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Stop counting countries and enjoy your trip.  As this is the start of a new year and new decade, we thought we would give you some of our Travel Tips to help have a more fun and exciting adventure.

Stop Counting Countries   This is useless. After we have visited 70, we stopped counting.  Why?  It just doesn’t matter. 

We know many people that have never been out of America and have rich, full lives.  They enjoy each trip whether it is near or far.  That is the key. Enjoy where you go.  Have fun. 

Travel to see places and have experiences that interest you not just so you can have more countries to check off. Whether or not it is wildlife, history, or just experiencing someplace new, travel to places that you have interest in. 

No one ever gets to know a country or even a city with a 3 to 5 day, or even 10-day trip.  You might go back over and over and always find someplace new.  If you love Yellowstone, have you ever been there during winter?  If the Amalfi Coast in Italy interests you, have you taken a Vespa the whole way down the coast? 


There are many countries and places worth exploring during different seasons, or doing activities that you thought you would never do.  The point is to go to places that you love.  That interest you.  That makes you feel alive.

Stop counting countries and enjoy your trip

Winter in Yellowstone


We are always returning to Italy

Be  yourself and travel the way you like – Again, we see many people that try to be like their favorite travel blogger, or travel writer. Stop it.  For example, we are not cruisers, but we have seen many great photos from people that take cruises and have had great times.  Do what you want.  Be yourselves.  Travel where you want.  The countries or states that interest you.  Decide on where you want to go and go the best way for you to get there.

We love to hike, whether it is out in the western US, in Europe or just down the street from where we live.  Do what you enjoy.

Stop counting countries and enjoy your trip

Hiking in Utah

Stop counting countries and enjoy your trip

A winter hike in Sweden

Longer trips are not always better than shorter excursions – We always see people with their photos of Europe, Africa and Asia posting on social media. I can tell you that going 50 miles away and camping is just as exciting for us as traveling to Europe.  The key is to find interest in the world.  Have fun.  And do what you want

Stop counting countries and enjoy your trip

White Water Rafting in Canada



Camping in Norway


All Counties and Continents have plenty of history and stories to tell – Don’t overlook your own country when making plans. Interested in ancient history and ancient civilizations, check out Arizona and New Mexico.  Mexico has so many great Mayan and Aztec sites, that it would take a lifetime to visit them all.  Love the old west or the civil war?  Check out Pennsylvania, Virginia, Colorado, Arizona, Maryland and many other states with historic locations.  Washington DC is wonderful and exploring the Museums are incredible.

Stop counting countries and enjoy your trip

Washington DC


The Sphinx and Pyramid in Egypt

All countries and continents have plenty of Wildlife – We love Africa and in fact I lived in Africa for over 5 years, but guess what? I have a thrill to see North America’s Big 5 just as much as I had in Africa.  Bison, Wolves, Polar Bears, Grizzly Bears, and Moose.  To see them in the wild is just as exciting as traveling to Africa to see Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Elephant and Cape Buffalo.  Seeing Polar Bears in the wild was just as exhilarating as coming across Lion in Africa.  There are so many places to see wildlife, near and far. We really want to go to Canada to see the Spirit Bear and hopefully will soon.

Stop counting countries and enjoy your trip

Polar Bears in Kaktovic

Stop counting countries and enjoy your trip

Elephant in Zimbabwe

Enjoy the photos that you have taken – We love photography and have taken some incredible shots. We have also taken some really bad photos.  But guess what, we love looking at them all.  They immediately take us back to the experience that we were having.  Don’t worry if you don’t take perfect photos, or you have a point and shoot camera compared to others with the most up-to-date equipment.  Take photos for yourselves.  Enjoy the moment and relive those moments with the photos that you have taken yourselves.

Stop counting countries and enjoy your trip

Monument Valley

Hallstatt Austria

Beautiful Hallstatt, Austria

Remember, traveling is something that is wonderful.  Do it with friends, family or by yourself.  Enjoy the moment being in another village, city, country or area and meet the locals.  Love and enjoy the moment.  Unplug and get away from your cell phone, computer, social media. Travel places that you find interesting, and make new friends.  Enjoy your trip.  That is the real gift of traveling.





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