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Travel and photography are often inseparable. Any photography enthusiast knows that photography can make even the mundane amazing. However, you can also find gorgeous subject matter everywhere else in the world when you want to.

If you’re looking to go on a pilgrimage for your love of photography, here are nine fascinating destinations to include in your itinerary.


1. Marrakech, Morocco

There are plenty of gorgeous landscapes that you can find in Marrakech, Morocco. Some of them are best seen by foot, so make sure you bring your hiking poles with you if you feel that you’re up to snuff when it comes to the hiking trails.

You’ll be able to take amazing travel photos in these harder-to-reach areas, so it would certainly be worth your while. You can also see colorful and grand palaces and mosques outside of these natural spots that would be the darling of your camera lens.

With their vibrant colors and excellent structure, any photography lover would want to see these mosques. Some examples would be the Koutoubia Mosque, the Bahia Palace, and the Saadian Tombs.



2. Arashiyama, Japan

Japan always has some fascinating cities that are sure to capture the hearts of many photographers. However, if you want to focus on only one city in the country for your photography pilgrimage, you should go to Arashiyama.

Located in the outskirts of Kyoto, there’s much to see in Arashiyama.

One of the most popular places to go to would be the many temples all over Arashiyama. An iconic temple would be the Tenryuji Temple because a green bamboo forest surrounds it along the way to the temple.

Another unique photography spot would be the Kimono Forest outside the Arashiyama station.


3. Vanuatu, South Pacific

There are many gorgeous island nations around the South Pacific. But Vanuatu is perhaps one of its most underrated yet still beautiful islands.

For beach lovers or those fond of the tropical scene, Vanuatu is a travel bucket list must-have. As a photographer, there are certain spots in Vanuatu that might interest you more.

The Blue Lagoon in Vanuatu is like a sapphire gemstone in the middle of the emerald landscape. Not only is it great for cooling down, but it’s also picture-perfect.

If you’re looking for exciting and unique subject matters in your photos, you should try and take a volcano tour to Mount Yasur. This regularly active volcano is sure to show you what it means when sparks fly.


4. Otago Region, New Zealand

New Zealand is known for having unique and fantastical landscapes, which is why it’s most often the setting behind several fantasy movies.


The Otago region of New Zealand should prove to you just how diverse and beautiful New Zealand landscapes are. The Moeraki Boulders Beach in Otago is one of the unique sights you can find in New Zealand.

The boulders littering the beach are round, which is what makes them stand out. Make sure to go there during the low tide to get a chance to see them better.

Another attractive sight in the Otago Region is the only castle in New Zealand: the Larnach Castle and Gardens. Its gardens are lovely to see, and they’ll surely shine more when captured by your lenses.


5. Ring of Kerry, Ireland

If you’re craving a road trip while taking exquisite photos, the Ring of Kerry scenic drive in Ireland is one of the most popular ones to take.

There’s history there as well as dramatic views if you look for them. You’re going to feel magical when you take the time to stop by these sceneries.

Some of the iconic and unmissable stops along your Ring of Kerry road trip would be the Ladies View. The Ladies View is a gorgeous scene to behold, especially when the weather is clear and you can fully enjoy all the details.

Other spots worth noticing are Moll’s Gap, the Skellig Islands from afar, the Gap of Dunloe, and so many more.


6. London, England

London, England, has plenty of iconic and world-renowned spots that you would want to capture in your way through your camera.

The London Eye is a popular subject for photographers in London for a good reason. Big Ben is also a sight to behold when you’re there.

If you want to catch a photo of the iconic red telephone booths, you should head over to the back of the Covent Garden, where you’ll see some of them.


7. Burano, Italy

In Venice, Italy, Burano Island is one of the more unique places to see in the country, precisely because of how colorful it is. Every street catches your eye, and there are plenty of angles and styles that you can take to capture the colorful houses on the island of Burano.

It’s a sight to behold, and capturing them in photos will help you keep that memory with you.


8. Paris, France

Of course, one of the most photographed places in the world would be a gorgeous city called the City of Lights, a.k.a. Paris, France.

The Eiffel Tower is a popular subject matter. The Arc de Triomphe is another impressive human-made structure that you would want to capture with your camera.

However, just walking around the streets should get you enough material without having to go to particular spots popular in Paris.


9. Whitsundays, Australia

Whitsundays in Australia has some gorgeous beaches that your camera would love to capture. To get the best shots of these beaches, you should consider hopping on a small plane and taking your photos from there.

Some of the spots you would want to capture would be the Heart Reef or the Hardy Reef and Whitehaven Beach.

These nine destinations all have something unique and beautiful, inspiring you to pick up your camera and start taking shots. If you want to find gorgeous photography subjects, these destinations will indeed create a spark in your creative mind. So make sure that you visit them soon if you need some inspiration.


Geraldine Mills is a self-confessed wanderlust from the land down under, Australia! She funds her adventures by working as a brand consultant and as a travel writer. She loves sharing the allure of backpacking and being one with nature. You can read more of her adventures here https://maptia.com/geraldinewalks


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