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Situated in Western Asia, Jordan is an Arab country on the eastern bank of the Jordan river. Syria borders it from the north, Palestine, and Israel from the West, Iraq from the north-east, and Saudi Arabia from the south. Located in Asia, Europe, and Africa’s crossroads, it has been seen as one of the most beautiful and enduring enclaves of the locale. Jordan is filled with stunning UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the tribal pleasant hotspots.

Thousands of years ago, the humans in the paleolithic period had made Jordan what it is now. Amman, the capital of Jordan, is one of the most populous and famous cities. It is the political, economic, and cultural center of the country. The country is semi-arid, slightly small, and landlocked, incorporating 89,342 sq. km. It is at 11th position in the list of most populous Arab countries with 10 million citizens. Jordan is renowned as the Oasis of Stability, where most citizens follow Sunni Islam but a Christian coexists as the minor religion.

Jordan is a popular tourist destination. Not only this, the country surpasses medical tourism as well because of the well-developed health region. Visitors can explore Aqaba’s vibrant roads located on the Red Sea for the best diving. Besides, the midtown zones of Amman hosts the incredible nightlife scene and contemporary artistry.

Jordan at a Glance


Tourists traveling to Jordan must obtain a passport with a 6-month validity and a non-refundable round trip ticket, except for the govt. Workers. An identity card is also accepted for EU citizens and Lebanese citizens on arriving at the Aqaba airport from Brussels via a direct flight.


The Jordanian Dinar is Jordan’s and the West Bank’s currency. In terms of US dollars, 1 USD equals 0.71 JOD. In 1949, the Jordanian Dinar began circulating in the country, and the Palestine pound was the currency used before that. However, in 1964, Jordan’s Central Bank was created, and the initial series of banknotes were in denominations of 1, 5, 10, etc. dinar. Jordan’s economy is one of the lowest economies but is captivating for foreign traders on their skills.


Arabic is the official language of Jordan. The citizens speak the Jordanian Arabic of Jordan’s the Hashemite Kingdom. With Palestinian Arabic, the country also holds the ISO 639-3 code known as South Levantine Arabic. More than 6 million citizens spoke Jordanian Arabic, and as it is an Arab country, Arabic is also standard.

  • Sight Seeing 85% 85%
  • Cost 70% 70%
  • Ease of Travel 80% 80%
  • Activities 85% 85%

Kati and I discovered Portugal with Tap Airlines.  They allow up to 5 days layover with no additional costs in either Porto or Lisbon.  It was a perfect way to get to know the country while traveling to another destination.  

Top Experiences in Jordan



Petra at night.

Petra is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Jordan and among the world’s seven wonders. Two hundred years ago, when Jean Louis Burckhardt, the Swiss explorer, rediscovered the place, it has gained popularity. Visitors need about two days to tour the 800 registered spots in Petra.

The well-preserved place, Petra, is not similar to any other site in Jordan. Just after entering the area, visitors will be overwhelmed to discover the magical Djinn Blocks. These impose stone memorials with mysterious remains, following the Obelisk Tomb. Further, visitors can explore Siq, the famous pathway of snake canyon surrounded by tall walls. Along the fences, several historic channel remnants were used for supplying water to Petra, and the sacred carvings as niches are there, known as baetyl. They are the artifacts that acknowledge Petra as a holy town.

The Treasury, known as the Al-Khazneh, is overviewed with its Hellenistic facade, the other most enchanting place to visit. People believe that the rock-hewn masterpiece, built as the resting spot for Aretas IV – the Nabatean king, was once the place to hide the Egyptian Pharaoh’s treasure. Apart from these places, visitors can explore tombs, streets of facades, overlook the spectacular view at High Place of Sacrifice, the enchanting colonnaded road, and theater.

For more, you can visit the 850 rock-cut stairs that lead their way to the monastery. This is the incredible structure enfolded in hills. Don’t forget to stay at Petra until it’s dark so that you can enjoy the night show imposing 1500 candles at Siq and the Treasury.



The incredible site o Jerash

Jerash, the place where visitors can embellish the feel back in the time of Romans. One of the best Roman cities, Jerash, features unique and breathtaking places to explore. From temples and colonnaded avenues to the massive sports spot, the town comprises about 15,000 seating capacity.


Hadrian’s Arch is about an 11-meter tall construction/structure, a magnificent place where tourists seek adventure in Jerash. It was not enough here as the Hippodrome, the sports arena built in the 2nd century, hosted a chariot race. It was for the entertainment of numerous onlookers. This ancient game has been brought back through the reenactments and features the chariot racing and fighting gladiators laps.

Another important highlight in Jerash is the Forum, the oval-shaped plaza connected by the vertical column, giving a regal feel. Visitors can climb the stairs of the Zeus temple nearby to discover a more thrilling colonnaded site view. The performance that is their montage of the South theatre will be more happening. In all, Jerash is a place that incorporates a beautiful yet adventuring thing for everyone. Explore to know which site you want to experience, and remember, there is no shade at all. Bring water, a sunhat, sunscreen, and other things to protect yourself from sun rays.


Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is like a dream.

The great spans of the Southern Jordan’s Wadi Rum resemble sun-sizzled and shining subtle red and orange under the Arabian sun. It is one of the most thrilling and spectacular tourist destinations across the world and in Jordan. They are among the marvelous everyday miracles in the locale. Carved from the rugged limestone slopes that ascend and fall drastically on the Aqaba’seastern edges, the renowned valley is the ultimate backwoods of Jordan.

Also known as the Valley of the moon, the wadi rum’s rock valley is the heavenly experience surrounding massive dunes, caverns, cliffs, and archways. The place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011 and has been spotted in the film Lawrence of Arabia in 1962. This lovely red-sand desert is renowned for its dazzling nightfalls, which look through the rock arrangements and the mountains at different points, making the absolute best picturesque place.

Visitors can experience camel rides, Arabian horse rides, rock-climbing on sandstone cliffs, hiking through tunnels, and several more. In all, the place is an ecotourism playground. Also, visit the Khazali Canyon to discover the antelopes and petroglyphs of the humans of the 8th century BC. It won’t be a waste if you spend a night at the luxurious camping destination in the world. So, visiting Wadi Rum is one of the essential and captivating things to accomplish in Jordan.


The lowest spot on earth, the Dead Sea, carves its way through the Middle Eastern’s Levant heartlands. Located 418 meters below the sea level, the dead sea grows the incredible shades of aquamarine. They especially strike next to the salt-encrusted stone ledges and the barren red mountains in the backdrop. Emerging mountains and ochre-tinted sand rises surround the slightest, and generally intense of the world’s seawater bodies of the Dead Sea. All of them ponder the surface wonderfully as the Arabian sun thumps.

Well-known for the mineral-rich water, the dead sea is believed to comprise healing properties. Visitors must not plan to swim as the dead sea is dense and striking, that all you could do is float at the top. Despite this, you can access the spot from various entry points that include the Amman beach in it. Visitors can enjoy the scenery by staying at the plush spa resort situated on the Dead Sea’s northeast coast. The resort provides wading areas with the mud buckets of the dead sea. Take a bath with this red-brown mud. Your skin will be smooth and softer than ever before.

Also known as the hypersaline lake, it’s a lake that is genuinely one of Earth’s great spots. Beneath, you will discover ten intriguing realities alongside a display of an image of this fascinating spot. The Dead Sea in the United States is like the Great Salt Lake. One must avoid getting water from the dead sea in their eyes as the salinity can cause worse conditions.


Madaba is a popular tourist destination in Jordan and is the place where Jesus was baptized. It is the historic industrial trading city and is home to the numerous mosaics discovered in the world’s absolute location. Many of these mosaics are situated on the church floors and buildings across the city.

Mesmerizing St. George Church in Madaba is one of the well-known mosaics in Jordan, the Madaba Mosaic Map. It is the 6th-century map that describes the holy land of the Byzantine period. It even showcases the cartography of the biblical era. Around 2 million tiles are not known, but despite that, the map will give the visitors an enchanting glance at how the Middle East was several centuries ago.

Visitors can explore other mosaics at the archeological parks of Madaba. The Archeological Park incorporates an open-air museum that contains the geometric mosaics from the Virgin Mary’s church. Virgin Mary is the site established in the 6th century but was exhibited in 1887. This enchanting place highlights the old mosaic houses in Jordan, dating from the 1st century BC. Besides, some highlights include carpet-like tiles with four-season work and nature in the byzantine villa. At the Archeological Park II, tourists can locate the glamorous mansion ruins from the 6th century period.

Final Words

Jordan is one of the most mesmerizing and beautiful middle east countries to visit. If you are planning to travel to Jordan, then don’t forget to go through this guide. You will get to know the best destinations we traveled to. You may explore other guides as well to acquire more knowledge.


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