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Chile (the green destination – officially the Republic of Chile) is a long, narrow country, situated in western South America. Santiago, the capital city of Chile, is located in a valley surrounded by the Andes and Chilean coast range mountains. Chile is near twice the size of Montana and is bounded on its east by Argentina, on the north by Peru and Bolivia, and on the west by the Pacific Ocean. A federation of 16 states, the country Chile is mainly known for its safety and is the only country with the lowest crime rates. There is even limited use of public transport and commercial activities. Chile is a peaceful country according to the report of the Global Peaceful Index. The country is also praised worldwide by the visitors for its peace, its stunning natural scenery, and the unforgettable experiences.

Chile at a Glance

CURRENCY:  The Chilean Peso is the currency of Chile. The currency code for Pesos is CLP, and the currency symbol is $.

VISA: All Chile visitors need to have a valid passport of about 6 months. Travelers can stay up to 90 days in Chile. Not applicable to USA Transit Visa. Visitors except the visa-exempt countries must obtain a Chilean visa from one of the Chilean Diplomatic missions.

LANGUAGE: The official language of Chile is Spanish. Among the vast majority of about 18 million Chilean, 17 million speak Spanish as their native language. Here, the use of indigenous language is encouraged as per the Chilean law

  • Sight Seeing 70% 70%
  • Cost 70% 70%
  • Ease of Travel 80% 80%
  • Activities 85% 85%

Chile is filled with beautiful scenery to the arid Atacama Desert and its salty surroundings. Visitors wander the streets, admire buildings, and marvel at the high mountains. Chile even won the award of WTA as the World’s Best Green Destination.

Top Experiences in Chile

1. The Atacama Desert

Atacama Desert

The Atacama Desert

The Atacama desert is located about 13 km to the west of Pedro de Atacama at the northern end of the country and closer to the border of Bolivia. In Atacama desert, there are dry lake beds, and due to the deposition of salt, there are the white residues, which are prone to the production of natural saline outcrops. The Atacama desert is also known as the valley of the moon where you can indulge more enchanting its beauty. Visitors can travel here by bike rides, tour buses, self-drive cars or rentals, and many other traveling vehicles available. One of the famous features of the Atacama desert is the Cavern, a large cave that comprises some historical evidence such as pictographs created by the early man and some among them were the world’s largest mummies. The Atacama Desert offers an entry fee of 3000 Chilean Peso for the visitors.

2. Santiago


Santiago de Chile

The cultural capital of Chile, Santiago is the country mainly known for its entertainment and fun activities. Visitors can shop, explore the best food restaurants, visit museums as well as galleries, and can stay at the beautiful hotels, which give harmony to heart and mind. Located in the hub of transportation, Santiago is home to several events showcasing the very best of Chilean culture. Santiago city holds a cosmopolitan current life and there are ski slopes in Farellones as well as several beautiful resorts, located near Farellones. Chile even has its greatest concentration of industries in Santiago, which mainly includes products like shoes, foodstuffs, textiles, clothes, etc. Some mesmerizing activities in Santiago that visitors can prefer includes a visit to San Cristobal hill, Santa Lucia hill, Plaza De Armas, La Moneda Palace, Parque Tupahue, central market, Portillo, Sky Costanera, and various other heartwarming places.

3. The Chilean Lake District

The Chilean Lake District is situated at a distance of 330 km away from the Temuco to Puerto Montt. The district appears like the alpine regions of Europe making it a place worth exploring for its astonishing and stirring tourist spots. The place is one of the best choices for visitors who are fond of adventurous things, as The Chilean Lake District accommodates several fun-doing activities. Visitors can go hiking, biking potential, volcano climbing, white water rafting, kayaking, canoeing, horse riding, and various other things. Apart from these activities, lakes are also the essential tourist spots in the Chilean Lake District, as the name suggests. Visitors can visit several lakes and some of them are, Lake Llanquihue, General Carrera Lake, Grey Lake, Lake Pehoé, Todos Los Santos Lake (Lago Todos Los Santos), Riñihue Lake, and other Chile lakes, which you would admire the most.

4. Valparaiso

Valparaiso is the third-largest city of Chile, located between the sea and the coastal mountain range. It is situated at a distance of 112 km away from Santiago city, towards the northwest direction. Valparaiso is one of the convenient locations to go for an expedition from the main Santiago city.
One of the major attractions in the city, Valparaiso is its steep funiculars and the colorful clifftop homes. Being prominent for its old convex streets and the idiosyncratic architecture works, the city incorporates several attractive beaches and dockyards within it where visitors can enjoy several fun activities. Apart from these, many sightseeing exertions such as Lord Cochrane’s Museums, Naval, the Maritime Museum, and many more locations like these are there for visitors to enjoy in the city. Whenever you visit, you must see the major attractions of the place.

5. Los Pingüinos Natural Monument

Los Pinguinos Natural Monument is yet another well-known location to visit in the country, Chile. It is the place where you can seek for the efforts to make the place more graceful and mesmerizing. One of the renowned monuments in Los Pinguinos is situated in the northeast region of the city of Punta Arenas. The monument is located at a distance of 35 km on the Southern tip of the island, which incorporates the exquisite Magdalena and Marta islands. Besides, in Los Pinguinos, one of Chile’s huge penguin colonies is there that covers an arena of about 60,000 breeding pairs of Magellanic penguins. This island also incorporates a large colony of seals and sea lions.

6. The Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter Works

One of the famous former saltpeter refineries in Chile, the Humber stone and the Santa Laura Saltpeter works is situated near the northern part of the city of Iquique, in the remote area named Pampa desert, the driest desert on earth. The place was also announced as a UNESCO world heritage site in 2005. This alluring and breathtaking place once was the home to a bustling community of over more than 200 former works. For more than 60 years, a lot of workers from Bolivia, Chile, and the Peruvian were labored as hostile in the works of Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter. Throughout the time of hostility, the workers here forged a different communal pampions culture, which is evident in their rich language, solidarity, and many more in their pioneering struggle for social justice. The culture is still followed by the people of Chile. The Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter Works offer an entry fee of C $3000 for visitors.

7. Marvelous National Parks of Chile

– Torres Del Paine National Park

The Torres Del Paine National Park is one of the most beautiful and natural places in Chile encompassing mountains, galleries, rivers, and lakes. The “Cordillera Del Paine” is known as the centerpiece of the park. Visitors can prefer hiking, horse riding, Boating, and many more unpredictable things that you will love the most to enjoy fully. Sunsets to the lagoon and hiking into glaciers are the captivating features and will please the senses as well as the mind aesthetically. The most preferable weather to visit this national park is from October to April with the warmest temperature. A nice walk to the Cuernos viewpoint, one of the closest possible locations to view the dazzling mountains in Chile. Another most important feature is the three enormous rock towers that give the park the label. One must plan to visit this place whenever they visit Chile.T he Torres Del Paine National Park offers an entry fee of 15.000 CLP or about 23 US dollars for visitors.



Torres de Paine

-Rapa Nui National Park

Situated on Easter Island in the South Pacific Ocean, the Rapa Nui national park is at a distance of about  2300 miles from Santiago, Chile. The national park is one of the indigenous monikers of Easter island. The national park incorporates the most impressive artifacts left at the island’s archaeological sites. The main aim of the park leadership is to conserve and protect the island’s habitats, so they can study the monuments. Moai is also one of the massive stone bodies that were the ancestors’ physical representation. There are even about 900 moai and 300 ceremonial platforms in the park. These astonishing stone sculptures hold the eyes of tourists. Another centerpiece of the park is the Ahu Tongariki, which is the most gigantic collection comprising 15 of the statues that have been constructed again on the platform. The national park even incorporates an entry fee of 54,000 pesos for visitors.

Easter Island

Easter Island

– Lauca National Park

Situated in the north of the Chilean state, the Lauca National Park is one of the major tourist national parks. Located at a distance of 140 km far from the city of Africa, the national park covers a land area of about 1300 square kilometers. The Lauca National Park incorporates several huge mountain ranges and volcanoes surrounding it and that’s the reason that numerous people are fascinating for this place. Visitors can indulge in the delightful glory of the park by experiencing hiking around the mountains, and lakes, relishing yourself with pleasant vibes. Several magnificent archaeological sites are also located there in the park that acts as evidence of the survival of the early European settlers.

– Pumalin Park

One of the most consulted locations in Chile is Pumalin Park, which was entrenched as a natural sanctuary in the year 2005. After that, the park became one of the most popular and most visited conservative areas in Chile. The Pumalin park extends to an area of about 9,88,000 acres that stretches from the Andes to the Pacific, the most pristine coastline and forest cover area in Chile. This specific region is not touched by humans for some development purposes, hence it is very fetching and natural. The area also covers a wide range of flora and fauna, which even comprises some of the oldest trees, and several other such species making the place more delightful and enchanting.

As you can see, there are several places in Chile to visit and the places mentioned above are some of the e most popular tourist spots in the country. So, we recommend you to plan a trip to South America,nto relish the attractions, deriving pleasure around the most wonderful and the artistic country, Chile.


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