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When I lived in Zimbabwe and would travel to Zambia, Zambia was not really on the radar as a safari destination.  Over the past years, this has changed and Zambia is now a premier destination to experience authentic Africa. Known to be one of the safest travel destinations, Zambia welcomes travelers in harmony and peace. It is the land of renowned African safaris, abundant wildlife, Victoria Falls, raw wilderness, and the Zambezi River. For anyone who desires to travel awe-inspiring natural landscapes and raw experiences, Zambia is a heavenly pick. A trip to Zambia brings you close to mother nature with its abundant offerings in the form of water bodies, open natural spaces, forest covers, and exotic wildlife. 

In Zambia, wildlife safaris are offered at their best. They get you face-to-face with exotic natural surroundings and wildlife. There are over seventeen spectacular waterfalls, including the notable Victoria Falls. While wandering around, one gets a taste of the remote village lifestyle of the African locals. The local cuisine is worth a try. While traveling across the cities and towns in Zambia make sure to indulge in a local food tour to get a taste of the exotic African delicacies.

Zambia at a Glance

Currency – The currency of Zambia is Zambian Kwacha. It comprises of one hundred ngwees.

Visa – A visa is necessary for entering Zambia. One can obtain a Zambia entry visa online via the e-services website of the Department of Immigration or at any entry point at the time of arrival.

Language – Zambia is home to a population that speaks various languages. Bemba, Lozi, Luvale, Kaonde, Nyanja, Tonga, and Lunda are the seven official domestic languages of Zambia. However, English is the formal language used in government, education, law, conducting business, etc.


  • Sight Seeing 85% 85%
  • Cost 80% 80%
  • Ease of Travel 65% 65%
  • Activities 80% 80%

When I recollect my memories about Zambia, I find myself surrounded by the marvelous waterfalls and the freshness of nature.

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Top Experiences in Zambia

Summer Activities

Months from November to April are the rainy months in Zambia, correspondent to the Summer season. There are some thrilling summer activities that you can enjoy while in Zambia. Let us take a look at them –

  1. Camping – Summer months in Zambia witness a lot of camping activities. People head out in groups to exotic locations with like-minded individuals and indulge in group activities.
  1. Witness mammal migration – Kasanka National Park witnesses almost 10 million fruit bats migrate to its premises. The sky blooms with the largest mammal migration the world witnesses. The precise timing for this activity is from October to December.
  1. Whitewater Rafting – Blessed with various water bodies, Zambia offers rafting opportunities to its guests. Explore the stunning landscapes around while you traverse down the water current.


Winter Activities

The Winter season is correspondent to the cool dry months ranging from May to November. The dry season lasts in two parts. The hot-dry season ranging from September to November, and the cool-dry seasons ranging from May to August. Winter months offer varying exciting activities for tourists. Some of them are listed below. Let us take a look –

  1. Wildlife Safaris – Zambia is well known for wildlife safari tours. It is one of the most common activities for tourists and locals. Safaris take you into densely forested areas amidst natural surroundings and wild animals. Safaris are the most common and popular
  1. Bunjee Jumping – How does jumping down a 110 meters height sound to you? Bunjee jumping at an exotic location like Victoria falls gives an adrenaline rush to adventure enthusiasts. It is a must-experience activity while in Zambia.

Wildlife Safaris in Zambia are a big draw.



Cities and Towns

Lusaka – Lusaka is the capital city of Zambia. Although it is one of the finest and largest cities in the country, it is often overlooked by travelers. This capital city blooms with upscale markets, restaurants, cafes, bars, and great establishments around. Some of the places of interest include Lusaka National Park, Kawata social town, Sunday artworks showcase, Zambia’s national historical center, etc.

Kitwe – This is the second-largest city in Zambia nestled in Copperbelt Province. Kitwe is rich with several mining industries. Rich in the mining industry, while traveling Kitwe, make sure to shop for some exclusive art and craft antiques. Vacationers here indulge in informal lodging. Tourists book cabins as per convenience and cool for themselves. Visiting and exploring Kitwe is more like exploring a city like its local. One of the tourist places worth exploring is the Chembe Bird Sanctuary that lies about 30 kilometers from Kitwe. It is a thick woodland with campsites and a calm lake by the side. The place flaunts plenty of firewood, clean water, lush greenery, and a peaceful lake. Tourists love spending time by the lake spotting colorful birds. There are boating tours available for hire in case you desire sailing on the waters. Some of the other places worth visiting include Mwekwera Falls, Kumasamba Lodge, Nkana Mines, and Mindolo Dam.

Kabwe – Kabwe was once called Broken Hill. It is the capital city of Zambia Central Province. Kabwe offers ample lodging, guest houses, caravan, camping, and guest house facilities. Some of the tourist places in Kabwe includes the BigTree National Monument, Mulungushi River, Broken Hill Man Memorial, and Lukanga Swamp.

Livingstone – Livingstone is the next on the list where locals are noticed mingling with the tourists. It witnesses most roadside businesses out of all the cities of Zambia. You can explore the local markets on your city excursion tour. Victoria Waterfalls, the renowned tourist attraction, can be explored while in Livingstone. Having Victoria Falls as an attraction, Livingstone becomes one of the most visited tourist destinations in Zambia. To explore the majestic waterfall and indulge in thrilling activities is quite an enjoyable experience for tourists from all over the world. One of the popular adventure activities here is rafting on the Zambezi waters. Furthermore, if you desire to shop, visit the Maranba marketplace. Marketplaces here are cheerful and lively. The oldest and largest museum of Zambia finds its home in Livingstone. The Livingstone Museum, founded in 1930, gives an insight into the culture and evolution of Zambian history.

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is a must-see destination in Zambia. It borders Zimbabwe and offers many activities along the Zambezi river.



Ndola – Ndola city is a friendly city with greenery around. It is a commercial center nestled about 320 kilometers away from Lusaka. If you visit the city in July, make sure to explore the very famous annual Zambia International Trade Fair. It is a one-stop location for various attractive goods. For a safari tour in Ndola, one can head to the Nsobe Game Camp. Other places to surely visit in Ndola include the renowned Dag Hammarskjold Memorial Site, Copperbelt Museum, Levy Mwanawasa Stadium, etc.

Chingola – Chingola is blessed with immense greenery and a bounty of colorful flowers. This city received higher rainfall, and the result shows in the landscapes. Chingola features some open-cast mines. If outdoor sports interest you, you can plan on visiting the Nchanga Golf Course. It is said to be one of the finest Golf courses in Africa. Another place of interest includes the Chimfunshi Chimpanzee Sanctuary. You can spot rich wilderness and click some amazing photographs on your tour. Various photography and wildlife enthusiasts visit Chingola and take back memories for a lifetime.

Choma – Choma is yet another beautiful small town in Zambia. One can plan to visit it while exploring Livingstone or Lusaka. Choma lies around 188 kilometers from Livingstone and 285 kilometers from Lusaka. Choma, a market town in the southern province, is home to cafes, marketplaces, lodges, and more. One can indulge in sightseeing tours, food tours, cultural tours, etc., while in Choma. Wandering through the downtown and exploring the boutiques and museums can define your afternoons in Choma. Enjoying a five-course meal at the local eateries can be a great experience, where you can enjoy tasting delicious local cuisine.

Siavonga – Siavonga welcomes guests from the country as well as internationally throughout the year. It sits conveniently on the northern banks of Kariba Lake. Lake Kariba is the largest water reservoir in the world. It attracts a major number of tourists each year. The city is also popularly known as the ‘Riviera of Zambia’. Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia, lies merely a couple of hours away via a drive. People often explore the two cities back to back. One of the places of interest includes the Zambezi Valley. It is a popular holidaying destination among tourists. If you wish to spend some peaceful time amidst nature, Siavonga is an ideal pick.



There are two dominant seasons in the country. One is the season of abundance, and the other one is of stress. The rainy season is the period of plenty when mother nature blooms. The season of worry is the dry season when the rivers slim down, and the areas become dry. There is often a shortage of food, and people depend on meat. However, wildlife and nature are the major attractions for tourists in Zambia. The government of Zambia is working towards the betterment of the conditions during the dry months.


Our Final Word

Zambia is rich in wilderness and wildlife. Zambia is a treat for photography enthusiasts and wildlife lovers. It offers the finest wildlife safaris rendering a chance to witness classical African wild animals. Apart from other varying animals, there are natives of Africa like Thornicroft’s giraffes. The rich grasslands are home to zebras, antelopes, etc. All in all, the major attraction of Zambia is its dense wilderness and wildlife.


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