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Exploring the Czech Republic

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Though only existing since 1993, the Czech Republic is filled with history what might be the world’s most beautiful city.  The country is filled with some of the world’s best breweries and filled with some amazing Castles.

Kati and I drove here from Vienna, Austria and it takes about three and a half hours.  You can also take a train which is considerably longer.  We recommend driving and seeing the countryside.  The road system has improved immensely and will not be a problem.

The Czech Republic at a Glance

Czech power voltage is 230 V 50Hz;  Plug E

Czech currency is the Czech koruna.

Drink some Czech beer. The Pilsner beer was invented here.

  • Sight Seeing 80% 80%
  • Cost 60% 60%
  • Ease of Travel 80% 80%
  • Activities 75% 75%

If you are able, drive to Prague and enjoy the countryside of the Czech Republic.  If you only have a couple of days, go straight to Prague and enjoy what might be the worlds most beautiful city.

Top Experiences in the Czech Republic

1. Prague

What can we say, but that we love Prague.  Maybe the worlds most beautiful city, Prague is alive, historic and does not disappoint.  Kati and I ended up with about 50,000 cheering soccer fans in the town square our last time we visited watching the game on a big screen, eating and drinking.  The people are warm and friendly and there are many out of the way spots to catch a bite to eat. We will always have a soft spot for Prague

Our favorite Prague experiences are:

  1. Explore the Old Town – The Old Town Square has remained relatively untouched since the 10th century which is amazing since Prague has history of invasions. You can admire the architecture, watch street performers, musicians and visit shops that line the streets.  We headed here before even unpacking.
  2. The Astronomical Clock – In the Old Town Square, visit the Old Town Hall and watch the Astronomical Clock marking the turn of an hour.  This is the pride of Prague and was built in the fifteenth century.  The Astronomical Clock is regarded as the best-preserved medieval clock in the world.  We loved the show.
  3. The old Jewish Ghetto – The Jewish quarter, also known as Josefov, is located between the Old Town and the Vltava River. Its history began in the 13th century when Jews living in Prague were ordered to leave their homes and settle in this one area. Being banned from living anywhere else in the city, they were joined by other exiled Jews from other European countries. Many significant historical buildings remain and are well worth a visit.
  4. Stroll across the Charles Bridge – The Charles Bridge was commissioned in 1357 by Charles IV and completed in 1390. This was one of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences while visiting Prague.
  5. Prague Castle– Without a doubt the city’s most popular tourist attraction. Traditionally the seat of the Czech rulers, it is the official residence of the president.  Entry to the grounds are free, but you will need to buy a ticket to see many of the buildings located here.

One of the experiences we really enjoyed in Prague was going out at night and exploring the Old Town.  It is lively, filled with restaurants, both large and small, and little out of the way places.  Kati and I ended up in an underground Pizza place until about 3 AM.  Definitely put Prague on your must-see list.

czech republic
2. Bohemian Paradise

Bohemian Paradise is a Protected Landscape Area and a region in Bohemia in the Czech. It was declared in 1955, as the first nature reserve in Czechia.

Two well-known castles in the area are Trosky and Kost. Other castles in the area include Sychrov Castle, Hrubý Rohozec Castle, Hrubá Skála Castle, and Humprecht Castle. There are also many ruins, such as Frýdštejn Castle and Valdštejn Castle .

If you are into hiking, forests, and rock formations, definitely head to the Bohemian Paradise.  It is about an hour from Prague.

czech republic 2
3. Bohemian Switzerland

Bohemian Switzerland, also known as Czech Switzerland, is a beautiful region in the north-western Czech Republic. It lies on the Czech side of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains north of Děčín on both sides of the Elbe River and extends eastward into the Lusatian Mountains and westward into the Ore Mountains.

Another great place to hike and enjoy nature, the Bohemian Switzerland is about an hour and a half from Prague.



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The Czech Republic

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