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Destination Morocco. The Northern Africa country borders the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean in the north and in the west respectively. It’s just miles away from Spain (in Europe). The country has mixed cultures of  Arabic and  French, influenced by colonization and migration back in the day.

Kati has traveled to Morocco with her grandmother when she was younger.  For me, the movie Casablanca always enticed me to go. Though the movie was actually filmed in California with the outdoor filming at the Van Nuys Airport (yes, I went there too), the story itself is based in Morocco.  We love Morocco for its strong traditional ties to the Arabic way of life, alive with bustling medieval cities and grandiose landscapes. The pristine beaches and vibrant waters offer luxury in the simplest form, coupled with diving and snorkeling sea activities.

The streets of Marrakech are lively with Moroccan historical monuments, souks, luring you with bright saffron and gold colors; spicy aromatic herbs and spices, and snake charmers. Imagine snake charmers in the streets! Yikes!

We love Africa.  When we talk about Africa, most people picture lions and elephants.  This a different version of Africa. An Arabic peaceful atmosphere, a beautiful blend of cultures, and an amazing experience at the serene Canary Islands

You’re going to love every bit of your stay in Morocco.



So what’s so special in this desert-ish country?

Flanked by the Canary Islands on the northern-west corner, Morocco is a land full of endless contrasts with a stunning outstretched coastline on one side and a touch of the Sahara desert on the other side.

The country is exemplified for its breathtaking sceneries, an abundance of different cultures, tasty food, and hospitable people. Not to forget, Morocco plays homage to the Majestic Atlas Mountains, with Toubkal being the highest peak in North Africa.


How to get to Morocco

Interestingly, the country is positioned on the north-west edge of the African continent, which is just a short flight away from Spain and the surrounding countries in Europe.

For less than $ 100, budget airlines such as Ryanair fly to Morocco, making it super easy to include Morocco into any European travel itinerary. Other cities such as Casablanca and Marrakech also have international airports with reputable airlines flying in and out every day.


Unique Tourist Attractions in Morocco

  • The Canary Islands

Canary Islands boarders  a significant part of the  Spanish territory, but they are considered as part of  Morocco in Africa. Fuerteventura Island is just a few hundred kilometers from the northern coast of Morocco; it is so close that its beaches are made of Sahara desert sand.

The Islands have long been popular with sun-seekers from Britain and Northern Europe. So it is not a surprise that English is a common language in most of the Islands.


Fuerteventura Island

The best spots to tour  in the Canary Island


Mount Teide is a popular attraction in the Canaries. This world heritage site is borders the Moroccan national park right in the heart of the island. Mount Teide is enclosed by a beautiful, celestial landscape that keeps changing in texture and tone very often, that hikers sometimes have a feeling they are walking in a sea of clouds.

Icod de Los Vinos, a little town in Tenerife, has its fair share of artistic and symbolic value, such as the famous Dragon Tree that is rumored to be over a thousand years old. Not far from the Dragon tree lies  San Marcos Church, Where you will get symbolic statues and images of St Mark the Evangelist and other paintings.


Things to Do in Tenerife – Beautiful Beaches, de Gran Canaria

The southern coast of Gran Canaria is an almost endless succession of stunning golden sandy beaches. Touring visitors  can choose where to go from the six major beaches between Puerto de Mogan  and Playa de San Agustin located in the extreme east and west sides of the Island.

Maspalomas, the largest beach, is considered the Island’s most preferred popular beach. It is a serene and secluded beach you’ll have such a swell time on this beach.

Las Palmas

Las Palmas is another popular holiday spot in the Canary Islands. Not only is it the biggest city in the Canaries, but it also has a wide range of world-class attractions. Las Palmas beaches include; the Playa Las Canteras, which has a broad sandy shoreline and calm waters, influenced by surrounding volcanic reefs that form a natural barrier.

Another important site to note is the La Catedral(Cathedral), in which locals here think that it is the most stunning and important religious building on the island, if not the Canary Islands.

Cueva de los Verdes, Lanzarote

This is one of the nicest Canary Islands when it comes to weather. The majority of its beaches have black sand because of their volcanic origin. However, you will find one or two golden sandy beaches in some areas.

Conquering the seven-kilometer volcanic tube that stretches from La Coruna all the way to the sea is one of the most excruciating activities that one can do. In addition to that, Lanzarote has some scenic volcanic landscape, such as the Timanfaya National Park.

Things to Do in Lanzarote:


Life on La Palma is vibrant and colorful Island. Nature lovers can explore the never-ending mountain trails or take long lazy walks on the vast scenic fields. At night the sky above is clear, making it one of the best places to see the Milky Way.

Things to Do in La Palma:

  • Hiking along some of the best mountain trails in the Canary Islands 


Other Unique Places To Visit in Morocco


  • Marrakech – Buzzing City With a Great Medina

Positioned at the bottom of the “Atlas Mountains,” Marrakech, sometimes known as the Red City, is a vibrant and colorful city with a large medina. Marrakesh’s bustling and colorful vibe pretty much sums up Morocco as a major tourism attraction for many tourists.

To get to the city, you will have to pass through the Djemma El-Fna Square, where snake charmers, local musicians, and shop vendors tend to compete for your attention amid a lively, noisy and vibrant bustle that captures the passionate soul of Morocco.

For shoppers, this town is famous for being a frenzied center for good bargain deals. For history lovers, the numerous monuments and museums are some of the must-do sightseeing activities in the region.

Staying in the typical traditional Moroccan Riad is also a must when in Marrakech, with plenty of choices available for all budgets.

How to get there: – The place is well linked to the rest of the world and receives a large number of airlines to Marrakesh Menara Airport.

Things to Do in Marrakech:


A market in Marrakech

  • Meknes – The 9th Century Medina

Despite of its old age and architecture, Meknes is one of the best places to visit in morocco. This 9th- century Medina town is located in the northern part of Morocco. The city’s setting is fairly relaxed compared to Marrakech and Rabat, so it’s an excellent choice if you are looking for a laid back experience.

The Meknes Royal Palace and other ancient sites are a perfect stop if you want to learn about the Moroccan lifestyle. While you are still in Meknes, don’t forget to check out one of its charming attractions, The Roman ruins.” This attraction is very popular with tourists, especially those looking for an exotic Arabic experience.

How to get there:- You can choose to hire a taxi or board a local train to take you to Meknes city.

Things to Do in Meknes:


  • Chefchaouen – Painted feel 

Positioned in the center of the Rif Mountains, the city is commonly referred to as the Blue City It is a tiny beautiful town located in the  expansive countryside. Among all the cities in Morocco to visit, this one is widely popular for solo travelers who like to explore exotic places. You’ll love the city’s famous white and blue painted buildings stretched on narrow hilly towns, projecting a beautiful artistic architecture.

The people here are super friendly, so you are sure to enjoy delightful hospitality in Chefchaouen. Don’t forget to try out the quiet and secluded Ras el Maa, one of the most secret and fascinating places in the town.

How to get there: – To get here, you will take a flight from Marrakech to either Fez, Tangier Tetouan, or Casablanca. From there, you can use a taxi to get you to the main CTM bus station for a prebooked bus to Chefchaouen.

Things to Do in Chefchaouen:


  • Sahara Desert – Glance Sunset Over Dunes

The Sahara desert is a must stop when you are in Morocco, from enjoying the stunning sunset over the canyons to staring at the sky, which is full of bright stars. Every experience in the Sahara desert is enthralling and unforgettable.

How to get there: – the most common route is from Marrakech to Merzouga by public means. You can either choose to take a bus or hire a cab.

Things to Do in the Desert:

  • Try desert safaris or camel caravans.
  • Socialize with the locals
  • Go for a camel ride.
  • Sahara

    The Sahara

    Fez – The old Historical City

Fez, one of Morocco’s most exciting cultural destinations. This old city holds  some of the most authentic historical attractions. One exciting site to visit is Fes El-Bali – an old walled town with beautifully designed back alleys where you can easily get lost. You can also decide to have a look at the famous leather tanneries, that is if you can handle the smell.

Another historical attraction is the elegant walkways of Ville Nouvelle, where the French built beautiful palm-lined avenues and stunning fountains along the streets.

How to get there: – Fez-Saiss Airport is the closest airport to Fez. If you’re going by rail, take the train to Fès-Ville Train Station.

Things to Do in Fez:

  • Experience tasty cuisines in the various local hotels
  • Admire beautiful architecture


  • Tangier –Moroccan City with a European style

Of all the European-looking Moroccan towns, Tangier is the most scenic tourist destination in the country. This intriguing city played a significant role in developing Morocco’s literary history in the 20th-century and is also responsible for shaping the economic front as we know it today.

It is the enchanting history that draws tourists from all over. In fact, Tangier has inspired some notable works such as Naked Lunch by William Burroughs. Apart from the historical buzz, you will also come across some western bars and bohemian cafés to hang out and relax.

How to get there: – The most popular and preferred way to get to Tangier is by ferry. It takes about 30 minutes.

Things to do:


Other things to do in Morocco

Learn how to prepare Moroccan Cuisine –  Moroccan Cuisine is popular all over the world for its aromatic Spices and creative cooking methods.

Steam in a Traditional Hammam – the Hamman is considered a rite of passage in Morocco. Back then, when private bathrooms did not exist, the hammams were social places where people would come to bathe and snorkel.

In conclusion

We hope you’re enticed you enough to visit this enchanting country with a fantastic array of places to visit coupled with a cosmopolitan environment in an African setting.

Going to the canaries during the holiday season is a great idea because of the great weather and plenty of activities to do. You can choose to stay in the bustling cities (mostly filled with visiting tourists) or the laid back, secluded Islands.


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