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No matter how much time you devote to exploring Paris, it’s impossible to see every glorious work of art, piece of history, or sight. However, you can see just enough to last you a lifetime. With so many things to do in Paris to have the time of your life, we have put together the top ones to do to ensure that you have the best experiences. Paris is a city known for its food and drink. This list includes some of the best places to have a decent meal and places worth visiting. So, here are the top things to do in Paris to have the time of your life.


Art Shows at Fondation Louis Vuitton

Fondation Louis Vuitton is one of the most recent museums in Paris. This impressive edifice was designed by Frank Gehry, a starchitect. It hosts LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault’s collection. Located in the western suburbs, you can head over to this museum to look at the beauty of contemporary art from some of the biggest names, including Charlotte Perriand and Jean-Michel Basquiat.


Meals at Neo-bistro Septime

Get transported to the idylls with every flavor-filled bite at Neo-bistro Septime. At this classy restaurant, you can expect seasoned, perfectly cooked, and delicious meals.


Tour of Latin Quarter’s arthouse cinemas

Theatre lovers will get a kick out of this one. At low prices, you can watch some screenings at the storied picture houses. There are many independent cinemas in this historic home of Parisian items, including the Le Champo on Rue des Ecoles. According to legend, Quentin Tarantino makes a pilgrimage to Latin Quarter’s Filmotheque on his journey to Paris.


Stop by the Ground Control food hall

The Refugee Food Festival runs Eat at La Residence, a training kitchen specifically for refugee chefs. You can enjoy a fantastic meal here. The Ground Control food hall is 6000 square meters of food and shopping just a few minutes from the gare de Lyon. There are tons of yoga workshops, shops, grocery stores, bars, and street food stalls where you can enjoy a sustainable meal. Opt for the open-air terrace or indoor space, and you’ll still have a lovely time.



The outdoor club Dehors Brut

Dehors Brut is a fantastic outdoor club that opened just a few days after the closure of Concrete. Occupying about 5000 square meters of a former SNCF warehouse, this buzzing spot usually has a massive line-up with a sound system that makes it on par with the biggest clubs in Berlin. To party with the crème de la crème of Paris electro scene, join the 4pm to 12am Sunday parties.


Shopping at the Marche des Enfants Rouges

The Marche des Enfants Rouges are small food markets that feel like the real Paris. Named after the Enfants Rouges (Red Children) orphanage, this historic Parisian market built in the 16th century is one fo the many iconic buildings in the country. On Saturdays, the market is usually at its liveliest, and you’ll have a crazy time moving between Lebanese, Italian and Moroccan stores at the Marche des Enfants Rouges. Check out the cactus shop Aux Succulents before leaving the shopping market.


Attend a classical concert at the Philharmonie

The Philharmonie is the temple of beautiful music, especially classical music. Located in the Pantin area, the Philharmonie has a rich live music program. Being a part of the Cite de la Musique with its impressive concert hall, this remarkable edifice also serves as an educational center and exhibition space. The good news is that it is super-accessible, so you can have a great time without spending more than necessary.


Get a Deli meal at Chez Aline

Chez Aline is a deli where you can eat the best cheese baguette with ham in Paris. Despite its tight interior, it is charmingly retro with the yellow tiles on the walls and old-fashioned kitchen scales. It will take a while for you to decide what to pick out of the mouth-watering menu. However, no matter your choice, you will be in for quite a treat. You can try out their chorizo tortilla or smoked chicken baguette.


Check out the Centre Pompidou

Centre Pompidou is where you can check out modern art masterpieces to complete your trip to Paris. A spin around Beaubourg means that you can step into a world that takes you into the richest collections of modern art in today’s world. In the Centre Pompidou, you will be sure to fall under the spell of master artists like Tinguely, Warhol, Pollock, Duchamp, Magritte, and Picasso. If you really want that truly eye-popping view, then head to the top floor for a surprise.


Cinémathèque Française

Cinematheque Francaise is where you can indulge your inner cinephile. Known as the foremost film institution in France, you can spend your day exploring several breathtaking hidden cinematic treasures for a few euros. Within this library, you can visit the tongue-in-cheek filmmaking exhibitions, join cinema clubs, attend talks, and network with one of the many enthusiasts at the film institution. You can end your day nicely with a gig at the AccorHotels Arena.



You haven’t experienced all of Paris if you don’t spend at least a day shopping at one of the many famous malls. Merci is a concept mall where you can stock up on souvenirs for your friends and family, or just to remind yourself of the good times. Known as the best-looking concept store in the city, Merci flawlessly brings together collections from prominent designers and stylists worldwide, including Stella McCartney and Isabel Marant. Here, you can also shop through their array of accessories, homeware, and luxury stationery. If you know where to look, you have stepped into a gold mine. 


The Atelier des Lumières

This 300 square meters of studio space is a digital art center dedicated fully to digital art. Sitting right in the middle of the 11th arrondissement, it wasn’t worth any attention until Culturespaces launched the first digital center in the city. Now, the works are getting all the attention they deserve as they are projected across high walls using first-rate equipment like Nexo speakers and film projectors fitted with BARCO lasers. After spending a fantastic time here, you can head next door to Enkore for a glass of refreshing beer.


Villa Savoye

Villa Savove is one of the many celebrated structures of le Corbusier, which is the perfect location to salute an avant-garde pioneer. This masterpiece, which came to life in 1931, was used by the Savove family to pack their cars until a few years later. However, it survived the turmoil of that time and still has all of its original splendor today. Close to the Villa Savove is the Val De Seine leisure island where you can take a dip in the pools and ponds on a warm day.



La Station

Love punk music? La Station is a former coal station turned musical hotspot for a dirt-cheap punk gig. Apart from the architectural quirks that constitute a significant feature of the old coal station, it has become an event space that gives off underground Berlin vibes. It’s indoor stages, outdoor stage, and three rooms play everything from pure techno to hardcore punk. It would be a great idea to explore La Station, especially as it has budget-friendly prices.


Tour of the Louvre

The Louvre is one spot in Paris that needs no introduction. You could spend hours in this magnificent edifice and still have tons of arts to see beneath the glass I.M Pei pyramid. This place is brimming with treasures from the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, and other civilizations. This is also where you can see the legendary “Mona Lisa.” It would take some years to see all the best art and artifact collections in the Louvre. So, it’s always best to have a great plan.


Movie time at The Louxor

Although the Egyptian-inspired artistic Louxor became a gay disco, club, and drug den after the Second World War, before it was abandoned for more than two decades, this piece of art came back to life in 2013 since its establishment in 1921 and opened as a cinema. A lot of its past life is behind it as you can enjoy the bubbling nightlife with an interesting French film. Here, the upstairs bar has a more sanitized view, while the Salle Youssef Chahine is the perfect location for some shots for Instagram.


Cocktails at Dersou

Dersou boasts of a tasty menu with cocktails made by Japanese chef Taku Sekine. This Instagram don’s experimental kitchen is undoubtedly worth your time as the chef combines his dishes with insanely good cocktails. At less than a hundred euros, you can enjoy about five courses with five cocktails, perfect for an affordable Sunday brunch. Good food is part of the Paris experience. So, you can splurge on some of the best cocktails in the country at Dersou.


Party at We Love Green

One of the most talked-about events in the spring calendar is We Love Green, an eco-conscious festival in Paris. Paris is known for its top-tier festivals. The country has moved on from Solidays and Rock en Seine. Now, it has We Love Green where you can party and feel good at this eminent music event. It has a fantastic line-up with techno, indie rock, and rap. The food is also one that leaves you wanting more as Les Enfants du Marche, Cheval d’Or, and Septime are all partners.


Tea at the Grande Mosquée café

Mint tea has always been great for your taste buds and body. Well, you can enjoy this at Grande Mosquee café, a quaint café at the larges and most beautiful mosque in the city. This attractive religious building has waiters hurrying past with trays of mouth-watering fresh mint tea, which you can enjoy with fruit salad, sorbet, and North African patisserie. The restaurant also offers huge portions of couscous and tagine. Then, when you have eaten your fill, you can explore the Grande Galerie d’Evolution.


Shop Pastry and Designer items at The Broken Arm

Fashion lovers and foodies can make The Broken Arm their second home, at least for a few hours. This is an elegant boutique where you can shop Designer Le Marais. There are tons of handpicked shoes, furniture, records, books, and clothes available at your disposal. When you have shopped to your heart’s content, you can get an excellent cup of coffee to go with a blueberry cheesecake while sitting on a lovely wooden table. While you’re at it, you can also stop by the Carreau du Temple, where they have an excellent program of cultural events.


Royalty at the Chateau de Versailles

This is a mind-blowing architectural structure, and you have to make the most of it. As a historic building that was the primary residence of King Louis XIV, this impressive edifice is filled with lots of priceless art. There are lots of big names hanging on the walls of this royal abode, including Joana Vasconcelos, Takashi Murakami, Xavier Veilhan, and Jeff Koons.


Watch Opera at Palais Garnier

Music lovers can experience one of the many joys of being in Paris, watching the opera. Since it was inaugurated in the 19th century, the Palais Garnier has been the stage for refined opera productions and ballet presentations. It is one of the city’s pride, attracting thousands of people vacationing in Paris. You can check out the Opera Escape Game if you want to have an adrenaline rush after the opera show.

So, what do you think? Ready to check out the top things to do in Paris to have the time of your life? Get started with these amazing ones, and you can add several other historic locations to your itinerary. There’s so much to do in Paris, so remember to h


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