had its fair share of a negative image, Mexico’s capital city has a population rate of nearly twenty-two million people. If you’re here to have a good time, you won’t be disappointed.

The City had amazing historical sites such as the imposing Plaza Garibaldi, best known for its mariachi bands, the ancient  Basílica de Santa María de Guadalupe, the Castillo de Chapultepec, the El Ángel . independent monument and so much more. You also get a chance to see numerous rebuilt colonial buildings, pyramids, Aztec canals, creative arts murals by the famous Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo established studio.

Enjoy your evenings in the streets while sampling hipster diners and chic eateries; Polanco and Condesa. 

Where to stay: The luxurious Condesa Haus. 

Bellas Artes

Bellas Artes, near the Centro Historico is an outstanding place to see the Ballet Folklorico


San Miguel de Allende

Check out this top choice of the uptown central hilltops, north of Mexico City, just two hours from the León airport. The town is safe for visitors, so don’t worry about the crime rate or drug-related incidents.

San Miguel de Allende is stunning! The town is the main attraction near Mexico City. It was declared a Unesco World Heritage site in 2008, famous for its handicraft shops, botanical gardens, 17th-century cathedrals, organic restaurants, and posh guesthouses. The town has 62,000 people, well-distributed – a small significant town with just the right crown for your fancy.



A small colonial city with less than two million residents – Puebla is packed with cathedrals and a perfect museum filled with antique relics. It is a quiet city with a rich history and buildings adorned in azulejos (painted tiles). There are numerous places to visit, dine and sample out the tasty local taco árabe (marinated pork served on flatbread), the escamoles (rice sauteed in butter), and many more exotic Mexican dishes.


Puebla is approximately an hour from Mexico City by taxi and two hours by bus. So you can take a day-drive and be back in Mexico city in the evening.



Another gorgeous hill town with ancient cathedrals and radiantly colored homes on piazzas. Guanajuato is alive during the Cervantino October Festival – an annual cultural festival with mariachis, orchestras, modern art, and ballet folklórico. 

When the festive month dies down, tourists visit the stoic mummy museum and the San Miguel de Allende in the far eastern part of Guanajuato. The town’s three hours in a private car from Mexico City or five hours by bus.



When visiting Guanajuato, make sure you check out the Mummy museum.



Puerto Vallarta

Even though it is regarded as an all-around resort destination, Puerto Vallarta is much more than just hotels and resorts. This beautiful town has something for every traveler, from scenic beaches, vibrant nightclubs to tropical Jungles and historic buildings. Snuggled between the Sierra Madre Mountains and providing scenic stretches of sandy coastline, Puerto Vallarta offers many outdoor recreational activities set to keep you busy.

If you are an adventure addict, this is the place to be; you can opt for bungee jumping, scuba diving, parasailing, or sky diving.

Additionally, the city nightlife is just incredible; you can enjoy the delicious cuisines by eating your way around the town while cruising in the city, club hoping or just make a reservation in an exclusive restaurant for a lively night out with your loved one(s). 

Outside the town, you can scroll through the papaya and mango plantations or visit the peaceful fishing villages surrounding the city.

Where to stay:  Travellers have a chance to sample out the different all-inclusive deals that are being offered by various resorts. You can check out the following beachfront resorts, Krystal VallartaPlaza Pelicanos Club Beach Resort, and  Crown paradise Golden.


Cozumel Island

Located in the Caribbean sea, Cozumel Island is known worldwide for its pristine blue waters and vibrant marine life. This Island fascinates even the most laid-back beachgoers with its breathtaking beauty and variety of thrilling water-based activities.

Outdoor lovers, be sure there are several exciting things you can do here, from snorkeling, diving, surfing to deep-sea fishing. Besides beach fun, the Island offers other exciting attractions. You can opt to visit The Mayan historical ruins of El Caracol and San Gervasio for a dose of historical background.

You can also take a stroll and explore Chankanaab National park taking epic photos of Iguanas and the surrounding scenery.

Where to stay: you have lots of choices while staying in Cozumel when it comes to accommodation. Some of the affordable hotels include The Landmark Resort of CozumelCasa Mexicana Cozumel, and Hotel Mary Carmen.



Thanks to its pearl white beaches, wild nightlife, and glitzy resorts, Cancun is undoubtedly Mexico’s most popular tourist destination. This colossal town prides itself on two sections, where you have the old traditional buildings on one side and the upmarket side where you will find luxury resorts, spas, seafood restaurants, and much more. 

Both sections are interesting to explore, even though the traditional setting is home to traditional salsa clubs, friendly beach bars, and a variety of cheap eating places. Furthermore, the local beaches in this area remain unspoiled and beautiful.

If you prefer a relatively quiet vacation, you can opt to explore the El Mundo Maya( Mayan world). Visit the famous Mayan Temples, including the Chichen Itza.

Where to stay: some of the recommended resorts include the Le Blanc Spa Resort and The Ritz Carlton Cancun.

Chichen Itza

One of the new 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, Chichen Itza is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many outstanding archeological sites around, and cenotes where you can swim.




Isla Holbox

Isla Holbox (pronounced “Holbosh”) is to the northwest of Cancun, just across the port of Chiquila, north of the Yucatán Peninsula.  It is a national reserve –  mostly a jungle with miles upon miles of forestry. 

It’s an elongated narrow island. In fact, 26 miles long and a mile wide. If you love exploring and hiking, this is the place to be. The Island is quiet, reserved, and less lively compared to other cities in Mexico. 

Holbox is an ideal place to meditate, unwind, and be in harmony with nature. The tranquility of the island atmosphere is enticing and fresh. Check out the murals decorated on the street walls photos of paintings scattered all over the island. 

Pier on Isla Holbox beach Is touristy. Plus, everything’s affordable – from food to accommodation, and the local wine and gin too. 

This is a place to do nothing.. like seriously chill out on the resorts or boat rides on lazy afternoons. Isla Holbox is a nothing box, really. Do not go here with any other agenda besides taking a chill pill. Fill out your days with immense yoga, sunbathing, or having a nice time at the beach bars.  

If you’re not the hibernating kind, take a tour of the city to admire the creative extensive murals littered all over the streets.  

See the lagoons; mangroves spread out on the outskirts of Holbox. See the flamingos, the pelicans swooping, or take a lazy swim and swoosh along friendly fish in the shallow ends.

If you’re In Holbox between May and September, you’ll get a chance to see Whale Sharks and also swim with the gentle giants. The sunset on Holbox is a magical moment you don’t want to miss out. For the best view, head to the pier and relax with a cold beer as you watch the golden rays spread out on the turquoise waters of the ocean. 

To Get To Isla Holbox from Cancun, take a cab or a rental – a two-hour drive to Chiquila port where you’ll take a ferry to whusk you off to Holbox. From there take a golf cart or a bike to your final hotel destination. 

Where To Stay: Hotel Casa Palapas del Sol; Holbox Hotel Mawimbi



Merida is a striking colonial city three hours from Cancun. The old buildings are fresh-looking and brightly painted. The city is famous for its amazing Yucatecan foods like papadzules, cochinita pibil, and panuchos. Visit the 17th-century Mayan brick cathedrals and experience the nightlife in La Negrita Cantina bar. In the evening, enjoy live music as you chillax in the backdrop of creatively decorated restaurants listening to the crooning soulful jams from swanky mariachis. 

Where to stay: Luz En Yucatan.


The capital of the Yucatan is Merida. Both a vibrant and charming colonial city.

Los Cabos

Considered the world’s fishing sports capital, Los Cabos has steadily gained prominence over the last few years as Mexico’s top tourism destination, thanks to its stunning resort beaches, outstanding scuba diving, whale watching, and vibrant party scenery.

Los Cabos consists of two townships, San Lucas and San Jose, interlinked together by a picturesque freeway known as” the Corridor.”

San Jose is a more typical Mexican town with cobblestone streets and a tree-lined square built around a majestic cathedral. On the other hand, San Lucas is more touristic and known for its wild nightlife. Other water-based activities include boat tours, parasailing, and scuba diving.

Where to stay:  One & Only Palmilla is a resort that never disappoints.



This was the beach we would take a long weekend at when living in Mexico City.  Back in the 1950s- before the rise of other cities like Cabo and Cancan-: Acapulco was  the paradise  destination in Mexico. It was the playground for the rich and famous until a spree of violence and pollution tainted the city’s beautiful image. 

Decades later, Acapulco has managed to shed off the crime and violence tag and is increasingly becoming a popular hideout for European travelers. 

Acapulco’s biggest attraction is the beautiful amber beaches, which spread around the moon-shaped coastline surrounding Acapulco bay. Other attractions include vibrant nightlife, multicultural cuisine, and a scenic seafront. Away from the coast, you can opt to check out Fort of San Diego, one of the area’s local museums.

Where to stay: Trip Advisor ranks Banyan Tree Cabo Marques and Las Brisas as some of the best hotels you can find in Acapulco.

Mexican Street Food

One of our favorite things to do when visiting Mexico is to eat. The delicious street food awaits.



This colonial city has the same name as its state. The quiet atmosphere combined with the archaeological sites is one of the attractions that make this town a sought-after destination for tourists. You can opt to explore various ancient historical sites such as Monte AlbanMilta, and Zocalo.

Oaxaca is also known for its thrilling festivals, which showcase its indigenous culture, custom-made handcrafts, and taste its unique cuisines.

Some of the recommended places to stay include Hotel Azul Oaxaca and Quinta Real Oaxaca.


Our Final Word

Mexico is a vibrant and fantastic country with a fascinating festive culture. From its beautiful beaches and colorful historical towns to its tickling wild nightlife, and lastly, not forgetting the Mexican food, margaritas, and the legendary tequila. Mexico city is, undeniably, a top destination for any avid traveler.  Take our word for it, you will want to return again and again to explore Mexico.  You can never get enough.


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