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Live Fun Travel’s guide to the 12 best French cities – France is one of the most beautiful countries in the world! It’s art. It’s architecture and it’s vibe.  And it might be tough to cover all its corners perfectly in a single trip but here is a short guide to 12 of the best French cities to visit on your next trip.

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Best cities to visit in France

Paris is always a must-visit on any trip to France.


What could be better than a Parisian getaway for a weekend? Visit the most romantic city in France and discover its many monuments, museums, chic boutiques, parks and exotic food! Stroll in front of the Eiffel Tower, walk the Champs Élysées, and browse the thrift stores in the Marais. You will leave with lots of great photos and great memories!

To learn more about the city of Paris and discover its secrets, you can take a public or a private tour in Paris with a guide just for you and your loved ones. You will be amazed by the beauty of the City of Light!


Visit the capital of Hauts-de-France and its brilliant architecture, cobbled streets, and squares and travel back in time with its incredible buildings. You can also enjoy the views from the Belfry to fully enjoy the spectacular beauty of Lille. This city full of surprises will amaze you with one of its superb museums: the Piscine de Roubaix. 



The districts of Nantes are pleasant to visit and lively, and the inhabitants are very welcoming. The Bouffay district, the mediaeval quarter of Nantes is the most touristic in the city, and it is also where the night owls gather to party. The cathedral of Saint-Pierre and Saint-Paul de Nantes, coupled with the Graslin district, will delight walkers and lovers of beautiful buildings.


Elegant and cultural, visiting Montpellier is a real pleasure for the eyes, thanks to its architectural gems. Stroll through the Ecusson, relax in one of the city’s shady squares, and soak up the atmosphere of the “village within the city”, you will not be disappointed! Also, do not forget to ride on the tram in this city, known to be “the sexiest in the world.”

La Rochelle

Fancy a getaway away from the buzz of the city? Visit La Rochelle and its narrow streets with the charm of yesteryear, and enjoy sea trips or even bike rides. A 100% natural stay! Walk the cobblestones of the streets of La Rochelle and discover its superb half-timbered houses, secret passages, gargoyles and much more. You will be amazed! 

Rendez-vous with the flavors of this region in unmissable places of local gastronomy such as the markets of La Rochelle. 


Stay in one of the most beautiful seaside resorts on the Atlantic coast, nestled in the Bay of Biscay! You will discover many vestiges of the past, exceptional cultural sites, rich cultural heritage and much more. Enjoy the most beautiful landscapes of the city by visiting the Biarritz Lighthouse, the Atalaya plateau or the Rocher de la Vierge. Also, try surfing on one of the world-famous spots or succumb to idleness, play games at the Casino, and wiggle your hips in renowned nightclubs such as the Set or the Play Boy. 

best cities to visit in France

Biarritz, France has incredible landscapes and cultural attractions.


Nice has become one of France’s must-see destinations, located between the sea and mountains. Sunny all year round and resting on its legendary pebbles, you can only be charmed by its turquoise sea once seated on the city’s famous blue chairs! Stroll on the Promenade des Anglais or the Promenade du Paillon, take great photos in Old Nice and at the port or visit the hill of the Castle, you will certainly not be disappointed! Relax in the center of Nice with a good Pan bagnat or a socca to complete your stay in Nice. 


Immerse yourself in the Breton coastal town of Saint-Malo. Its inner-city center is only 10 minutes from the station. You can visit its many famous beaches and walk around its ramparts. Close to the beaches are also many historical sites to visit, such as the Notre Dame Tower, the Bastion of Holland, the Passage des Bés and the Grand’ Porte de Saint-Malo. Refresh yourself in one of the many bars and restaurants easily accessible on foot, such as La Belle Epoque, La Java Café, or La Brasserie du Lion d’Or. You will find everything and for all prices, most of its establishments are affordable.


You will be amazed by its facades of pink bricks, emblematic flowers, and violet and blue pastel. Toulouse is one of the cities combining heritage and the art of living: the perfect destination for a lovely getaway. From Place du Capitole to the Saint-Sernin Basilica and the famous Cité de l’Espace, you won’t be bored! Do not forget to taste its unique food in the most famous restaurants in the city. 



Who hasn’t dreamed of setting foot in the Old Port of Marseille? This iconic place in France will make you take authentic photos of the city! Discover the Marseille emblems that make the city shine around the world. Visit the Old Port, Le Panier or the famous Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde basilica and its impressive golden statue of the Virgin and Child with our private tour in Marseille. For the more adventurous and looking for a stay in communion with nature, you can hike in the creeks of Marseille.


This city with a rich heritage, numerous historical sites and monuments and a typical atmosphere will charm you for sure! The Old Bordeaux here is famous for its impressive architecture and diversity, like Darwin, an ecological place that will leave you speechless! For lovers of French charm, don’t miss the Marché des Capucins and the Cité du Vin to end your stay in the best possible way. 


Discover Lyon, a must-see city in France with a very rich history and culture mixed with beautiful old quarters and a multitude of museums. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lyon is the perfect destination for a romantic or family weekend. Discover the secrets of Old Lyon, stroll through its mediaeval quarter, and admire the Saint-Jean Cathedral. 

Our Final Word

It might be difficult to take in all 12 cities on one trip.  We wouldn’t even try, but France is a country to visit again and again.


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    Nantes on the map is placed in Belgium 🙂

    • Live Fun Travel

      Thanks. We corrected it but now Lilly appears in Belgium until you actually click on the map and it displays correctly.


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