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Tired of the snow and cold this winter?  Get out of the cold and head to a sunny, warm location.  Take a holiday and enjoy the beaches, the sunshine, and warm locations. For many, Christmas is a welcome time for coziness and family gatherings. We move closer together, light candles in the dark and eat loads of apple slices. But there is also another side to the Christmas season. Because if we’re being honest, it’s also the time of year when darkness dominates most of the day. The chance of having a white Christmas seems almost unattainable, and the landscape lies in loneliness; grey, wet and sad.

Fortunately, no one says you have to stay at home for Christmas. Christmas can be celebrated in many ways and many places – including the more exotic ones, and many Danes use the month of December to go on Christmas trips. So why not leave cold places for a while and travel away for Christmas instead? Travel south, down to the warm and sunny destinations!


1. Madeira – The Perfect Combination of Christmas Traditions and Warmth

If you dream of travelling to a warm location for Christmas, away from cold and winter and down to sun and warmth, but still want to preserve the Christmas atmosphere, it is possible. On the Portuguese island of Madeira, a favorite destination during the winter months due to its mild climate (and the rest of the year, for that matter), they have it all – including Christmas traditions.

Everyone in Madeira is very busy with Christmas, but in a slightly different way, because here the focus is not on the presents. On the other hand, great emphasis is placed on the decoration and the traditions that go with it. The whole island is decorated with all kinds of coloured lights, the loudspeakers in the streets spread well-known Christmas music, the city’s parks are filled with Santa Clauses and snowmen, and there is not a tree that is not decorated with luminous balls, stars and much more. The capital Funchal in particular has become known for its Christmas decorations.

You can also experience one of the world’s largest nativity plays or be offered tastings around the stalls at the large Christmas market in Funchal on 23 December.



2. Morocco – A Collection of Adventurous Moments

If you want to experience an exotic and different Christmas trip, but at the same time be just as adventurous as Christmas can be at home, then you should go to Morocco – perhaps even more specifically Marrakech, which is probably the most popular city ​​among tourists in Morocco.

You will find Marrakech located in the middle of the country. This city is a combination of modern luxury and ancient city, which changes beautifully and takes your mind to the adventure ‘One Thousand and One Nights’. It is due to the subtropical desert climate that Morocco can offer warm temperatures even in the winter months, without us getting above 25 degrees. But the mild temperatures invite you to explore the country’s many cultural events.


3. Bali – Earthly Paradise with Eastern Magic

If you are into special ceremonies, colorful parties and beautiful temples, then the ever-fascinating Bali will be just the thing for you.

Bali is an island located near the Equator, which means it is warm here all year round and is one of Indonesia’s most scenic islands. It is known for its beautiful beaches, rice fields, volcanoes and especially the friendly and welcoming people who live on the island. Here you have the opportunity to enjoy a Christmas trip exactly as you want it to be – regardless of whether you want a beach holiday with long days on the beach, an active holiday with volcano hiking or mountain biking in the beautiful nature.

You can also get close to the magic of the East in the form of religious ceremonies among the locals with traditions and rituals that are centuries old or hear about the mysterious myths of the island – Bali has it all.

6 Destinations to get out of the Cold this Winter

You don’t have to fly half way around the world. Florida offers beautiful weather and great beaches, along with some unique eclectic cities and towns.

4. Florida – A Paradise Experience for the Whole Family

When you want to get away for Christmas to find sun and warmth, there is almost no better place than Florida. Florida is also nicknamed the Sunshine State due to its more than 300 sunny days per year, and therefore it is a favorite tourist destination for both, Americans and the rest of the world. The state is particularly known and loved for its fantastic bathing water and several kilometre-long beach’s consisting of chalky white sand. Both South and Southwest Florida, in particular, are two of the most desirable places to visit.

Florida is also a favorite destination for families with children, which makes it an even more obvious place to celebrate the Christmas holidays in the heat. It is partly due to the delicious temperatures, which in December will be between 15-24 degrees, but certainly also because there is something to experience here for every taste.


5. Dubai – The Perfect Winter Destination

Dubai is known for both- its extremes in terms of buildings and temperatures in the summer can get over 45 degrees, which means that it is almost unbearable to be here at this time. Therefore, Dubai is also perfect to visit around Christmas when the temperatures are like a good summer.


In addition to sun, beach and warmth, Dubai offers world-renowned sights that you are sure to have heard of and which are an experience out of the ordinary. Among other things, you should see the biggest attraction, the Burj Khalifa, which is an 828-metre-high skyscraper and is, therefore, the world’s tallest manmade construction. Dubai is also suitable for families with children because here you will find several different amusement parks, a water park and not least the Dubai Zoo, which is also a worthwhile experience for the whole family.


6. Tenerife – A Volcanic Holiday Experience

Tenerife is one of the most attractive destinations when it comes to getting away for Christmas, and with its 200 hours of sunshine in the winter months, you can recharge your batteries in no time. Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and is divided into the north and south sides, with the southern cities being the most popular among tourists looking for sun, beach and beach holidays.

Especially Los Cristianos and Las de Americas should be the most popular among tourists. Tenerife is also known for its many wonderful beaches, which you will find in versions with dark and light sand. Among other things, you can visit the beach ‘Las Terisitas’, which is formed from sand that comes directly from the Sahara desert.

You can also arrange car hire from Tenerife airport, so you can get around the island more easily.

You should also not miss the main attraction of the island, which is the volcano Pico del Teide. It is the 3rd largest volcano in the world and it is also Spain’s highest mountain. The volcano, together with the national park ‘Teide’, which you also have the opportunity to experience on your holiday, has been on UNESCO’s world heritage list since 2007. 


Our Final Word

To be honest, we are split on this.  As residents of Florida, we have sunshine most days and get tired of it during the winter.  We head to the mountains to cool off and enjoy the cold, snowy days.  We also enjoy coming back home to the warmth.  A winter holiday in a warm location is a perfect balance for those people that are stuck in a cold snowy location.  It rejuvenates your body and soul and will make the remainder of your winter tolerable.


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