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Sweden is one of our favorite countries.  Having spent Christmas there a couple of years ago, playing in the snow, taking a sauna and just enjoying the Swedish country side.  The Kingdom of Sweden is one of the six culturally Scandinavian countries bordering Finland and Norway. Her natural attractions include beautiful ice-capped mountains, endless lush forests, and spectacular coastal islands. Stockholm alone has 14 amazing Islands.

Sweden is also the home of unique historical museums showcasing medieval Swedish artifacts. And that’s not all; you get to see fantastic royal palaces scattered across the country.

The Swedish are an environmentally conscious people, as is evidenced by their vast green spaces. Favored by a sparse population and an extensive forest cover, this country is a dream come true if you love nature, with its freshly green hygienic spaces.

We shall dwell on the best cities to visit while touring in Sweden, plus a few hidden gems hardly visited but breathe-taking all the same to give you the best experience of Swedish Vacation.



The capital city is a great destination to begin your Sweden tour. At its heart is Djurgarden, which is nothing short of a showcase for green spaces. This magnificent park is perfect and refreshing as you get to enjoy a rejuvenating experience. You can take long walks under the cool tree shades or enjoy a romantic picnic while enjoying the crisp air filled with chirping birds.


Not too far away from Stockholm sits the Archipelago, a collection of impeccably beautiful islands that extends into the Baltic Sea. These islands offer you endless activities spread across the various islands, and you can hop from one island to another as you indulge in mountain activities like hikingcyclingsailing, and swimming

 If you are more daring and adventurous, try Kayaking. 

The Stockholm metro is the fastest way in and out of the city. Visit museums and historical buildings spread across the city using the superfast tram as you also get to enjoy stunning creative art pieces splashed all over the subway. If you love art, you will highly appreciate the Swedish subway, an endless art gallery. The numerous train stations are adorned with art paintings, murals, and even statues, creating an exciting ambiance for the travelers at each stop. 


Visit Stockholm for museums, island hopping and outdoor activities. It is a wonderful city to explore.



The world of gothic Viking lives here. Gotland represents medieval Norsemen known for their brutal escapades of the 12th Century.  Just over 100 miles from the capital, Gotland is the largest island in Sweden and boasts a rich medieval past that is a great attraction for tourists. 

The best time to travel to this city is in August during Medieval Week, Sweden’s largest historical celebrations, to experience the depth of Swedish culture and ageless traditions. Activities in the festival include; listening to medieval music, take part in tournaments and watch Swedish feudal theatre. Be sure to buy great gifts to take back to friends and family.  

The Packacetree is an excellent spot for an afternoon cinch if you’re traveling with family members. You can also mingle and interact with other visiting tourists as you enjoy the great ambiance for an unforgettable Swedish experience.


Explore the land of the Vikings in Gotland.



Karlskrona is the capital of Sweden’s Blekinge County and serves as the Swedish Swiss Guard’s headquarters. Visit the 17th and 18th Centuries’ striking buildings. Part of the military infrastructure in Karlskrona is the Kingsholm fortress, with a rich Swedish military history.  


Perhaps the most beautiful site to visit here is the Karlskrona Marine Museum. Located on the Island of Stumholmen, the museum is host to a vast Swedish naval antiquity collection. Its architecture is also a sight to behold as its structures extend underground with a perfect view of old wrecked ships through an impressive underground tunnel. 

If you are looking for spiritual nourishment, check out the Fredrikskyrkan, a newly refurbished church initially built between 1720 -1744. The entire building is quite a big magnificent show of Swedish architecture whose interior is adorned with beautiful chandeliers, creating a heavenly ambiance of glowing lights, coupled with the glorious artwork adorning the walls.


Visit the 17th and 18th century buildings in Karlskrona. The Swiss Guard is headquartered here as well.



Owing to her olden times of countless battles between the Swedish and the Danes, Helsingborg is home to several ruined Castles overlooking the harbor. From this view, you can envisage the intensity of the fights exchanged here many moons ago.

Do not miss out on the Helsingborg City Theatre to get a taste of Swedish art and the delicious cuisine on offer in the restaurants and cafes splattered across the streets.

We’ve all heard the saying, “you live, and you learn.” saying. Indeed, we learn from our mistakes. Imagine this – a showcase of past failures! It is no imagination for this prodigious exhibition of failed inventions in Helsingborg.

The annual assembly of attempted innovations displays hundreds of samples of innovations brought in by getting a taste of the royal lifestyle by staying at the Sofiero Palace, which until 1970, was home to Swedish Royalty. Visitors are welcomed into the castle by tour guides during the open season (March to September). The gardens are especially a wonderful outdoor experience, with beautiful exotic flowers and artificial waterfalls. It’s an exciting experience you must try, at least for the fun of it all!


Take some time and explore the ruined castles in Helsingborg



When considering which of the Swedish Cities to visit, Uppsala is a great choice to experience Swedish vibrancy and energy. 

The large number of tourists visiting is probably due to the large student body present here drawn from the Uppsala University, the oldest University in Sweden and among the world’s best. Check out the Carolina Rediviva House, built in the 1820s. It houses the vast University library of over 5 million volumes of books. It is a mind-blower for book lovers.

When you visit Uppsala, a guided tour is the ideal choice to explore this delightful city. This way, you don’t get to miss out on the fantastic museums, the Uppsala Cathedral, as well as a stop at Linnaeus House Museum and gardens. 

During the night, join the city’s vibrance and dance the night away while enjoying your drinks and food at the numerous entertainment spots sprawled across the streets. Best clubs include Flustret NattklubO’Cconor’s, or the Birger Jarl for endless fun.


Lund is located in SKane province and is adorned with amazing green parks. While visiting here, you get to see Kulturen, an open-air museum housing exquisite Viking replica tools as you imagine life in medieval times.

The city bears numerous cobblestone lanes used as sidewalks where you can freely walk as you explore the city’s endless history. As you sample out posh cafes and restaurants that Sweden has to offer.

When visiting Lund, you have an excellent opportunity to cross over from Sweden to Denmark via the Oresund Bridge, which stretches for 7845 meters over the Baltic Sea. This bridge was completed in 1995. It is a combination of rail and road connecting Denmark and Sweden and is a reliable infrastructure to citizens visiting both countries. It makes for a great day trip offering an exciting experience as you get to Peberholm, the artificial island, as well as to Drogden, an underwater tunnel right into Denmark’s island of Amagar. 


Conclude your Sweden vacay with a tour of the Ice Hotel. In Jukkasjarvi, Lapland, located 100 miles north of the Arctic Circle. If you are foraging for a snow-filled adventure, Kiruna, hands down, is your best bet.

This charming little mining town offers a wide range of Arctic activities, enough to keep you engaged for your entire visit. Whether it’s dog sledding, water rafting, hiking, snowmobiling, or hunting the Northern lights, Kiruna has a host of hidden gems waiting to the discovered.

Why Kiruna should be on top of your list

If you are looking for an extraordinary experience, visit the ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjarvi, 10 kilometers from Kiruna town. Chiseled entirely from Ice, the unique ice hotel is a popular Swedish attraction, which should be on your bucket list.

Every year, artists recreate this intriguing Hotel with Ice from River Torne. You can opt to have a drink using ice glasses, visit the Ice Church, or laze off your day by taking a nap on an ice bed.

Try out the traditional way of moving around, Sled Riding with huskies. Locals here have been mushing with the dogs for centuries. These husks can run at speeds of 30 kilometers per hour, making the whole experience intriguing.

Visit the Sami Camp located just outside of Kiruna. The Sami camp is inhibited indigenous people who still maintain their cultural ways to date.  Besides learning the Swedish culture, you can try the famous reindeer sled ride or listen to cultural stories around the campfire. Take a tour of the reindeer farm and learn all about the old ways of surviving.

Snowmobiling adventures are another exciting way to enjoy yourself in the Kiruna. You need to on a snowmobiling ride. This breathtaking ride will exhilarate your sugar rush as you mush over the snow, through the woods and the scenic valleys.

With the aid of a professional guide, you can hunt down the Northern lights when evening approaches. Then, later on, settle down for a traditional Swedish meal.

View the Northern Lights at Kiruna, a fantastic place to hunt down the Northern Lights, thanks to its location in the Arctic Circle. This tiny town is positioned at the center of the “Aurora Zone” and has numerous cloudless nights, making it one of the best places to view this magical phenomenon. You can go hunting in the Northern Lights on the locally made snowmobiles or dog sledges for hire for the best iceriding experience of your life!

There are countless activities to do in Kiran. Besides the typical site seeing that most people do, visiting Kiruna allows you to experience the Sami culture and tradition. 

Sweden scores highly on the list of safety and happiness. These two reasons are sufficient for this beautiful country to be a choice destination. But beyond safety and joy, Sweden has so much more to offer, and what we have shared here is a taste of what this country has to offer as Europe’s winter choice destination. 


Dog sled, check out the ice hotel, visit the Saami people or chase the Northern Lights in and around Kiruna. Our number one choice when traveling to Sweden.


Our Final Word

Overall, Sweden is a stunningly beautiful country with an endless flawless coastline and ancient forests covering the most lively cities. Charming winding alleys lead you to ancient churches and magnificent castles. And that’s not all, since Sweden, deeply ingrained in its olden ways of living, has pagan sites along the scenic and lively cities. To say we love it would be an understatement. 

The nightlife is equally charming, with modern cafes and night clubs dotting the streets and beautiful museums scattered amid audacious contemporary buildings alongside refurbished traditional architecture.

Many cities are home to the numerous student populations that make these places lively with a youthful and energetic feel making it seamlessly easy for the old and young to blend; the perfect smorgasbord for your European trip.  When we can all travel again, definitely put Sweden on your must-see list.



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