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The Netherlands, a fascinating tourism jewel of Western Europe, is a renowned tourist destination. It is a rich collection of history, culture, art, and heritage. One of the major attractions here is the water canals spread across the country. These canals are one of the main modes of commutation, and tourists love exploring around via the waterways. Amsterdam has something for travelers of all kinds. For art lovers, it features some of the best artistic places to explore. For fun-loving tourists, it boasts the best nightlife experiences. Cool cafes, delicious cuisines, ancient architectural establishments, luxurious hotels, stunning landscapes, etc., are all offerings of Netherlands tourism. For peaceful experiences, you can visit the magnificent villages of the Netherlands. They are rich in natural landscapes offering a calming experience to travelers.

Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands, is one of the ideal most tourists’ destinations for travelers. It is a must to visit destination on the bucket list of travelers from across the world. Speaking from personal experience, Amsterdam and its colorful life is a feast for any traveler. Enjoying cycling through the streets of one of the most lit places in the world is an experience of a lifetime that you would never forget.

The Netherlands at a Glance

Currency: The currency of The Netherlands is Euro.

Visa: Schengen Visa is a short stay visa that lets one visit the Netherlands for 90 days. This visa is also effective for different Schengen countries. 

Language: The official language of the Netherlands which about 90% of the population speaks is Dutch. Another language used in The Netherlands is Frisian. Nearly 2.2% of the population uses Frisian as their prime language. Frisian is the official language of the northern province of Frisland. However, 90% to 93% of the Dutch population also speaks English. Travelers can easily explore the country without any communication issues.



  • Sight Seeing 85% 85%
  • Cost 80% 80%
  • Ease of Travel 85% 85%
  • Activities 75% 75%

One of my finest memories of The Netherlands is dipping a roundel of Caramel coated stroopwafel in a hot cup of espresso coffee on a breezy winter evening.

Trip map courtesy of Wanderlog, a road trip planner on iOS and Android

Top Experiences in The Netherlands

Summer Activities

The Netherlands features summers from April to October. Summers in the Netherlands is warm and relaxing. The weather is ideal for tourism during the summers unless you desire to experience the winters of the country. There are various activities you can indulge in during the summer months while holidaying in the Netherlands.

Enjoy summer festivals:- The Dutch are fond of partying. Throughout the summer season, there are various festivals held across the entire Netherlands. Food festivals, beach festivals, art festivals, cheese festivals, music festivals, etc. are some of the events worth witnessing.

Explore a Dutch Village:- The villages of the Netherlands are no less than dreamy escapes. To head out on a village expedition on warm summer days can be one of the most satisfying experiences.

Visit the beaches and stay in a beach hut:- When you travel to a coastal town, visiting the golden beaches and staying at a beach hut is a must. Swimming in the waters and enjoying a BBQ later at night can be a fascinating way of spending your summer days.

Kayaking on the canals:- The Netherlands is well-known for its ancient canals. Sightseeing while boating, enjoying walking by the canal, etc., are some other fun activities apart from kayaking on the canals.

Go sightseeing on a cycle:- Biking or cycling is an ancient way of going about the cities and towns in the Netherlands. So, when there, make sure to rent a bike and go sightseeing.

Sunbathe at a beach:- Spending warm summer days on a beautiful Dutch beach is a much relaxing activity. Just leisurely lying on the golden sand, basking in the sun, and enjoying a chilled drink can remarkably lift your vacation days.


Windmills in Zaandam. Get out from Amsterdam and explore a Dutch village.



Winter Activities

The winter months in the Netherlands starts in December and stays till March. Just like summers, winters are also full of fun activities in the Netherlands. Let us take a look at some of the many such activities:

Ice Skating:- Ice skating is a popular winter activity that attracts both locals and tourists. Winter feels intensify with skating when in the Netherlands. Many cities and towns offer ice skating opportunities.

Visit a Christmas Market:- Christmas markets are a delight in the Netherlands. Make sure to visit a Christmas festival and feel the vibe like never before.

The Dickens Festival, Deventer:- Deventer celebrates the Dickens festival each year with fun and frolic. Several characters from the books of Charles Dickens come to life during the festivities.


Ice Skating in the Netherlands is a wonderful winter activity

Cities and Towns

Amsterdam:- Amsterdam, the capital city, is one of the most popular tourist destinations for travelers. It is a beauty that requires no introduction. With a contemporary vibe, Amsterdam is a laid-back city with unique places to visit. It features ancient canals dating back to the 17th Century. Tagged as one of the proud UNESCO World Heritage Site, these canals are renowned for their historical importance. The canals are lined by canal houses that feature a typical tall and slim built. People take boating on these canals, use them as modes of commutation, and enjoy kayaking on the waters. Furthermore, Amsterdam is best explored via bicycle tours. It houses impressive churches with medieval decor, beautiful museums, and several architectural landmarks. On a personal note, I would suggest people head on a food tasting spree, when in Amsterdam. They serve one of the most delicious cuisines.


Amsterdam is a wonderful city to explore.

 Delft:- Delft is a heaven for art lovers. It is a small village with great artistic worth. The village is well-known for its association with Vermeer, a renowned Dutch painter. There are several monumental establishments in Delft. Some of the worth visiting ones include the town hall built in ancient Renaissance style and a medieval church that leans at a titled angle. Additionally, Delft is also home to dozens of ancient canals, one of which dates to 1432. The canals are lined with colorful cafes, charming homes, and clean walkways.

 The Hague:- The Hague is the constitutional, governmental, and legislative capital of the Netherlands. The streets and establishments showcase the impressive history of the city. If you are fond of architectural establishments, the Hague boasts a mixture of modern and ancient architectural beauties. The Noordeinde Palace and the Binnenhof are two of the many such magnificent marvels. Also, the residence of the Dutch royalties is established in this beautiful city. For a weekend getaway, you can head to the Scheveningen area towards the north. This place is miles of golden sandy beach, a lighthouse, and a luxurious beach resort.

 Naarden:- Naarden is a town renowned for its forts. These forts used for defense, are now a popular tourist attraction. Some of the forts date back to the 15th Century. The forts a rich with architecture, and varying photography enthusiasts capture stunning clicks while exploring around. Naarden flourishes with lush green fields, and spending time here is a real calming experience. To top it all, there is a 14th Century basilica named St. Vitus Church. It is a traditional Dutch establishment featuring a peaked roof and intricate brickwork.


Naarden is a wonderful way to spend a day. It is only about 30 mins from Amsterdam and many people even bike to it.

 Giethoorn:- Giethoorn is a small Dutch village, that is also popularly called the ‘Venice of the Netherlands’. It features ancient canals and bridges. The traveling takes place via water in the village. Giethoorn comprises greenery, tender gardens, and charming villages. To explore the nook and corner of this beautiful place via a boat is a once in a lifetime experience. Lastly, you can mingle with the locals of the village in cozy cafes.

 Harlingen:- Harlingen is a tiny town in the north part of the Netherlands. It has gained importance in the field of tourism in recent years. Renowned for its fishing industry, Harlingen is the perfect place to relish some fresh seafood. One can spend days sightseeing and enjoy a lavish dinner with delicious seafood. Apart from the food, the town features some historic canals, popular ports, and excellent architecture.

 Valkenburg:- Valkenburg is a town that takes you back to historical times. The city houses ancient architecture ranging from wood craved beauties to remnants of gates and walls. The Saint Nicolas Gothic church is another place to visit when in Valkenburg. Valkenburg Castle is one of the notable tourist attractions of the town. It dates back to the 14th Century. All in all, this small town is worth a visit for anyone who loves to witness unique architecture.



The Netherlands is a small country with rich flora and fauna. It flaunts several places of interest for nature enthusiasts. A renowned national park in the Netherlands is De Hoge Veluwe. It is uniquely explored on white bikes by the locals and visitors. The Netherlands also features the largest riverine tide wetland across Europe, the Wadden Sea. One can enjoy taking a guided seafloor tour when here. Some other natural places of interest include the beaches of Zeeland, the Brabant Sahara, the hills of Limburg, and Weerribben-Wieden (Venice of the Lowlands), etc. Additionally, with a collection of various nature reserves, the Netherlands offers stunning places to admire the nature of the country.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands has many parks and nature preserves to enjoy.


Our Final Word

The Netherlands, though being a relatively small country, is filled with sights, sounds and things to do.  Whether you want a day out in nature, or explore ancient towns or check out the nightlife, the Netherlands has it all.  We always recommend heading to the Netherlands for an activity based holiday.


  1. Parvinder Saini


    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful information..I was wondering is it difficult to get vegetarian food there? I am always concerned about veg meals, so just want to make sure I don’t have any problem. Anyways, wonderful write up, happy travelling and keep safe 🙂

    • Michael & Kati

      Thanks for your comment. There should be no problem getting vegetarian food in the Netherlands. It is a wonderful country. Happy Travels.


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