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We really do not know anyone that needs inspiration to go to Yellowstone National Park.  And the winter season is amazing. America’s first national park, Yellowstone is truly a winter wonderland.  From December to March, Yellowstone opens for the winter season.  Crowds are significantly less and the temps are frigid, but the experience you get is incredible.  We had visited Yellowstone many times before, but winter is our favorite time of year.  It does take some planning and we recommend staying in the Old Faithful Snow Lodges, but the wildlife, the thermal features and the lack of crowds make it truly special.  Just keep in mind that you can only visit the interior of this place of such natural beauty via snow coach or snow mobile. We have to be honest though, snow mobiles in our opinion is not a great option, and there are many great trails around Yellowstone to travel.  To just drive on the roads on a snowmobile through the park seems pointless to us.

Anyways there are many packages and activities to enjoy in the winter months when Yellowstone is at it’s most dramatic and we think most beautiful.  The Snow Lodges are basic but comfortable and the drive to the snow lodges on the snow coach was magnificent.  We snowshoed, went on a photography journey, encountered bison and wolves after a kill, and enjoyed the frigid weather.  Here are 10 photos that we hope inspire you to experience Yellowstone in Winter:


Our lodge in the Winter in Yellowstone


Bison gathering


A pair of swans don’t seem to mind the cold


When the sun is out during the winter, Yellowstone is at it’s best


It is frigid so bring warm clothing


A bald eagle keeps watch


Truly incredible


After a kill


The thermal features are incredible during the winter


Our Final Word

We love Yellowstone National Park year round, but winter is special.  With the frigid temperatures, the bears hibernate and the wolves take over the park.  The natural beauty comes out and the crowds stay home.  It feels like  you have the entire park to yourself and a few others.  Pack layers and take advantage of what Yellowstone has to offer.  It truly is a winter wonderland.


  1. Ebenezer Caesar

    The photos are so beautiful and really inspiring . The lodge in the winter Yellowstone, the bison, the pair swans, the bald eagle etc are so amazing . Nice shot guys and great job.


    • Live Fun Travel

      Yellowstone in winter is Amazing!


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