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I hate to say this, but we are well aware of the criticism of us traveling so much.  With a combination of mocking and jealousy, we realize that some people find it absurd that we would travel to India to experience Tigers in the wild, and just ridiculous that we went to the Arctic to see wild polar bears.

Imagine being criticized because you want to learn more about the world.  To see for ourselves the impact of climate change, the reduction in the wild areas of the world, and to be in the presence of animals in the wild.

We want to experience other cultures and meet people from around the world.  We feel that though travel has become increasingly popular among people of all ages offering a way to discover destinations, embrace novel experiences and expand one’s horizons, travels impact extends beyond exploration. It can deeply influence an individual’s emotional wellbeing.

One of the aspects of travel is the opportunity it provides to immerse oneself in diverse cultures. By journeying to countries and cities we can gain insights into the world that surrounds us. We learn about customs, beliefs and values while developing an appreciation for the rich tapestry of global cultures.

Travel also opens doors to embracing experiences. Through visits to locations, we have the chance to engage in activities to explore unfamiliar landscapes and immerse ourselves in distinct cultures. This can serve as a way to step out of our comfort zone and gain a perspective on life. Moreover, traveling allows us to develop an understanding of the world by immersing ourselves in cultures and ways of life.

We want to retain that wide-eyed wonderment that we had as children.  We want to continue to learn.  We want to continue to experience what the world has to offer. And we want to inspire others to do the same.


Expanding Our Perspectives

Traveling also has the potential to expand our perspectives. When we explore destinations we gain insight into the world around us. We learn about cultures, beliefs and values which fosters an appreciation for the rich tapestry of human experiences. Additionally witnessing how our own culture compares to others can lead to an appreciation for our identity and heritage.

I cannot think of anything more important these days than having an appreciation of different cultures and people.  We see so much hate and disdain especially in social media.

The Impact of Travel: How Traveling Can Change Your Perspective

Meeting these boys in Uganda made us want to raise money for their schooling. To get to know the culture and peoples of Egypt, the Arctic, the Masai of Kenya and to still be in contact with them fills us with joy and gives us a better understanding of the world and the people that live in it.

Cultivating New Skills

Traveling offers opportunities for growth and skill development. As we venture into places, we have the chance to learn languages, engage in unique activities and broaden our knowledge about the world. Exploring cultures also enables us to better understand our cultural background fostering a deeper sense of self awareness.

Deepening Self Understanding

Another benefit of traveling is its ability to deepen one’s self-understanding. We find that by exploring destinations we deepen our self-awareness and gain insight into our values and beliefs. Traveling also has the potential to strengthen connections. Through visiting different locations, we acquire a profound understanding of the world and its inhabitants. Moreover, witnessing differences serves as a catalyst for appreciating our heritage while embracing the richness of other cultures.

Our Final Word

The impact of travel extends beyond the adventure. It offers the chance to immerse oneself in customs, acquire perspectives, broaden horizons, cultivate new skills, foster self-reflection and forge lasting relationships. So, though we know that there is criticism of us traveling, we will not stop.  For us, it is just too important.


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