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It is that time of year again.  Thinking of where to travel in the wintertime.  Though I love winter including the snow and the cold, Kati is not as much of a fan as I.  We will be seeing family in Pennsylvania and spending time in the mountains of North Carolina.

Winter is coming and the US boasts some of the most breathtaking winter wonderlands worldwide. From the snow-covered peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the frozen lakes of the Midwest there is no shortage of stunning destinations to explore during winter. Whether you seek a fueled winter sports hub or a quintessential New England winter experience there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Here are five must visit winter wonderlands in the US.

Destination 1; Aspen, Colorado. A Winter Wonderland

Aspen Colorado embodies everything you could ever hope for in a winter paradise. With its snowcapped mountains, idyllic ski slopes and delightful mountain towns it’s no surprise that Aspen ranks among the sought after winter destinations in America. Aspen boasts four ski resorts—Aspen Mountain, Snowmass, Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk—with terrains catering to skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels. Beyond skiing and snowboarding adventures Aspen offers an array of captivating winter activities such as snowshoeing, ice skating and exhilarating snowmobiling.

There are many other cities in Colorado that also have great winter activities.  If you want a great winter holiday, head to Colorado.


Destination 2; Lake Tahoe, California. A Mecca for Winter Sports

Lake Tahoe is undoubtedly a haven, for all lovers of thrilling winter sports.
Situated on the border of California and Nevada Lake Tahoe stands out as one of the sought after winter getaways in the United States. Its pristine lake, mountains and abundant outdoor pursuits make it a beloved choice for winter sports enthusiasts. Whether you’re into skiing snowboarding, snowshoeing or ice-skating Lake Tahoe has something to suit every taste.

Moreover, aside from its array of winter activities Lake Tahoe also boasts an assortment of restaurants, shops and entertainment options. I have always loved visiting Lake Tahoe and in the winter, it is very special.

Destination 3; Stowe, Vermont – An Iconic New England Winter

Stowe in Vermont embodies the New England winter experience. With its villages nestled amidst rolling hills and picturesque mountainscapes Stowe offers a setting to immerse yourself in traditional New England ambiance during the winter season. The town is home to two ski resorts—Stowe Mountain Resort and Mount Mansfield—both catering to skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels. Besides world class downhill activities like skiing and snowboarding Stowe presents various other wintertime delights such as snowshoeing, ice skating and exhilarating snowmobiling adventures.

We love just visiting the quaint towns and villages around Stowe as well.  It really is a magnificent place.

Top 5 Winter Wonderlands: Must-Visit Destinations in the US

Don’t feel like skiing? Stowe offers many other activities. Take a sleighride through the forest and just relax with a cup of hot cocoa.


Destination 4; Jackson Hole in Wyoming – Natures Enchanting Wonderland

Jackson Hole in Wyoming is a haven for wilderness lovers. Nestled within the heart of the Rocky Mountains lies this enchanting destination that truly comes alive during wintertime. It offers a paradise for those seeking a winter experience, amidst natures wonders. With its peaks, pristine slopes, for skiing and a plethora of outdoor activities it’s no wonder that Jackson Hole is a beloved destination for winter sports enthusiasts. From the thrill of skiing and snowboarding to the peacefulness of snowshoeing and the joy of ice-skating Jackson Hole offers something to suit every taste. Moreover, besides its range of winter activities Jackson Hole is also home to an array of restaurants, delightful shops and entertaining venues.

An alternative to Jackson Hole is visiting Yellowstone in the winter and staying inside the park.  There are a couple of hotels that operate and the roads are closed to traffic.  It is magical.  Combine the two; Yellowstone and Jackson Hole and make your winter really special.

Destination 5; Anchorage, Alaska. The Ultimate Winter Experience

Anchorage in Alaska presents a winter experience. Its mountains adorned with glistening snowcaps and frozen lakes offer opportunities for adventures. From indulging in skiing or snowboarding to immersing yourself in the tranquility of snowshoeing or trying your hand at ice fishing Anchorage caters to all preferences. Anchorage also boasts dining options along with diverse shopping opportunities and entertainment venues.

Tips for Visiting These Winter Paradises

When embarking on a journey to these winter paradises it’s crucial to be well prepared. Remember to pack clothing such as hats, gloves and boots to ensure your comfort in weather conditions. It’s also advisable to check the forecast beforehand so you can plan accordingly. If you’re planning on hitting the slopes, for skiing or snowboarding adventures be sure to bring along your gear.
Lastly, it’s essential to conduct research, about the region you plan on visiting and acquaint yourself with the laws and regulations.


Our Final Word

In conclusion the US offers a plethora of winter landscapes that are bound to captivate your senses. From the snow-covered peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the frozen lakes found in the heartland there are countless stunning winter destinations to explore. Whether you seek a pumping winter sports haven or a quintessential New England winter experience there is something for everyone in this season. So, embrace the enchantment that winter brings in the United States and embark, on a journey to discover these winter wonderlands.

You will find Kati and I in the mountains of North Carolina having a snow-ball fight.


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