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Kati and I have a passion to travel.  We love to write about travel.  We love to take photos about travel.  And we love to read about travel.  And travel blogs offer the most up-to-date information.  Particularly about out-of-the way places and activities that we might not have thought about.  A great place to find interesting travel blogs is https://blog.feedspot.com/couple_travel_blogs/ which ranks and lists the Top 100 Couple Travel Blogs.  We seek out travel blogs that match our lifestyle.  We are not cruise ship people and like to be active when traveling.  We want to find places and activities that are interesting to our readers and people about the same age group, but just as important interesting to us.

We are not Bucket List writers or want to count off as many countries visited as possible.  We are looking for blogs that share that point of view.  We are also not solo travelers so the Couples Travel Blogs are great.  And some we have found to be very interesting with great content that we keep going back to for our own travel inspiration.  Here are some of our favorites, but go through the list and we are sure you will find some that fit your mode of travel, your lifestyle and your goals:


Mr. and Mrs. Romance

Website: https://mrandmrsromance.com/

This is a lifestyle and travel blog from a couple that have been traveling for over 15 years.  A lot of great content from people that truly love to travel.  Also, their Wine and Dine section has some great recipes and food content from their travels.


Sand in my Suitcase

Website: https://sandinmysuitcase.com/ 

This is an award-winning blogging couple from Canada.  Sand in my Suitcase is a luxury adventure travel blog with great articles and easy to navigate website.  Though we are not luxury travelers, it is fun to see what other bloggers are doing.  Especially if their content is well-written.


Follow me Away

Website: https://www.followmeaway.com/

Though this couple is a bit younger than us, we love their website and blog.  We especially like the series of blog entries that show the top Airbnb’s in particular cities.



A Brit and a Southerner

Website: https://abritandasoutherner.com/

A nice and easily navigable website combined with great travel photography.  We love to browse their photos and get inspired for our next trip.


6 O’clock Train

Website: https://6oclocktrain.com/

This blog is written by a British Couple that, though they travel by all types of transportation, actually have gone around the world without flying.  This is a particularly interesting to us as we know many people that just wont fly. This blog shows that you can still travel and take adventures while staying on the ground.


There are many great blogs to read.  Some have inspired us more than others and we have found some are all about selling products.  A great travel blog to us is one that share information about places the writers have actually gone to, and food and wine that they have actually had.  We also look for blogs from people that actually love to travel and explore.  You can tell if a couple is looking at it just as a job or they have a passion for traveling.

We also like the way Feedspot has categorized the Travel Blogs.  Besides the Top 100 Couples they have other categories such as Top 100 Travel Blogs  (https://blog.feedspot.com/travel_blogs/)   , Top 100 Travel Lifestyle Blogs (https://blog.feedspot.com/travel_lifestyle_blogs/), and many other categories.  Be sure to find the category that best fits your lifestyle and remember that some great blogs are not the most popular ones.  I personally like to read a blog from a single 20 something guy that travels to places like North Korea and Afghanistan.  Is that me?  No.  But it is a bit of escapism to read his well-written blog entries about his travels.

We can tell you that keeping up a blog is hard work.  Writing about your travels and taking interesting photos is not as easy as one thinks.  These blogs that we listed show that they put in the work and have some great websites.


What is your favorite travel blog?


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