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We love Norway.  We have been there numerous times and plan on going back soon. To being overwhelmed by the fjords, to chasing the Northern Lights, Norway is one of the best destinations in the world. Norway forms part of the North European Scandinavian countries. Numerous glaciers and mountains cover the Norwegian landscape, while fjords are a common feature here. These features accord you ample space and great places for activities such as hiking, biking, and skiing, among other exciting activities.

While Oslo is the capital city of Norway and indeed the most populous, Tromso, on the other hand, is one of the most popular on account of the Northern lights. There are many other Norwegian cities that you will find worth checking out. 

We’ve compiled a list of the best cities t visit while in Norway, so here we go…


Oslo is an outstandingly beautiful city situated in the eastern region of Norway. This city’s long history goes way back, nearly a thousand years. Today, Oslo is a wonderfully developed city with a rich history, a unique culture amidst ever-changing progression. The country’s capital is home to a trailblazing food scene, museums – both old and new. 

The city offers the unique opportunity to sample urban life and nature-based activities like hiking and biking on account of the dense forests. Museums and cutting-edge cuisine will keep you entranced by this magnificent city. 


You could start your tour of Oslo at the Vigeland Sculpture Park, which has a free entry. Here, you will witness an excess of 200 sculptures done in cast iron, bronze, and granite. The most famous of these is The Wheel of Life, The Angry Boy, and the Monolith. Next, you can’t miss the beautiful Frogner Park. It is the largest park in the city. The park is famous for the life-sized sculptures done by Gustav Vigeland. Other notable parks include; the St. Hanghaugen park, located on a hill, with spacious, lovely gardens. 

If you’re an ardent playwrite fan, visit one of the numerous theaters for dramas and musicals.


Frogner Park is just one of many museums that you can experience in Oslo.




This city hosts several quaint fishing villages and picturesque beaches packed with tourists over summer. If you loathe crowds, try touring during the low season, in autumn.

Lofoten offers spectacular scenarios for beautiful photography. Be sure to bring along your camera when visiting. You will take with you some of the best memories and artistic designs ever.

If you’re a seafood lover, Lofoten offers numerous fishing spots where you can stock up on delicacies for your lunch or dinner. 

Your sightseeing trips must not exclude the Lofotr Viking Museum, where you get to  experience the Viking age.


If you can, don’t fly to Lofoten. Either take the train, about 22 hours or better yet, drive and enjoy the country.




This is the quieter alternative to Lofoten, boasting an archipelago and fishing villages with considerably less tourist traffic than Lofoten. It offers you a chance to experience rural life  giving you t he much required  break from the fast modern urban atmosphere. 


If you are patient and adventurous, check out the Saltstaumen Maelstrom, an unusual natural occurrence considered one the strongest whirlpools in the world. These occur every six hours and are  quite a sight to behold when you witness the marvels of Mother Nature.

Nordland’s rich marine life is the home of the code fish, haddock, herring, and other fish. You will be spoilt for choice if sea cuisine is your thing.


If you want a less touristy place than Lofoten, head to Nordland.




The fjords are indescribable. It’s not just a beautiful façade – its’ amazingly breathtaking. Fjord, Norway, has an ever ending stretch of stunning scenery with flowing waterfalls, deep blue fjords, and substantial snow-capped mountains towering above sea level. Beneath all that aerial view, you get to see beautiful huge eagles and seals that reign on the land – as the whales and all kinds of fish plunge in the deep fjords.

Fjord has striking landscapes, created over time by a sequence of geographical ice ages. The overall landscape hasn’t changed much from centuries ago. It’s unbelievably gorgeous, surrounded by rocky creeks and overflowing waterfalls everywhere you go. The town is a UNESCO site in the west Norwegian fjord countryside, among other magnificent landscapes in Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord, on the significant World Heritage List.

To get to Fjord, take a cab and drive through the solitary Islands and enjoy the serenity of life in the countryside; among friendly or prime wilderness, communities and villages with unique traditions and culinary specialties. 

Farmers mostly populate the region specialized in growing fruits, mainly; apples, cherries, pears, and strawberries. Staple foods here also grow on the rich fertile lands. Plus, you’ll find sheep covered in a thick wool. Locals eat wild fish, mutton, and potatoes, which is the base of traditional foods. If you want to catch the medieval action, travel to Norway during the much anticipated Viking season.


Geirangerfjord is just one of many in Norway. Be overwhelmed and in awe.


Strand at Rogaland

When visiting Strand, you cannot miss the famous Lysefjord and Preikestolen and the southwestern part of Norway. Here, you can sightsee, go kayaking, and if you are more adventurous, fjord rafting. Afterward, head off to the beach and experience the serene white natural sandy beaches for all beach activities.

 If you prefer lazing around, get a nice strategic spot and watch surfers glide through the waves or watch the colorful kites flying around.

Strand at Rogaland is part of the neverending scenic enchanting roads, towns, and villages lined up along the North Sea road.  



The Trøndelag section sits right at the centre of Norway. Here, you will find history and nature buffs, as well as plenty of organic food. You will love the aroma and flavors of the local restaurants. Visit the Dovrefjell mountains to see the magnificent beast – the musk oxen.

 If staying in a cozy guest-house, you can fish your meals, cycle hike or jog in the scenic mountainous roads, or take long walks along nine pilgrim paths, the St. Olav Ways. The Nidaros Cathedral is a breathtaking magnificent church in Trondheim. It was the first Cathedral built in Norway after majority of Norwegians accepted Christianity. The church has impressive monuments within the colossal church, including the front side, near the entrance.

Nidaros Cathedral is a landmark in Trondheim also recognized as the main church in the entire country. The building has undergone several renovations to preserve its state, but the vicissitudes and solemnity are still visible.

The spectacular Cathedral is worth visiting, and the architecture out of this world with stunning curved walls and ceilings, which is quite remarkable.

This church is Norman-Gothic, similar to Notre Dame, especially from the latter point of view. 

Kristiansten Fort was built nearly 400 years ago. It served as a critical Norwegian military defense base, strategically located on a hillside, with various cannon ports on all sides of the tall whitewashed fortress to spot and eliminate enemies.


Fish for your lunch, bike or hike the mountain pathways or just relax in Trondheim



If you are looking for the sun in Norway, this is the largest city in southern Norway where you’ll find tons of activities such as fishing, beach sporting, nature trails, walk up to the linesnes lighthouse, and so much more. It hosts some of the most beautiful coastal towns, including Risør and Arendal. The Setesdal valley is considered the cradle of Norwegian folk traditions. Be sure to visit Norway’s oldest Lighthouse at Lindesnes to get a feel of what life was like in 1656 when it was constructed and view the remnants of the second world war.

If your budget allows for it, your visit here would not be complete without a meal at  Snøhetta-designed gourmet restaurant, the world’s largest underwater restaurant located 5.5 meters underground. It’s such a magnificent sight, the stylish ambiance, surrounded by aquatic life, in a relaxed magical atmosphere. You surely must visit this place to experience it all! 



We love this town and crown this article with Tromso, dubbed as the “Norwegian Arctic gateway.” Located 217 miles north of the freezing Circle, this Arctic capital is surrounded by Majestic snow-capped mountains, beautiful icy fjords, and a natural harbor, making it a perfect spot for an Arctic Adventure. Though relatively small, Tromso has a lot to offer all year round. From hunting down the Northern lights to dancing away the night under the Midnight Sun, guided trekking tours in the town, and mountain hiking to exploring the magnificent Arctic nature.

Here’s what to do while in Tromso.

Hunting down the northern lights is an experience of a lifetime! This breathtaking phenomenon is undoubtedly one of the most exciting things to do in Tromso. It is incredible to watch as the Northern Lights above the city on the dark winter nights.

For the best view, get away from the city light and, if possible, visit Tromso during the new moon when the sky is dark and clear.

To spice up the hunt, you can check out the floating restaurant and sample their tapas as you watch out for the magical lights.

Take The Fjellheisen Cable Car. If you’re not afraid of heights, a four-minute ride on the Fjellheisen cable ride to the Storsteinen Mountain is undoubtedly excellent! At 420 meters above sea level, the landscape from an aerial view are spectacular. 

Let your eyes take in the stunning scenic views of Tromso City, the surrounding islands surrounding, and the breathtaking mountainous curves while as you enjoy local cuisine at the Fjellstua restaurant.

Tromso is one of the best places to hunt down Northern Lights during winter and enjoy the Midnight Sun during Summer.

Visit the imposing Cathedral snuggled in the Tromsdalen Valley

The uniquely-shaped modern masterpiece was designed and built by Norwegian architect Jan Hovig in 1965. Hovig’s design mends together aspects of divine worship with Nordic surroundings. 

The church’s body mirrors the shape of Nordic ship sails, Sami tents, and stacks of large icebergs. At night, this significant landmark dominates the skyline and can be seen from all over Tromso, thanks to its large strip lights nestled between the Church walls. 

Don’t forget to carry your cameras for some breathtaking photos, especially in summer during the Midnight Sun Concerts.

Take a dog or a Reindeer Sled Ride to explore. Tromso and its surroundings for a wild sled ride tour will learn much about the local Sami people, historical, reindeer herders. You will also learn how to feed the reindeers and, later on, sample out some traditional meals inside a Sami Tent. Alternatively, you can opt for dog Sledding or a husky expedition. 

Whale watching is another exciting thing to do in Tromso. Watch whales and with dolphins play in the freezing cold waters. If you get an experienced guide, you will learn a lot about whales and other marine life in the area.


One of the best places in the world to chase the Northern Lights is Tromso.


Our Final Word

With more than 200 summer and winter exploits to pick from, there is undoubtedly something for everyone in Norway. You can combine nature-based adventures during the day and finish off with a vibrating nightlife in the evening.

The scenic glaciers coupled with beautiful rocky mountains and majestic waterfalls make up quite a sight. If not for anything else, visit Norway to experience natural European beauty in the Northern hemisphere. You can combine the winter/spring holidays or the autumn summer holidays.

Head to Norway as soon as possible.  Kati and I will be.




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