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Turkey is a transcontinental country. It is situated both in Asia as well as Europe region (97% in Asia and 3% in Europe), North to Black Sea, West to Aegean Sea and Mediterranean Sea with enormous Doğu Karadeniz Dağları (Mountain Range). Turkey is an Islamic state, and one of the most diverse in terms of culture and religion. There is a blend of modern and traditional norms in this colorful country.

Turkey is well known for its memorials and exquisite cuisine. You will forget everything after stepping into the fairyland of Istanbul, Izmir, Denizli and Mugla. The enchanting mountain range and splendid mosques of Turkey are not to be missed. Turks are well known for their hospitality.  They welcomed and entertain every guest irregardless of religion and culture. They know how to cherish their country and its admirers.

Turkey at a Glance

Currency: Turkish lita (TRY)

Language: Turkish and Kurdish. Majority of population speaks Turkish.

Governmental System; Caliphate in ancient times and Modern Islamic Political system in present time period.

Visa: For tourists and traders e-Visa application can be submitted on the official website of Turkey at “evisa.gov.tr”. Requirements of documentation may vary in accordance to your nationality.

Cuisine: Manti, Lachmacun and Cay are some fundamentally delicious delicacies of Turkish cuisine that you cannot ignore.


  • Sight Seeing 85% 85%
  • Cost 75% 75%
  • Ease of Travel 70% 70%
  • Activities 80% 80%

This unique geographical blend of Caliphate and Modern cultural & traditional blend is quite hard to ignore in Turkey. Dream destinations are not created; they just appear out of nowhere at the right time and at the right place and Turkey is one of those destinations.


Top Experiences in Turkey



Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is the city of many secrets. People say it is a city that never sleeps because here nights are as alive as day time. It is the city that knows how to turn a guest into a permanent resident. One enters into this city on its own will, but it’s hard to leave the enchanted spell of this city. Galata and Bosphorus will add spices to one’s colorful night in Istanbul. There are many activities of things to do in Istanbul. It is hard to hear the word “bore” in this city. Beyoglu and Kadikoy are your cup of tea if you are a music lover. One can easily drift into the world of traditional tunes and melody.

Istanbul has enormous options for shopping lovers. You just need to make a list and start your hunt because there is nothing you cannot find in Istanbul. From Grand Bazar to Arasta Bazar there are a number of worth attentive things to buy. The most interesting part is, there is no need to specifically visit big bazaars for brands; you can also go for shopping streets like Istiklal Street and Bahariye Street. A trip to Istanbul is not complete if you don’t visit Princes’ Island. It is as beautiful and alluring as its name. Ferry and bicycle rides are a specialty of Princes’ Island. No city in Turkey can beat Istanbul in its marvelous legendary cuisine and don’t leave this city without visiting the “Sultan Ahmed Mosque”. It is the most beautifully designed mosque also known as Blue Mosque because of its blue tiles.


Antalya is the best place for history lovers. Kaleici is the best spot to start the journey and the best time to visit this place is in the evening. Its artifact and memorial will remind you about the Great Seljuk and Ottoman Empire. Kaleici is also known as Antalya historical cave. It’s your catch if you believe in the motto “old is gold”. Hadrian’s Gate is the most unique landmark of Antalya city. It was constructed in 130 AD in the name of Roman Emperor Hadrian. Xanthos, Termessos, Aspendos, Simena, and Myra are the famous ancient spots in this city.

Antalya is a blessed land in terms of beautiful waterfalls and natural wonders. There are four main waterfalls in Antalya i.e. Kursunlu Waterfall, Manavgat Waterfall, Duden Waterfall, and Ucansu Waterfall. These spots are best for nature photography because there is a number of beautiful creatures and caves to capture. This place is heaven to run away from busy everyday life. These are perfect spots for nature and waterfall lovers in Turkey.

Antalya has three famous and entertaining parks in the region i.e. Koprulu Canyon National Park, Altinbesvik Cave National Park, and Gulluk Mountain National Park. These parks are the train of endless fun and joy.


Hiking, diving, swimming, or rafting, you can find them all here. Koprulu Canyon Park is known for its two well-designed Oluk Bridge and Bugrum Bridge. Rare wildlife species are a specialty of Gulluk Mountain Park. Also, don’t miss the colorful festivals this colorful city has to offer.



Izmir is a city of beautiful beaches and islands. Izmir beaches are also known as Blue Flag Beaches. They are well connected with the main city, so there is no need to get worried. There are around fifty beaches in Izmir. Here you will never hear the word island without the word “Foca”. Foca Islands is one of the well-praised beauties of Izmir. It is actually a group of six inhabited small islands in the Gulf of Izmir. Colorful rocks and steep cliffs make Foca Islands worth favorable picnic spots.

It is also known as a Holy city due to Hisar mosque and religious cultural sites. Hisar Mosque is one of its kind as an exquisite example of an Ottoman architect. It is also regarded as one of the oldest ancient treasures of Izmir. When it comes to ancient memorials in Izmir, you cannot forget the “Clock Tower” of Izmir. Natives also call it a symbol of friendship in Izmir (the German Emperor gifted the tower’s clock it to Sultan Abdulhamid II). It is one of the favorite meet-up points of Izmir People.

The architectural beauty of the Ottoman Empire named “Ephesus Archaeological Ruins” is quite hard to ignore when one begins to explore Izmir. You will be stunned to see grand theater, temples, Isa Bey Mosque (representing Seljuk Empire) and last but not the least House of Virgin Mary. Izmir will amaze you on every step with remarkable memorials and splendid cuisine.

Aegean cuisine is the specialty of Izmir city. Aegean food is the best food to try when you are on vacation or when you want something light but spicy. Tulumu, Keskek, Kofte,Boyoz can spice up your travel the way you never experienced it before. It is the perfect destination for classic wine lovers because it is the hub of home-made and antique wine. One cannot get enough from this city. This city has a lot to fill up your plate.






Stop your search right here, if you are searching for Turkey’s loveliest city. Canakkale city is one of its kind and loveliest cities in the whole of Turkey. This city will help you to feel refreshed like the morning summer breeze. You will experience a unique blend of modern and ancient itinerary ideas.

This city is the hub of a profound classical architectural antique. Legend of Troy is a well know historical artifact that is the epitome of one of the world’s ancient civilizations. It is hard for history and literature lovers to leave this city named Canakkale. This city has a lot of things regarding the Legend of Troy. “Trojan horse” is placed at the center of the city to increase its beauty.

Colorful festivals are the sensation of this city. There are a number of alluring appealing festivals like; International Troy Festival ( from 10th  to 17th  August), Canakkale Anzac Day ( it is a kind of mourning event, but Canakkale people know how to stand with other in hard times), Bozcaada Wine Festival (from 26 to 30 June. Name any fun activity or thing related to wine here. It is impossible not to avail it. The city enjoys events and festivals like Canakkale Gallipoli Marathon, International Canakkale film festival, Ayazma fair, and many more.

Canakkale is the home of history, festivals, and ancient literature. This city knows how to make you feel at home.





Edirne is a paragon of happiness. This city is also known as the capital city of the Ottoman Empire. It won’t be wrong to regard this place as a glorious spitting image of the Ottoman Empire. Selimiye Mosque is a world eminent memorial, designed by Royal architect Mimar Sinan.  It is one of the biggest tourist attractions artifacts in Edirne. Edirne’s citizens really know how to enjoy life. There is a series of never-ending festivals in Edirne city which makes it hard for one to leave this lively city.


In the nutshell, Turkey is a symbol of love, hospitality, versatility, and beauty. It is hard to pin down this eminent of beauty on a piece of paper. This article will give you a birds-eye view of Turkey. Still, there is a number of worth attention attractions left. No need to fret over that because this article will help you to start your exciting journey. Now it is up to you that how you will spice it up.


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