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Argentinian Cuisine.  What exactly is it?

I always looked forward to heading to Argentina.  One reason.  The meat.  The steak.  The beef.  With Chimichurri.  I really do not believe you can get any better.  But there are other great foods in Argentina. When traveling to Argentina, you are in for a treat of flavorsome delicacies throughout. Be it street food, cafes, top-notch restaurants, or traditional cuisines, Argentina will sway you off your feet. The food here comprises of several cheesy dishes, meats, sandwiches, and others.

Beef is one of the most prominent ingredients for Argentinian dishes. The preparations in this country are full of flavors, innovations, and imagination. Be it empanadas or pizzas, Argentina has its touch with these renowned dishes and to gel with these delicacies, there is a wide range of wines and cocktails.

Apart from sumptuous meals, there are multiple snacking options when in Argentina. The lomitos are delicious sandwiches that you can grab from any of the street-side eateries. Other snacking items include choripan and milaneses that you would love to the core. Argentinians also feature a sweet tooth. While touring the country, you would come across various lip-smacking desserts. If you are a fan of sweets, you would love Argentinian desserts.

Argentinian restaurants feature several Italian dishes on their menu. You would also come across vegetarian and Spanish choices when it comes to restaurants and eateries. Other options also include Mexican, Polish, and Thai. All in all, Argentina is a heavenly destination for food lovers. Along with several delicacies, you get to try out drinks of a wide variety. To know more about Argentinian food and drinks, stay glued!



Top 5 Traditional items of Argentinian Cuisine

Locro, a traditional stew

Locro is a national dish of Argentina. It is served in cold winters as a cure to a cold meal. Also, traditionally, it is served on 25th May on Argentina’s May Revolution Day. It is a thick stew made up of corn, potatoes, beans, some meat, along with a garnishing of bay leaves and cumin. Generally, it is served with a typical hot spicy sauce named chimichurri. It is made up of paprika, chili, onions, and parsley with other herbs. All the ingredients, along with other herbs, are smothered together in hot olive oil.



Empanadas are a Traditional street-side delicacy in Argentine. These are baked or fried dough pockets filled with spiced fillings. The most common filling relished by people is minced beef with chopped onion and cumin. There are also a couple of variants with different fillings like chicken, cheese and ham, sweet corn, veggies, and more.



The empanadas are wonderful in Argentina.



Faina, Argentinian Pizza

Argentinian pizza is one of the cheesiest in the world. There are just three rules to prepare the lip-smacking Argentinian pizza; light sauce, thick pizza crust, and loaded with cheese. Their cheese should be dripping from the slices. Some of the commonly used pizza toppings include chili flakes, oregano, and green olives. If you desire to enjoy the Argentinian pizza like a local, try it with Faina. Faina is a thick and crunchy flatbread made up of chickpea flour. The purpose of faina with pizza is to set it at the top as a top crunchy layer.


Choripan, chorizo sandwich

Made up of pan (bread) and chorizo, Choripan is the popular Argentinian hot-dog. It is a delicious street food that people enjoy on regular basis. Choripan is delicious, simple, and cheap topped with spicy and fresh chimichurri.


Chorizo being prepared. Have a Choripan with Chimichurri.



Medialunas, Argentinian croissant

Medialunas are the Argentinian version of the renowned French croissant that is loved worldwide. These are way gooier and denser than the French croissant. The taste of Medialunas is either slightly sweet or salty and is served with hot beverages like tea and coffee. You would find medialunas common in coffee shops and bakeries in Argentina.


Top 5 Street Food



Argentina is known for beef, and Lomito is a beef sandwich that the locals are fond of. Apart from beef, the sandwich contains tomatoes, onions, mayonnaise, lettuce, melted cheese, ham, and fried egg.



The next street food on the list is a sausage named Choripan (refer to above). It is made up of 30% pork and 70% beef. It is clubbed between two bread pieces. It is enjoyed with the tasty chimichurri sauce.




Empanadas are small fried or baked salty pastries with delicious stuffing (refer to above). The stuffing is mostly of goat meat, cheese, sweet corn, etc. There are small, crunchy, and served hot.



When in Argentina, one cannot come back home without trying out a hotdog. Pancho is the Argentinian version of a hot dog. They often add fried potatoes to give their hot dog a different twist. The more toppings one adds, the better the hot dog gets. The hot dogs are served with various kinds of sauces, the best one being the salsa golf sauce. It is a mixture of ketchup, mustard sauce, and mayonnaise.



Milanesa is a typical Argentinian sandwich with an Italian influence. Milanesa comprise of thin beef slices with crumbs of bread. There are other variants of Milanesa made up of cod fish or chicken. The typical version is served with white bread and lettuce, mayonnaise, and tomatoes.


Top 5 Restaurants


Fogon Asado

Fogon Asado is one of the finest places to dine while in the capital city, Buenos Aires. If you desire to pair up excellent wine with top-notch international cuisines, then Fogon Asado is surely worth considering. This place takes a modern twist with the traditional parrilla experience. One of the most loves combinations here is that of chorizo and sausage.


When in Buenos Aires head to Fogon Asada for a great experience and a fantastic meal.



i-Latina is a fine Latin restaurant serving wines, cocktails, and delicious cuisines. It features a tasting menu as per seasons that visitors get to try hands-on. The menu includes Argentinian, Mexican, Latin, Peruvian, and Colombian dishes to taste. The dishes served here are exceptional, along with an equally stunning ambiance. The menu features a wide range of dishes, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines.



Chile is a classy and sophisticated dining outlet in Argentina that serves delicious recipes to its guests. While dining here, you get a wide range of food varieties belonging to Argentinian cuisine. The dishes that make it one of the renowned places are shrimp and snacks. You must also try the desserts that they serve here.


Dario Gualtieri Bistro

Dario Gualtieri Bistro is a vegetarian-friendly choice if you are looking for one. They serve vegan dishes that are completely gluten-free and much recommended for the health and diet conscious. They also serve an eight-course meal along with wine combinations. Nestled in Buenos Aires, this is one of the finest restaurants to check out.


El Baqueano

El Baqueano features a magnificent meal menu for its visitors. Some of the delicious preparations they serve include innovative delicacies like quinoa and llama meat. The ostrich and minced llama meat are highly recommended dishes when visiting El Baqueano.

El Baqueano

Go to El Baqueanos and try the llama meat. It really is special.


Insider Tip

If you plan to visit an eatery on the 29th of a month, then you would find a special Gnocchi menu which is a tradition thought to be imbibed from the Italian immigrants. Do not miss your special Gnocchi treat if you plan your visit towards the end of the month.


Our Final Word

Argentina is a large, wide open country that is much more than Buenos Aires.  We recommend to start in Buenos Aires and head out into the country side.  Try the food along the way, as it will surely delight you.  The Argentinians have figured out a way to make all parts of the animal fantastic.  So don’t be scared to try the throat or another part that would seem foreign.  The people are warm and welcoming and it is a chance to see real cowboys (vaqueros) working huge ranches.  Argentina is special.

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