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We love to travel and try foods from all over the world.  Food binds us together.  We are able to make friends and meet people by sharing a meal together.  One place that has incredible food choices is Brazil. Brazilian cuisine is a perfect mingling of ancient traditions and cooking traditions. They take influences from European, African, American, and Asian cuisines and curate some mouth-watering delicacies. The food preparations vary extensively by religion, which further reflects the native mix of populations of Brazil.

Feijoada, a typical dish of Brazil, is also considered the national dish of the country. When in Brazil make sure to try your hands on it. Some popular delicious regional items to try in Brazil include dishes like beiju, vatapa, polenta, feijao tropeiro, moqueca, and acareja. The national beverage of Brazil is coffee, and the native liquor is cachaca.

However, there are some detailed essentials listed below for the foodie in you. Make sure to try some of the best places to eat while in Brazil. Let us dive in.


Top 5 Traditional Cuisine




Brazilian specialty is deliciously barbecued hot steamy meat. Picanha or rump is one of the most renowned pieces that is seasoned with just salt before barbecuing it to supremacy. The layer of fat gets charred, and the delicious tender smokey pink portion melts in your mouth. In Brazil, you will come across various barbecue delicacies out of which Picanha is the most popular. However, some of the other choices include chicken hearts and wild boars.



Feijoada is a delicious stew made up of black beans and pork cuts. It is a rich Brazilian dish that is served all around the country. It is one of those dishes that take around 24 hours to cook. It is a traditional dish made up of offals like ears and trotters. There is also a lighter variant of Feijoada that contains less amount of meat.




Brigadeiros is the Brazilian variant of chocolate truffle. Any person with a sweet tooth would love this traditional delicacy of Brazil. It is prepared using condensed milk, butter, cocoa powder, and sprinkles. These are really easy to prepare, and anyone can learn the recipe.



Vatapa is another traditional stew made up using mixed herbs, shrimp, coconut milk, bread, palm oil, and groundnuts. All the ingredients are finely mashed into a paste. Vatapa is eaten along with rice or any other Brazilian side dish like acaraje. Originating from the northern state of Bahia, this dish has another variant. In the variant of Vatapa, the shrimp is often replaced with cod, tuna, just vegetables, or tuna.



Acareja also comes from Bahia. It is prepared using black-eyed peas along with salt, pepper, and chopped onions. The preparation is later deep-fried in palm oil. You can also opt for a healthier version where the ingredients are boiled instead of being fried. It goes well along with another popular dish named vatapa.



Top 5 Street Food


Pao de Queijo 

Pao de Quiejo is fluffy and light cheese bread made up of cassava flour and cheese. It is a renowned breakfast delicacy that is either served as it is or even with jam or more cheese if desired. This street food dates to the time of slaves. After slavery ended, Minas Gerais locals began preparing cheese bread.


Mandioca Frito (Cassava Chips)

Cassava is one of the most important staples in Brazil. If not properly peeled and cooked, these are poisonous. Brazilians love cassava chips and it one of the leading sources of carbohydrates in the country. Cassava chips are quite similar to potato chips in texture as well as in taste. It is a great snack to relish with beer.


Bolinhos de Bacalhau

Bolinhos de Bacalhau, in Portuguese means ‘cakes of cod’. These fried cod cakes are sold everywhere in Brazil, including restaurants, bars, vendors, etc. These are a soft mixture of mashed potatoes and salted cod on the inside with a crunchy fried outside. Often served with lime, Bolinhos de Bacalhau is a common appetizer in Brazil. While eating with friends, one needs to follow proper etiquette and eat them with a toothpick.


Brazilian acarajé with vatapá

Acarajé with vatapá is a unique combination of Brazilian food with African roots. This dish has its roots based in Africa. Acaraje is made up of a mashed form of black-eyed peas with chopped onions further seasoned with pepper and salt. The soft mixture is crafted into cone shapes and then deep-fried in palm oil. Before serving, Acarajé is cut and stuffed with fillings like coconut milk, nuts, shrimp, and bread. You can find this dish in almost every crowded place.


Açai na Tigela

Açai na Tigela is a dish served in a glass or a bowl. It consists of mashed and frozen acai fruit in the form of a smoothie. This dish is renowned all across brazil but there are variants that differ from place to place. In the southern region, it is mixed with guarana syrup or other fruits and served with granola or banana. It can be commonly found at juice centers or beachside food outlets.



Top 5 Restaurants


Sushi Leblon

Sushi Leblon is nestled in Rio de Janeiro city and is one of the best restaurants to explore in Brazil. Their exclusive food menu here includes egg and fish-based delicacies. It is a very old eatery and can get busy at times.


Jamie’s Italian

This is an excellent restaurant by notoriety chef Jamie Oliver. It is a one-stop location for delicious Italian food. It is in Sao Paulo. Even while being owned by a celebrity, the cost of food here is not hard on the pocket. The cuisine is exclusive, and the location is the cherry on the cake. The ambiance is near perfect, worth every penny you spend.

CT Boucherie

It is located in Rio De Janeiro and is popular for serving delicious French cuisines. It serves mouth-watering desserts and while here you must try your hands on French Toast. The staff is courteous and adapted to English. The only drawback is that it is expensive.


Located in Sao Paulo, Mani is a perfect outlet for an idea gastronomic experience. While here, you can enjoy a lavish terrace meal with a view. The menu features excellent Brazilian and European cuisines that can be enjoyed with a mesmerizing view.


Another popular restaurant in Sao Paulo city. They serve masterpiece delicacies of chef Alex Atala with an excellent ambiance as a bonus. The cocktail menu includes Brazilian wines among others. It is an ideal place for trying out typical Brazilian drinks with exclusive dishes. Plus, the elegant interiors add to the entire setup.



Top 5 Nightlife


Rabo do Peixe

Located in Sao Paulo, Rabo do Peixe is a typical Brazilian pub to explore. It is known to serve the best picanha in Sao Paulo. You can club it with chilled beer and kick start your evening here. It beautifully sits on a corner of the street with patio fans and packed tables around. If you are the kind who loves your nights simple yet classy, then this can be an ideal pick for your choice.

Arco do Teles

Arco do Teles lies in the ally on the cobblestone streets. It features over fifteen stunner bars, cafes, restaurants, and nightlife outlets. All the outlets are equally good with amazing music, food, drinks, and ambiance. Once on this street, you can be confused about the right place to explore. If you get to this place post 10, you might not even be lucky enough to find a place for the night.

Leviano Bar

It is nestled in Lapa and is set in an old renovated mansion. The colorful makeover makes the place look vibrant. There are lit artworks on the walls, a breezy playlist, and colored cocktails for the guests. The nightclub boasts live samba sessions, electro music sessions, etc. They also feature a mezzanine balcony where people are seen chatting and enjoying drinks. Alongside chilled drinks, they also serve delicious delicacies including baked pastries, focaccia, garlic bread sticks, etc.


If you are seeking a hippy outlet in Brazil, Comuna is worth a visit. The coolest crowd heads to Comuna to dance to electrifying music, enjoy chilled beer, and mingle with the like-minded. It features an art gallery, themed art, and musical nights along with an outside terrace. This place is famous for local food and drinks including delicious burgers. It gets way too packed after 11 pm. So, if you plan a visit, make it before 11.


Fosfobox lies at the center of Copacabana, quite close to a metro station named Siqueira Campos. It is visited by musically-minded and hipsters who set the dance floor on fire. There is electrifying music played on the underground where DJs play varying kinds of music including pop, rock and roll, hip hop, samba, etc. They also offer an outdoor terrace where masses can head for enjoying drinks or merely chat with friends and companions. Along with all of this, there is delicious food to relish if you desire.


Our Final Word

Do not forget to indulge in the local delicacies during your next visit to Brazil. You will not forget it.


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