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The many wonderful natural sceneries in Australia make it one of the best places to go for a road trip. It is the best way to explore and appreciate the country. Go ahead and take that awaited long-distance road trip. Pack your bags and experience the best adventure of your life! Here are the ultimate tips for your road trip preparation.

1. Check your vehicle thoroughly

Your vehicle is your main priority when making a road trip. Thus, it is important to have it thoroughly checked before any extended travel. Check it a few weeks before the set date so you’ll have enough time to fix anything if there is any. Check the engine, the tires, oil, and coolant and bring spare when traveling. Make sure you have spare locks. If not, contact your local car locksmith to make a spare.

2. Roadside assistance

Make sure to have your roadside assistance ready just in case your vehicle breaks down along the road despite having it checked properly. There are many options to choose that will cover all around Australia when it comes to roadside assistance. Pick whatever will fit into your budget and preference. However, if you plan to do a frequent road trip, getting a year-long plan would be economical.

3. Find spots in advance

You do not want to miss interesting places when making a road trip. Researching for places in advance will make your travel more efficient and time-saving. Certain places such as national parks may close for a day, and you wouldn’t want to be disappointed. Backtracking will be a waste of time when road tripping, but it can be avoided when you have a plan and find interesting spots prior to the road trip.

4. Find offline GPS

Because the internet can be difficult in certain geographical areas of Australia, getting an offline GPS can help reduce your internet cost, which can be costly. It would be best if you had reliable maps when on the road exploring the country. Moreover, you can download Google maps if you don’t have offline GPS.

5. Avoid night driving

Plan your road trip accordingly and avoid driving at night because this is when a lot of accidents happen, such as hitting roadside animals. Some animals are active during sunset tonight, and you may risk hitting one, especially in the countryside. It can also cause quite a damage to your car when you encounter big animals such as a kangaroo. If you have poor eyesight, all the more, you need to avoid nighttime driving.

6. Learn to change tires

If you do not know how to change tires properly, you need to learn to do it well. It is a vital skill when travelling with a vehicle. You will encounter many off-roads in Australia which can puncture your tires. Always bring spare tires and tools because you will need them whenever a situation like this occurs. Looking for a tow truck may not be feasible in areas that are away from civilization.

7. Bring camping gears

Even if you do not have plans to camp outdoors during a road trip, bringing cooking stuff or a cooler can make your long travel easy. There will be places where it can be hard to find a store, and you may need a cup of coffee to help you stay alert, then a warm hot coffee is a great help. A cooler or esky, on the other hand, can be a lifesaver during hot weather. You can also find many camping spots around Australia, which can help you save on your trip.

8. Check the weather

Australia is not hot and sunny all year round. It will be a great help in your planning phase when you know what to expect at a specific time of the year. For example, the rainy period and cold weather mean you will need to pack up some raincoats and thick clothing.

9. Inform your loved ones

It is often the most forgotten part when travelling, informing your loved ones about your trip. It is crucial, particularly when you are going on a road trip in the countryside. You might want to take some time alone, thus venturing on a road trip, but sending them updates will be your safety measure.


10. Get a satellite phone or EPIRB

EPIRB stands for Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon. It is used in search and rescue situations. It transmits distress calls to the nearest rescue centre. This tool can improve your safety when on a journey, especially in hard-to-reach spots. You can also avail of a satellite phone plan.


Australia is not just about its cities. It has plenty of adventure to offer, and with the geographical setup, it will blow your mind with its outdoor beauty. It will be a road trip worth remembering. Consider all these tips to make your trip more memorable and safe.

Mira Adora is a wanderlust writer in New York City. She keeps herself busy by sharing her travel adventures through her contents.




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