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Bond.  James Bond. 007.  License to Kill.

In our opinion, Sir Sean Connery will always be the quintessential James Bond 007, though we do like the recent Daniel Craig version as well with their license to kill.

James Bond is always suave, debonair, always gets the girl and travels to some fantastic locations around the world.  We thought it would be fun to list what we believe to be the best locations where James Bond has traveled to:


From Russia with Love – Venice, Italy

This was a great James Bond installment with Sean Connery playing 007 with his license to kill.

It was the second movie and one of the filming locations was in Venice, Italy.


Venice always is a great backdrop for so many films and when you arrive in Venice you feel that you are on a movie set.  The over tourism is a problem, but stay overnight and you will get a feel of old Venice.


Thunderball – Paris, France

Remember that this was a 1965 film.  The cold war was raging and everything in Europe seemed exotic.

Again, Connery played 007 and Paris was the location of SPECTRE’s headquarters located not far from the Eiffel Tower.

The location of Paris actually comes from the novel from Ian Fleming.  It is hard to go wrong with Paris as your background.


The Spy who Loved Me – Cairo and the Nile, Egypt

This time Roger Moore played Bond and Egypt was also a star.  Before Kati and I went traveled to Egypt we watched The Spy who Loved Me.  It showcases Giza, the Pyramids and the Nile wonderfully.

This movie inspired us to travel throughout the country – though we were not on any secret missions.


Casino Royale – Prague, the Czech Republic

Starring Daniel Craig as Bond, we loved the movie.  Actually, even Prague doubled for the Miami Airport in the movie.

We find Prague to be one of the world’s great destinations, a mix of old and new, and a vibrancy that cannot be matched.


Casino Royale – Lake Como, Italy

We have to include Lake Como in the list.  Though it just during the hospital scene with Bond, and where Mr. White lives at the end, Lake Como is a beautiful location that Kati and I love to visit.


It’s a beautiful lake.  It has beautiful mountains.  It’s Italian.  What more can we say.

007 or not, Lake Como is not to be missed.


Spectre – Mexico City, Mexico

With Daniel Craig reprising his role as Bond, Spectre opens with a Day of the Dead parade in centro historico in Mexico City.

Having lived in Mexico City for five years, I am always interested in how the city is represented.

Mexico City is vibrant with friendly people and great history.


Spectre – Rome, Italy

Spectre features another great city of the world – Rome.  Though we never had a car chase through the streets, we find Rome fascinating and fun.

Buy a ticket on the subway and travel throughout the city.  Walk to the Vatican on a Sunday afternoon after service when it is virtually empty.

And eat out on the street and watch the people go by.  Rome is a location that cannot be missed even if you are not 007.


Our Final Word

Those are our Top 007 locations and have loved visiting all of them.  We will miss Sean Connery but his work will live on.  There are of course many other locations that the James Bond franchise has filmed in such as Key West, San Francisco, London and Bangkok.  But for us, these are the locations that made us want to pack our bag and take off.  What 007 location was your favorite?



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