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For most families, summer vacation is one of those rare moments that we have the chance to kick back, relax, and stock up on new experiences. However, a lot of people are discouraged at the thought of how expensive it could be to take a trip. Well, this depends on where you’re visiting. Luckily, we have compiled the best places to visit for an awesome summer vacation. Some of these places are close to you, and all of them can be experienced to the fullest on a budget. From exotic beaches to superb restaurants, there is something new in every country. So, here are the best places to visit for an awesome summer vacation:


  1. Hvar Island, Croatia

Hvar Island in Croatia is not as expensive as it sounds, but it’s definitely an excellent place for summer vacation. So, if you’re interested in island-hopping on one of the many famous coastlines in Croatia, then this will make you happy. On this island, you can pay an affordable fee to get on a ferry, which will take you around. If you want to go to the less expensive coastal towns, head over to Rovinj. You can also check out popular attractions like Plitvice Lakes using a rented car that can get you there swiftly. Also, getting accommodations is a breeze. So, we have affordable accommodation, cheap transportation, and great attractions to check out…what else would you want for a summer vacation? Rovinj even has a beachfront resort where you can relax with your loved ones.


  1. Lake Powell, Arizona


Best places for a summer Vacation

Lake Powell

Lake Powell is an interesting part of northern Arizona, where there are several stone formations and red rocks. Lake Powell, which stretches across the Utah/Arizona border, is like the underwater version of the Grand Canyon. It runs through 186 miles and has more than 90 canyons, amazing! If you know the world’s largest natural bridge, then you should be aware that it is located at Lake Powell. So, we have the Rainbow bridge that’s on the water, the Antelope Canyon, and tons of free-flowing waterfalls. If you’re looking for a serene location and a great place to enjoy nature, then this is a perfect fit. You can spend some quality time here with your loved ones driving through slot canyons, playing around deserted beaches, and setting up camp where you can watch the stars twinkle. The Antelope Point Marina has several houseboats that have hot tubs, BBQs, and even waterslides. It cost about $100 per day to enjoy this and so much more, but this price also depends on the boat size. We have actually spent quite a bit of time on Lake Powell, mostly tent camping on the beach and it was wonderful.


  1. Camino de Santiago Trail, Spain

Want to have a summer vacation in Spain but on a budget? Then all you have to do is walk through Europe on the Camino de Santiago trail. Not only is this cheap, but you also get to experience the many sites across this ancient pilgrimage route. You also don’t have to hike on this alone as there will be thousands of people from different parts of the world on the trail as well. This will give you an opportunity to make new friends and share exciting memories. Although it is a slow mode of travel, the price makes it all worth it. Plus, there are restaurants along this route that would give you a 3-course meal with great wine for as low as $10. If you need budget lodges, you can try out the Albergues that have both private and shared dorm rooms for as low as $25 per night. Camino de Santiago trail also has a luxurious side for those who love to sleep in a little more splendor. This is the Casa de Tepa in Astorga, where you can rest your weary body and get a bit of luxury for about a hundred dollars. Adventurous people who want to see Northern Spain in a unique way will enjoy this.



  1. Barbados

The Caribbean is the home of favorable weather and also a lot of summer fun. It’s a tropical season all year-round in Barbados, and you can take advantage of this by having a late summer vacation in this beautiful location. During the off-peak season, you can spend your holiday in one of the numerous upscale resorts on the island and at an affordable rate too. However, if you visit Barbados during its peak season, you get to enjoy some of its popular summer festivals like the Crop Over and soak in some sun at the beach. The Crane Beach, which is next to the plush Crane Hotel, is a wide beach filled with white sand and crystal-clear blue water. There is no shortage of delicious food and drink while on the island. Experience the local scene with Bajan cuisine, which is a mixture of dishes from different cultures while you can also dance to live upbeat music.


  1. Parnu, Estonia

Three countries make up the Baltics, and Estonia is the most modernized out of all three. Many things make this country special, but chief amongst them is its medieval towns that give you a feeling of going back in time. From the tiny cobblestone streets to chef-inspired restaurants, you’re in for quite a modern experience. This country cleverly blends history with progressiveness. In this country, you can explore Tartu, a city that has a few famous archeological sites if you are into that sort of thing. You can also check out the island of Kihnu, where women wear traditional clothing in this incredible UNESCO site. For some more breath of fresh air, head over to the seaside town of Parnu with its warm ocean waters, which you can take a dip in. Need to camp for summer? This is an ideal spot for you.


  1. Jurmala, Latvia

Latvia is another Baltic sister state with a sunny shoreline in Jurmala. In the capital of Riga, there are old church lines, art galleries to appreciate creativity and cafes where you can while away time by watching people move around. Jurmala is a seaside resort town that is famous for its endless sandy beach and wooden art-nouveau villas. It is close to Riga, and you can spend your vacation at the biggest resort in the Baltic States, Hotel Jurmala. At this hotel, you will have access to spa treatments, gym, pools, saunas, and a comfortable room for just over a hundred dollars. Imagine getting a velvet body wrap in one of the soothing spas in Latvia that would be quite an experience. The hotel is not so far from the village center, which has tons of charming century-old cottages. Jurmala beach and Latvia as a whole are great for all those who appreciate the simple pleasures in a peaceful country.


  1. Geirangerfjorden, Norway

Geirangerfjorden is a magical region in the Fjord region of Norway. Although a lot of people would agree that Norway is an expensive country, there are still tons of ways that you can save money and still have an awesome summer vacation. One way is to opt for public transportation like buses and ferries which are not as bad as they sound and quite cheap. You can take advantage of these more in high season. Enjoy spending some time in a soothing cabin by heading over to the major villages like Geiranger. Here is a fun fact: the fjord region was the inspiration for Arendelle in the Frozen movie.


  1. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Best places for a summer Vacation


Sometimes you don’t have to go far before you can have a fantastic summer. One of the best places to visit for an awesome summer vacation is the waterfront city of Wisconsin. It may seem like a surprise, but there is so much to see if you’re the type to appreciate comfort and art. First, head over to the city’s architectural and cultural jewel. This is none other than the Milwaukee Art Museum. Designed by Santiago Calatrava, a world-renowned architect, you will find the stunning white wings of this building fascinating. If you don’t want to spend extra for an entrance fee, check out the museum on the first Thursday of the month when it’s free. Milwaukee is also known as the Brew City and for a good reason too. It has zones of buildings with one of the best being the Lakefront Brewery that has been around for a while. Then, relax at the Ambassador Hotel with its beautiful furnishings and excellent service.


  1. Antigua

Antigua is one of the many hyped countries, and it deserves it. This incredible island has a whopping 365 beaches. This means that you can decide to visit a new beach every day for an entire year. How cool is that? No wonder British and Italian expats troop in to this location every year. It offers an impressive blend of both European and Caribbean culture, without being too tacky. Summertime also means a decline in tourism, which is a good thing for you. You can gain access to restaurants without making reservations, empty beaches if you’re not a fan of crowds and exceptional hotel deals that save you even more money. The pool chairs are great for some “me time” as they are the perfect spot to finish that book that you’ve never been able to get past the first few pages. Now to the dishes, you will find yourself salivating over these more often than not. They are mostly made with local ingredients, which means fresh meals and a variety of dishes that you can try out. Rendezvous Bay is a favorite for many. This is because this beautiful beach is more secluded than the rest, and for most people, the best out of the 365 beaches. You know it would have to be pretty awesome to take the first spot out of 365. You can only get to this beach via a hike or boat. Due to its incredible beauty, you may find yourself carried away by its stunning features frequently.


  1. Kiev, Ukraine

Best places for a summer Vacation


Kiev is the perfect spot for art and culture enthusiasts. This place is power-packed with so much history. There are art galleries, markets, dance shows, museums, and even gold-domed churches. Art lovers can get incredibly beautiful paintings for as low as a hundred dollars. For your summer vacation, you can take walks through the different parks around the city, especially around the historic Andriyivskyy Descent to the lower Podil neighborhood. However, your summer vacation doesn’t have to be all about sightseeing. You can also take some time out for some pampering with cheap facials and massages. To make your vacation even better as this city is not the easiest to navigate, you can get a private guide for a few tours here and there.



  1. Llanddwyn Island, Wales

Take a look at the hidden gem in Llanddwyn Island in Wales. This capital of adventure has so many opportunities for your summer vacation. Bikers and hikers will undoubtedly find this country interesting as they can explore on bikes or feet easily without spending extra. Ever heard of coasteering? Well, you can dabble into this daring sport that was invented in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Located to the west of England, you can also get a taste of adventure with cliff-jumping, swell-riding, and shore-scrambling. Get an even bigger thrill with the largest zip-lining zone in Europe. Surf at Surf Snowdonia and engage in white water rafting at the Upper Tryweryn. The fact about Wales is that there are so many fun activities you can engage in here that will make your summer vacation unforgettable…in a good way, of course.


So, what’s left is to pack your bags and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime. Any of these countries are the best places to visit for an awesome vacation and will give you a thrilling experience. Be sure to pack only the essentials, so that excess baggage doesn’t get in the way of your fantastic summer. Make as many memories as you can while you meet new people, and you’re good to go.


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