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Living in southern Africa for five years, especially in a land-locked country, every once in a while you want to get away and head to a beach.  Seychelles presented a perfect opportunity. Seychelles is famed for its magnificent beaches. The tiny Isle off the East African coast has a record 15 smaller islands surrounding it. Talk about heaven in paradise! This is the ultimate dream holiday you shouldn’t miss. The islands’ strewn with abundant white shorelines with gigantic boulders enclosed by the warm Indian Ocean waters. 

We recommend that you go to Seychelles because even famous beaches like Anse Sourced’Argent are hardly ever crowded.

An Island with a Difference

 If you don’t mind critters roaming about freely on the pristine soft sandy beaches, head straight to Curieuse Island to sunbathe alongside giant tortoises, or take an in-depth dive tour off the Beau Vallon coast for a wild wave encounter. And that’s not all if you can brave the sunny side of Seychelles, gear up for long walks in Mahé at the serene National Botanical Gardens in Praslin’s Vallée de Mai.

With numerous tourists pouring into the country every year, the Island has maintained its rustic charm. The blend of multiple places to visit makes it ideal for families, adventurers, and honeymooners. 

We have come up with a list of 14 unforgettable places to visit in Seychelles.


Here we go:

Victoria (Mahé)

As the Island’s (Mahe) capital city, Victoria is the central transportation hub from the airport – southwest of town— six miles out, with ferry and bus services as the main transport in and out of the city.

It is a convenient layover for trips to La Digue or Praslin on Mahé Island. It is advisable to tour the city for a day or two since there’s so much to see and experience here. From vibrant street markets to exotic cultural museums and art centers at the National Museum of History, beautiful National botanical gardens, you’ll be spoilt for choice while exploring this beautiful Island, all for less than $5 per person.

You don’t need taxi rides or bus rides to tour the city, after all, it is not that big, plus mingling with the friendly locals makes it all the more fun and engaging.

However, while wandering, keep your camera on a roll to snap random shots of beautiful moments with your loved ones and the old colonial buildings, including the famed replica of the London clock on Victoria street. You’ll also find local pop restaurants serving Creole cuisine and an assortment of seafood.

Mahe Island

Mahe Island in the Sychelles

  • La Digue Island

Best known for its lush beaches, La Digue Island is home to the famous Anse Source d’Argent Beach, a magnificent extension of enormous granite formations sprawling on the white, sandy shores. While on this Island, you can also go to Anse Cocos and Anse Severe, both fine exotic hidden gems on this beautiful Island. Visit Veuve Nature Reserve, located in the heart of La Digue Island. After your exciting exploration of the beaches, you can visit La Passe and La Reunion villages to feel the typical village life and charming way of life on the Island. Rent a bicycle and wander through the streets, or take a stroll to the nearby shopping center and indulge your senses with local cuisines and delicious coconut juice, among other delightful tropical fruit juice blends. 

La Digue

Another beautiful island in the Seychelles – La Digue


  • Anse Georgette  

Anse Georgette is a small secluded beach, an ideal location for romantic lovers seeking to spend quality time alone, soaking in the sun kissed beaches, or walking on the white sands. According to many visitors, Anse Georgette, the spectacular views are the center of attraction on this dreamy Island of Praslin. You must visit the Island if you’re planning a trip to Seychelles.


  • Vallée De Mai Forest 

Vallée de Mai is a thickly spread nature preserve consisting of hundreds of thousands of fine, tall palm trees, tucked deep in the Island of Praslin. This vast forest is recognized as a UNESCO World Custom Site for its rich green luscious trees and indigenous plants. The rare coco de Mer tree – with the largest seed globally, is also found here. And don’t worry about your safety while trekking in the forest because it is a protected site, with friendly guards to guide you through the softer edges; where it’s safe to explore, take pictures, and view rare birds like the Seychelles black parrot. 

This unspoiled natural exquisite forest is a preserved area meaning no humans are allowed to settle for thousands of years now. It is also known as one of the oldest forests in the region. 


  • Cousin Island

Cousin is a protected nature reserve on a tiny island off the central capital city of Victoria. It is an ideal spot to picnic, as you watch hundreds of bird genres. To get to the Island, take a ferry from Praslin at daylight, and spend the entire day entwined with nature, breathtaking scenery as you trek and hike on this tiny Island. Overnight stays are not allowed, so be sure to return to the ferry before dusk. The Island is open only on weekdays.


  • Curieuse Island

Home to giant tortoises, Curieuse Island, is predominantly rich in soil composition and Coco de Mer palms. It’s a famous island with visiting tourists and best known for the vast tortoises found on the Island, with more than 500 gigantic tortoises wandering about. Curieuse Island is also known for the leprosarium ruins, a leper colony that closed down in 1965. To walk around the Island safely, stay on the neatly maintained walking trails that stretch around this mangrove forest.


Curieuse Island is home to giant tortoises

  • Morne Seychellois National Park

Morne is the main national park on the Island. Morne Seychellois offers several recreational activities for visiting tourists. Things to do:

  • Hiking 
  • Exploring the mangrove forest
  • Bird watching 
  • Visit Mission Lodge – a significant historical site 
  • Old distilleries the ruins in the park


  • Anse Lazio

A perfect water sports activity, Anse Lazio beach, is one of the most magnificent beaches in the world. And this isn’t just word hype. It truly is. With clear sky-blue waters, gushing gigantic waves, the ocean in this part of the world is quite a sight to behold. If you love snorkelling, a protected cove on Anse Lazio beach is perfect to be! The Island attracts thousands of snorkelers in all seasons. The beach is well maintained and organized. You hardly feel you’re in a crowded location. If you’re not into water sports, you can sunbathe, swim or stroll while taking pictures on the clean beach. 


  • North Island 

North Island, Seychelles, is a popular destination for honeymooners. It is a secluded beach with a few luxurious resorts perfect for a relaxing romantic getaway. Activities on the exclusive beach include deep-sea diving/fishing, mountain, clear boat kayaking as you capture beautiful moments of the exotic Island.


  • Sainte Anne Marine National Park

The magnificent park was declared a National Reserve area due to the rare flora and fauna. It has a total of eight islands – all preserved to protect the local wildlife. Sainte Anne is also a perfect spot for snorkeling, deep-sea adventures like marine watching and diving. You can book a pre-arranged glass-bottom boat tour as a group or individual for personalized tours. 

If you would like to stay on the Island exclusively, there are several luxury resorts across the islands with great accommodations offering exceptional amenities. Combine adventure and romance at the Sainte Anne Marine Park Islands.


  • L’Union Estate 

The L’Union Estate site is a momentous historic landmark. Back in the day, hundreds of years ago, the ruins held a vast coconut and vanilla plantation. Today, the estate is a refurbished natural heritage site with influential French architecture from the early colonialists on the Island. L’Union Estate holds rich cultural history ranging from lifestyle, architecture, and a beautifully manned graveyard with the ancestor’s details articulately carved out on the gravestones.


  • Jardin Du Roi Spice Garden


Have you ever been to a spice garden? Imagine that. You are entering a garden filled with fragrant oriental spices, beautiful flowers – surrounded by exotic artifacts. That’s what you should expect at the Jardin Du Roi Flavor Garden on Mahé Island. The botanical gardens combine as a museum and a spice orchard. Explore different spices as you learn about the Garden’s rich plantation history from the artifacts found there. If you want, you can have an organized tour with a guide’s aid, but you have to book 24 hours in advance for the specialized arrangement.


  • Sauzier waterfall

Hidden in Port Glaud, this flowing waterfall is such a refreshing place to be. You can watch it up close to the pool or walk around the lush gardens as you take beautiful pictures of the surrounding environment. 


  • Frégate Island 

If you are looking for unspoiled natural beauty in a luxurious abode, then the Frégate secluded island is your destination. Conclude your holiday with a night’s stay at the Anse Victorian Beach, a peaceful, hidden gem with various local wildlife species. This small Island will have you glowing with excitement – its grandiose beauty is unmatched in the entire world!


When you go to Seychelles, always take time to relax. That is the main activity on the islands.

Best Places to Dine in Seychelles


You cannot forego fine dining in Seychelles. Famed for some of the best sea cuisines globally, visit any of these restaurants and savor finger-licking French cuisines from top chefs on the Island.


We have compiled a list of top restaurants in Seychelles for you as follows:


  • Le Domaine’s Combava – La Digue 

Surrounded by magnificent ocean views, this elegant open-air restaurant is housed in Le Domaine de L’Orangeraie Resort with various cuisines and tropical drinks to die for! The ambiance is out of this world, with simplistic antique furniture, a relaxed atmosphere, and exceptional catering services. Enjoy lazy lunches ranging from Thai dishes, ceviche, and delicious local pizza; if you prefer dining in the evening, gear up some of the best exotic meat dishes with a hint of Creole and international theme night flavors. Here, there’s something for everyone. For desserts – savor their delicate pistachio, and ice cream dipped in Indian lassi.  


  • Marie-Antoinette – In Victoria (Mahé)

Marie-Antoinette is a magical experience at dinner. Set in exquisite iron-wood wood colonial Seychellois mansion, the interior décor is uniquely antique with a combination of rustic modern wood furniture. The menu includes daily specialties ranging from parrotfish in butter sauce, chicken curry, fish stew, aubergine fritters, tuna steak, grilled fish, and an assortment of healthy organic salads.  


  • Café des Arts in Praslin

The restaurant is housed in the Le Duc de Praslin hotel. It’s one of the most stylish restaurants in Praslin, with colorful paintings, lambent candles, swaying palms, a brick terrace, and the stoic ocean waves washing the beach will stimulate your taste buds. The food is flavorful and plentiful, comprising Seychellois favorites such as marinated chicken, red-snapper fillet in fruit pulp, and an array of tropical fruits, or fruit punch.  



Are you looking for paradise lost Island? Seychelles is a heaven-on-earth destination – unspoiled and uninhibited places you’d want to live there for the rest of your life. See for yourselves and come back with testimonies and tales of love and beauty. And while you’re there, send us a postcard!


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