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Spain (Espana or Reino de Espana) is the country that is in south-western Europe with some states ranging from the state of Gibraltar to the Atlantic Ocean. This country is blessed with mild climates, beautiful beaches and is the second biggest country in Europe.  Spain also has many significant mountain ranges.

Splendid beaches, delicious cuisines, vibrant night lights and the clanking of the heels of the flamenco dancers, all this make Spain a must place to visit. Spain is equipped with the modern as well as ancient history and is the sight to behold.

As a traveler, you will be able to experience ancient cathedrals to modern infrastructure and from simple traditional cuisine to extravagant wines, all in a beautiful, historic and hospitable country.  Spain will enliven your senses and don’t be surprised to look at your watch and find out that it is 4AM and you have been enjoying the cities and the nightlife all night.

And don’t forget, the Spaniards are known for their hospitality and will make you feel at home.

Spain at a Glance

Currency: Euro

Visa: Passports are always required except for citizens of the European Union, Switzerland or countries that are members of the European Economic Area. In these cases, citizens can travel with a valid identity card (except for minors, who must have a parental permit). Visas are generally required for all other tourists, except when an international agreement signed with Spain, or another country from the Schengen area indicates otherwise, or when the tourist holds a residence permit or a long-stay visa issued by another state in the Schengen area. The authorities may also request that the reason for the trip be indicated and justified with documentation such as a booking for an organized trip, proof that the place of accommodation is real, or a letter of invitation.

The maximum stay in Spain as a tourist is three months.

Language: While English is standard in Spain, especially in the essential tourist cities, it is always a better idea to equip yourself with some Spanish phrases. This can help you impress some Spaniards because they are known to have immense enthusiasm for their language. Try to learn some dialects in Catalan or Andaluz, and you will be good to go.

Capital: Madrid is the capital of Spain as the most prominent tourist attraction center.

Mountain Rages: Spain deemed to be the second-largest country in Europe after Switzerland that has the most significant mountain ranges. The high Spanish peak is the Mulhacen(3483m).

  • Sight Seeing 90% 90%
  • Cost 75% 75%
  • Ease of Travel 80% 80%
  • Activities 90% 90%

Spain is beauty, history and excitement all wrapped up into one. Whether you are looking for modern infrastructure, touring medieval buildings or want to hit the beaches, you will find it all in Spain.

But beware, do not get lost in the elegance of this great country and lose track of time. Believe us, it is easy to do. Make a list of the places that you are interested in visiting. Start with the most major ones and spread out from there. We have provided you with the all you need to know to  visit this magnificent country. Explore the out of the way places and  you will find a subtle beauty and charm missing in most parts of the world.  Spain is quite special and a country not to be missed. Bon Voyage!


Top Experiences in Spain

1. Prado and Paseo del Artes of Madrid

If you want to have some insight into the world’s best art, then The Prado can make your wish come true. The Prado itself is one of the top museums in the world in terms of art collection but, if you add some of the other Madrid’s museums like the Reina Sofia National Art Museum and others, the Paseo del Arte – Boulevard of Art is your destination.

Within the Prado, some of the finest works of art that date back to the 12th century from some of Spain’s most famous artists such as Greco, Goya and Velazquez are displayed.  But check out more than just the Prado and you will find Dutch, French and Italian art that give these museums a different vibe.



Span is full of wonderful architecture.

2. Cathedral of Seville

Out of many states, Seville is one of the most visited cities in Spain. The main tourist attraction is its cathedral and towers. Visitors typicall love to linger a the  Seville Cathedral, La Giralda Tower and the Alcazar which together make up a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Seville cathedral is so massive that it’s interior is larger then the St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome. Having beautifully extravagant statues as well as the tomb of Columbus, this is certainly the one of the most popular attractions in terms of tourists. The Alcazar foundation was laid by the Moors and continued even after the Christian re-conquest.  Rooms, salons, and gardens are beautiful and so peaceful that you will not want to leave.

Don’t forget to check out Santa Cruz in the eastern part of the city. This is the former  Jewish Quarter which now holds some of the most beautiful flowers filled garden and whitewashed homes in the city.


A typical street in Madrid

3. Valencia

Valencia is a purely modern city with a modern infrastructure.  This city in Spain has always been under threat of flood and after being destroyed, a modern infrastructure need to be created. The Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava put together a plan to convert Valencia into a modern city and also created some breathtaking structures that became the envy of the world.

Valencia’s modernity is the attraction and the reason why many come to this city. It is filled with museums, art centers, and most importantly the L’Oceanografic Aquarium.  The aquarium  is built like a water lily to give all an aquatic life experience.


4. La Rambla of Barcelona

Typically where visitors head first in Barcelona is La Rambla.  It is a boulevard that cuts through the center of the city lined with restaurants, cafes, book and apparel stores.  It is lined with beautiful trees that give a perfect location to sit and have a coffee.  You can take a leisurely stroll and immerse yourself in the Spanish lifestyle just like a local in Barcelona.

Barcelona has a fantastic climate and the cities revitalization, especially following the 1992 Summer Olympics,  has made it truly a global city.  Barcelona has 8 UNESCO World Heritage sites and one of the best beaches in the world, making it a haven for international travelers.  We suggest sightseeing and then heading to La Rabla for a coffee and stroll at sundown.  It really cannot be beat.


Cordaba Spain

5. Toledo

If you love history and tradition, head to Toledo.  Narrow streets, blind alleys and old-style traditional homes make this city truly an open-air museum.  Whether it is Moore architecture or Gothic buildings, the entire history of Spain seems to be on display in Toledo.  Toledo is only about 45 miles from Madrid and has multiple modes of transportation to and from Spain’s capital.  The walled old-city, another UNESCO World Heritage Site, preserves it’s medieval lay out.  Most people go for a day, but stay overnight.  The city at sunset is beautiful and to fit in all there is to do you will need extra time.


6. Palace of Alhambra in Granada

Even if you have seem documentaries and shows on the Palace of Alhambra in Granada, Spain, seeing it in real life will leave you breathless.  This monument is the most significant evidence of the rise and fall of the old Islamic civilization.  And this was the most important palace.  Lavish gardens, beautiful fountains and intricately designed stone carvings will make this a high light of any trip. The beautiful tiles lined on the floors and the tops were especially collected from around the world and carved and polished to give Alhambra its luxurious look.

Adjoining it is the uncompleted palace that was being built for the Emperor Charles V. Although not completed still this is the epitome of perfection and there are many other monuments, chapels and monasteries located in Granada that are definitely worth visiting.

We recommend visiting Granada in the shoulder months as the summer can become uncomfortably hot.

7. Other areas of Spain


There are literally hundreds of small towns and out of the way places you will love in Spain. Just Explore.

There are many  other areas to visit in Spain such a Cordoba, Castile and Leon.  The wine region is spectacular and both Kati and I love Spanish wine.  The Mediterranean beaches, the historic cities and towns are truly wonderful.  Spain is also a great place to find some fantastic agritourism to make an unforgettable holiday.   There is literally something for everyone in Spain.



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